At Home With Savannah Wallace

Beautiful Dining RoomOur next home tour guest is the lovely Savannah Wallace!  She is here to share her dining room with us!At Home With Savannah Wallace"After two newlywed years in an

apartment in Atlanta, Jon and I moved into a two-story condo on the East

side. The neighborhood was built in the 70's and has mostly older

residents, which Jon and I love. It's a quiet and peaceful place to

live. Our favorite parts about the condo are the windows, huge amount of

storage and the massive walk-in closet in the Master. This is our 3-5

year home, and we love it. Moving in, I decided to take a "one room at a

time" approach to my decorating. In the apartment before our condo, I

found myself piddling in several rooms at a time and never really

feeling like I completed anything. In order to achieve the decorations I

really loved, take my time and focus, we decided that decorating one

room completely and then moving onto the next would be our most

constructive option."

Bar Cart"For our first room we decided to pick the dining

room, mainly because we had absolutely no dining room furniture to start

with and also because we love hosting get-togethers for our family and

friends. Our community is an important part of our lives, and we wanted

to create a space that could easily host those dear to us. I began a

series on my blog called 'Project Condo' which chronicles my progress, ideas and inspiration boards.

Dining Room ArtDining room details"One of my favorite things in this space is my 'Places in America'

print and scrap wood frame. My father-in-law and I made this frame

together, and I love how much of a statement piece it is. We signed the

back of the frame together, and it was so special working on a project

and learning about wood working. I also love the fact that Jon and I are

able to start recording the places we've been with our pins that came

with the artwork."

Lovely Wall ArtCute Record Player"This space is special to us

because it truly is a mashup of my taste and my husbands taste. We also

wanted to create a space that would be kitty friendly and future

children friendly, so we came across a lot of challenges. Taking our

time and approaching it one piece at a time made for a space we truly

love, feel at home in and enjoy eating our meal together in." 

At Home With Savannah Wallace via A Beautiful MessBeautiful Bar CartLovely dining roomThank you for

sharing, Savannah!  Be sure to pop by Savannah's blog, Maiedae, and say hello.  xo.

  • What a beautiful space, absolutely love the wood frame around the places in America map. Lovely.

  • Love those pictures, nice home! So inspiring. I especially love that amercian map!

    Olive xox

  • I love the table and mismatched chairs. Really beautiful!

  • a very “homey” place, it looks like a lot of thought was put into creating the ambience

  • these “at home with” posts you have been posting are some of my favourites. I love seeing peeks of the spaces that people have created and above all, hearing the reasons why. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • This is one of my favorite features! So interesting to see how regular folk decorate their spaces. Love the map, I think I will try this with a world map!

  • So pretty! I’ve really been excited to see the final dining room! Nice work, Savannah! 🙂

  • So pretty! Love the style of this house.


  • What a beautiful home 🙂 so amazing!


  • Ohhh her space is lovely….cozy chic!!

  • Those cups with their bits of gold are stunning. Her dining room is spacious, yet cozy. Beautiful!
    Catherine Denton

  • Oh I’m so glad you featured Savannah’s place! It gave me the chance to discover her wonderful blog, in which I just got lost for quite a bit of time… 🙂

  • The Places in America print (with the frame) is to die for. I’m soooo gonna copy that!

  • It’s a great place! So pretty 😉

    [ Music: ]

  • Gosh I love the room so so much! It’s so simple, so cozy and makes me just wanna stay all day in there! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • So much pretty! I love Savannah’s blog, and I adore her antler and record player!

  • SO perfect, I like when people match the looks of their home it makes everything look so personal and authentic!


  • Beautiful home! I could really get comfortable there!

  • Ok, the America print and the old turntable/radio are killing me – love! Really the whole room is super-lovely!

  • this is a gorgeous space! love the record player and her choice of art is so cool! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • This is such a beautiful dinning room! I love the prints on the wall and the map of America with the really cool frame. I am definitely Pinning this for future inspiration for my home.

  • This room has painstakingly taken place from ripping down wallpaper to chair arrangements. I am so excited to see Savannah’s beautiful face on ABM! Love her!

  • So I love everything about this space, especially the Places in America print! Definitely a room I could be proud of and live in happily!

  • Your dining room is so beautiful Savannah! It looks like the perfect space for a get-together.

  • I do it just like that with my first apartement…Room by room…and so far you guys have done a wonderful job.
    This looks soo beautiful!


  • I love Savannah’s space….its every bit as lovely as she is!!

    xx Ashleigh

  • That map wall art is amazing. What a beautiful girl in a beautiful home! Love it all.

  • I love this space….There is definitely that “feel good” vibe to the space…what home is suppose to be like. It is really inspiring me to do something with mine. THanks for sharing.

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