At Home With Sherri Bemis

At Home With Sherri Bemis of Eisley Today we are excited to welcome Sherri Bemis, of the bands Eisley and Perma, to the blog to share her lovely home with us!KitchenEspresso bar"I grew up just a stones throw away from what would become my future home! My parents house that we moved into when I was 15 is only a couple of blocks from mine and Max's 'Pink Palace'.We jokingly call it that, as the house was built in the 1930s and has a slight 'dollhouse' vibe. When we bought it, it desperately needed to be painted and luckily, I have a very easy-going husband, who was more than happy to let me play out my childhood dream of living in a pink house (my favorite color)! So we painted it a beautiful pale pink."Max Bemis in his home with daughter LucyLovely paintings in Max and Sherri Bemis' home"Max basically lets me have free reign on the decorating, which is almost like walking into my brain when you walk through the door. It's quirky, whimsical, childlike and a bit cluttered but also romantic! Haha. It's always evolving too. My rule is simple: Don't decorate with anything you don't absolutely love. I also wanted to create a world that was fun for kids to grow up in. So the furniture is to be jumped on, the 'things' are to be touched." The amazing home library of sherri and max bemisSo in love with this in-home library!"Max and I are avid readers, and he also has a fantastic comic book collection. So we built out the second living room in the house to be a library! I'm working on finishing up free-hand paintings on the sides of all the shelves." DresserAdorable circus themed nursery"One of my favorite finds is a simple wooden dresser that was super shabby. I painted it for my daughters nursery, while I was pregnant with her. It's cherry red with gold stripes and whimsical bumble bees now, and somehow I just knew it would fit her personality—it totally does! I love redoing old pieces and making them our own." Sherri Bemis' amazing doll collection!Love all the vintage details in this room"It's been  a little over two years. And since the house was a sort of fixer-upper, we spent a lot of time redoing the boring things first: plumbing, electricity ect. But once we started getting settled in, it's just become our evolving project—always changing and tweaking things to make them feel or look better." Lovely details in the home of Sherri BemisDarling dollsSherri Bemis with her daughter Lucy"I live in my dream home. To some it may be just another old house, with creaks and drafts, oddly placed closets or cabinets. But to us it's perfect. It's our 'Pink Palace'."

Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Sherri! You can find Sherri over on Instagram, Max over on Twitter, and be sure to check out Sherri and Max Bemis' band, Perma, in the player above! xo.
  • I love it… it’s like something out of a Neil Gaiman book (which, if you know Sherri at all, makes perfect sense) ~ 🙂

  • An utterly beautiful mess. I envy her. Her collection makes me speechless and wordless.

  • I really love this house! And you have a library!! Only the dolls would freak me out a little bit, haha.

  • I simply adore them! The artist also had a Harry and a Bellatrix in the gallery of his website.

  • Ahhh, Just found out this is Max Bemis’ house! I totally recognized his voice in the song, and I was like, when did say anything get a girl? Anyways, I love their home! It’s so fun and i’m loving the artwork and colors.

  • This is amazing! I would love to live in a home with so much art to look at, beautiful painting, comic books, cute dolls….how inspiring!!

  • I second the request to know what those drop figurines with faces painted on them are? They are AMAZING. Thank you for featuring this home!

  • Oh my goodness! I love the library! That is seriously my dream. And the portraits of Dumbledore and McGonagall are to die for! I will definitely remember this house when I go to design my future home. Still in high school, but my dream home is a few blocks from where I am growing up (though we are moving soon and I’ll probably be moving out in two yrs). The house has a greenhouse and a fountain and from what I’ve glimpsed inside on Halloween there are built in book shelves in the cozy house.

  • The library is amazing! I need one like this! Also I love the cherry red drawer!

  • this house is soooooo not my taste… but I love it 🙂 there is such a feeling of freedom– like walking into someone’s brain, as she said. i love that it is so alternative and unique, not just the same mainstream combinations that most people would combine together, but a totally new approach. like a breath of fresh air! more crazy houses like this please!! it gives me the courage to try something really different myself.

  • Doesn’t seem very fitting for this blog and it’s general aesthetic. To each their own.

  • Everything is AMAZING! Blythe collection TO-DIE-FOR!!!! Library is dreamy!! Kitchen stuff oooooh ahhhhhhhh!!! Other quirky dolls and figures are awesome! The Dumbledore & McGonagall portraits are fabulous!!!!!

    And, I’m not even a pink person (but I am a Blythe person 😉 hehe)

  • Molly, I agree that my comment could be taken that way; I was just surprised at how much Becky loved this house. You are right that homes are personal and it is obvious that Sherri takes pride in her things (they are extremely well organized!). It is certainly not my taste, and I still think the toys are scary, but it was not my intention to be hurtful.

  • I’m SO in love with this house and to see inside who of my favourites bands and style icons is amazing! My husband dreams of having his own libray for all his comics and I love all those Blythe Dolls!! I collect vinyl toys as well and awesome to see a few I have within Sherri’s collection 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • Thank you so much for show us your beautiful home and your world.
    Best wishes!

  • I have almost as many Blythe dolls as this (as well as other dolls) and my 22 month old boy is quite fascinated – not scared – by them. One of the first words he said was doll!

  • Probably my favourite house you’ve shown; mostly because of her Blythe collection and other toys.

  • Haha I’m not sure what kind of little girl would be scared of a house full of toys

  • Eisley was my favorite band in high school followed closely by Say Anything! The fact that Sherri and Max are married makes me the happiest ever! I loved the library and it makes me happy knowing other people like to decorate with their collections!

  • You have a library. Not a large bookshelf. A library.

    Also, Dumbledore.

    Also, McGonagall.

    Also, Library.

    I think I wanna be you when I grow up.

  • Delightful! Everything!

    That’s my favorite picture of Johnny & June. 🙂

  • Omg… Amazing… Too much talent! Your nursery is the coolest thing I’ve very seen!

  • Such a great house! Slightly jealous of her Blythe collection. I like the art on the sides of the bookcases as well…gives me an idea on how to restore my bookcases!

  • Sherri has impeccable taste, as does the rest of her family! Her house is charming and unique and her baby will grow up happily in it (without any nightmares, obviously, because in every picture Lucy is in she’s grinning!) Don’t listen to the people who try to tell you your decorating skills aren’t in existence, Bemis family. I think your home is lovely, as is your little family! Keep being you and expressing it in every way possible.

    <3 Meg

  • I, also, love this space. It’s so creative and fearless. It might be a little overwhelming, but in the best possible way. The HP painting are fabulous! And the library? COME ON! Just lovely.

  • She has my dream house. Everything is absolutely perfect, right down to Dumbledore’s beard. I <3 this!!!

  • What a lovely house! Is there any way for us to know the artists name of the pieces shown?

  • Your home is awesome. You are living your dream. You have my admiration and have become my inspiration.

  • So many fun things to look at!

    Love the picture of June and Johnny over the mantelpiece. 🙂

  • I totally agree with Sherri’s decorating motto: surround yourself with things that you love! Don’t succumb to the “must-have” of the season or the “right” way to combine colors. You are spending your hard-earned money, so it might as well be on things that bring you happiness and wonderful memories….says the lady who collects doggy figurines! 😉 Life is too short to give in to society’s demands!

  • I love this feature of your blog most of all. Some of the houses are right up my alley and some aren’t. But I love, love, love that you show homes that are quirky and original even if they don’t fit a certain ‘acceptable’ or ‘popular’ (whatever that means) style. LOVE IT!!! I totally could not live here (too much visual stimulation – I would be paralysed!) but I love it for them. Yay for people making their homes personal! Actually I could totally have a library now after seeing theirs though. That is one of the awesome’est ideas ever.

  • I love that Sherri has a unique style and clearly very much enjoys her surroundings. Its important, like she said, to decorate only with things you love – and her daughter will likely grow up with that same very true sense of self having watched and learned from her parents. Décor is such a personal thing and props to her for sharing the way she lives with all of us. Its inspiring, even if you don’t find her style or taste to suit you – you’ve still got to be inspired just by the sheer joy she carries.

  • To each their own! This feature isn’t exactly made to show off perfect, magazine decorated houses, it’s to show off how people live in their homes. A home is very personal and everyone has very different taste. That’s part of the beauty of humans, that we’re all different. You don’t have to like the way she decorates, but you voiced your opinion in a way that could be hurtful (probably not to Sherri because she is proud to just be who she is), but I don’t think that this was the right place, or way, to leave such negative feedback.

  • My kid is growing up in a house full of creepy horror movie memorabilia, vintage clowns and old wheelchairs, and he’s just fine. 🙂

    I personally would have loved to have grown up in a house like Sherri’s. Her world is a colorful one!

  • The daughter totally loves the “creepy” dolls! Like mother like daughter 🙂

  • Wauw! What a crazy and original house! The Harry Potter paintings firs it well – it does have a Hogwartsy feeling to it 🙂

  • This is a dream home when you are in your early twenties not so much in your late thirties. To each their own.

  • Dumbledore…for reals? My heart skipped a beat when I saw that painting! Must track down…

  • Ha! Totally agree with Stacey on this one. I’m going to have nightmares and so is that little kid!

  • Adorable house! Collectibles, art, bright colors! oh my! Tara McPherson Kitty 🙂
    Thanks for the Perma samples. I had no idea there was another ‘spinoff’ band. I listened to (Moss) Eisley way back in the Texas days. So stoked for this new Perma album. TY!

  • AHHH I love the bemis home!
    Sherri and Max are possibly my favorite people in the universe. I’m so glad to see Sherri featured 🙂

  • Ack! This is super cool! I love the library! And the coffee station! I think I need one (or both…someday). 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • I am in pure love with this house! A library? Things of my dreams!

  • Yes really, really! I also love a lot of the pretty things on your blog! ?

  • I’m OBSESSED with Sherri and especially sweet Lucy. I check their Vine and IG for photos and videos seriously every single day. Also those paintings of Dumbledore and professor McGonagall?! INSANELY amazing!!!

  • I am a MASSIVE GEEK, and this house is HEAVEN to me. The urban vinyl! The comics! The comic art! THE HARRY POTTER PAINTINGS!! I AM DYING!!!

  • This is by far my most favorite home tour that’s been posted. I had to contain my squeal at work over my jealousy of their library, not to mention the Harry Potter portraits 🙂

  • What a quirky wonderful home! I am quite envious of their library and it’s contents. One of may favorite house tours yet!

  • Her house is so interesting! I’d love to see inside of Stacy and Chauntelle’s houses too.

  • Finally a house that has some personality!!!! I believe everyone should live in a house that represents them regardless of how it is perceived by others. I love that they really made it their own with all of the hand painted pieces. Sherri has got some mad skills. 😛

  • Wow! I totally die for those Dumbledore & McGonagall portraits. Anyone know who the artist is?

  • Really? I think its the scariest house I’ve ever seen. How can you live amongst so many things (and scary dolls at that!).

  • ohmygoodness this house is crazy and wonderful! The little girl’s room is seriously my childhood dream! 🙂 funfunfunfunfun!!!!

  • omg the library is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Such a brilliant idea, I LOVE the quirky hand drawings up the side and the wonderful sage green colour.
    This is definitely the best house I’ve seen on this feature 🙂

  • this is a rather unsual home considering what you normally show us! i love it! the harry potter caricatures are amazing 😀

  • ho-ly smokes!
    that library!!!!! (swooning)
    whats not to love!?
    and the harry potter pictures!? and the Coralines!!!!

  • Someone please tell me where the harry potter paintings are from. I checked Society6 and couldn’t find them.

  • This is the best house EVER. Dumbledore and McGonagall portraits?? Their own library??? I MIGHT DIE.

  • The Dumbledore & McGonagall paintings are original works by Bob Doucette. His work is AMAZING! You can check him out here‎ I believe he also has a FB page.

  • I love everything about this house! The Library is simply the best, and the portraits of Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall!!!!

  • this is the most cluttered organized home I’ve seen, reminds me of House on the Rock in Wi

  • This house is amazing! Absolutely stunning! Few less dolls for me, but I’d only fill it with things I’m into tbh! Thanks for sharing this!

  • I guess I’m the only who thinks this house is creepy and the ugliest house ever…

  • This is my favourite house from the series so far, absolutely amazing and my cat girl print is hanging up *giddy with excitement* 🙂

  • This is my dream house. I can’t believe how perfect it is!

    I want more pictures so I can just stare at them.

    That library!

  • This looks so much fun!! My only concern would be who will do all the dusting and cleaning with this myriad of little awesome things on display. ;D

  • wow!!!! awesome….also agree with everyone else… Love those dumbeldore and mcgonagal prints!

  • WOW! I am floored and in love!!! The Blythe-topia alone made me want to move in. SO envious!!! The house is awesome, all the detail. And the Johnny and June above the bed, made me swoon. May we all have a love like theirs.

    Thanks so much for sharing – I sent the link to my hubby – hopefully we can one day have a comic library too!

  • I am totally inspired by her decorating! It’s so fun, and so livable. The colors and the use of vintage toys are to die for. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  • Wow! This is so different from every other home tour yet, but I love it. It’s got its own style and I love the doll-shelving!

  • Oh my goodness, I love this house!!! I have lots of collections, too, and am always wondering how other people display theirs. I love how her house is so much of her personality. What a wonderful home to grow up in!

  • I never comment on anything but holy moley I audibly gasped at these pictures. AND ALL THOSE BLYTHE DOLLS!!!

    Thank you for sharing this!!!

  • oh yes please say which artist did paint the Dumbledore and McGonagalls portraits. Want them soooo bad

  • The Dumbledore and McGonagall paintings are the most perfect things I’ve ever seen! I want them for my room!!

  • This is an incredible house, I love the style! My favourite things have to be the library, the nursery dresser and the wonderfully colourful crockery! 🙂

  • Wow! The Harry potter paintings are so so incredible! And a library in your home is just awesome! Sherri has the most amazing home, I want it! x

  • I can’t even describe how much I would love to have an actual library in my home. Incredible!

    Lucy xo |

  • This really is a crazy home. Crazy, but good crazy. How nice she found her dream home.

  • I love Sherri’s conjoined twin dolls! She has a super fun and fantastic doll collection.

  • I know the band wife blogger writes here too! Her site’s been disabled for too much monthly traffic!! Oh no!

  • Love all the little details. That wall of artwork is amazing! Beautiful idea. And that cute coffee bar?? How perfect! A home is definitely a place where your style should shine through, and this girl definitely rocks that concept! So fun!

  • I am in love with the Harry Potter Portraits and the library made me gasp aloud. To have tall lined up shelves like that in a house is simply magnificent! More than anything though, I think it’s truly amazing to have this dream and then create it for yourself.

  • OMGOODNESS!!! Favorite home tour yet!!! I love the library. I love the Blythe collection. I love the art collection. I love the crazy circus room. It’s all too much and fantastic! Swoon!

  • ALSO, I just realized your husband is MAX BEMIS of Say Anything! *freaking out* How wild! You guys sound awesome together. Definitely buying some tracks.

  • Duuuuude. The Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall portraits I desperately need. Also, a library in a house? Filled with comic books no less? Out of this world amazeballs. And the Johnny Cash and June Carter picture above the bed? My third favorite thing about this house. Your family has an amazing home! xx

  • She is an amazing artist and Max Bemis is one of my favorite people in the world. I freakin’ LOVE Say Anything. This was such a fun little read, and their space really is a dollhouse. Good for them 🙂

    xo Ashley

  • Awesome house!! PLease oh please oh please tell us where those Dumbledore and McGonagall portraits are from. Prettiest please???

  • I am almost in tears right now. I have been completely in love with Max for years, so getting a peak into his house is unreallllly exciting! Little girl in a candy shop over here. And Perma?!?! Ohh,,, I’m in heaven… sigh.

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!! <3

  • HOLY MOLY! A GIRL AFTER MY OWN HEART! I now don’t feel so weird having my Monster High Dolls on display in my own home!


  • whaaaat? This house is amazing! I still can’t believe the library! Just loved it. It’s perfect.

  • This was BY FAR my favorite “at home with”!!!! I’m pretty convinced this can’t be topped. This is a hme and aesthetic after my own heart. Camille Rose Garcia pieces and all. It’s just perfection. <3

  • like everyone else… PLEASE tell where the Harry Potter paintings are from!! lots of squealing about those from me and my sis!

  • Love her house and love Eisley. That Comic book library is a dream for comic book lovers.

  • I love all of the wonderful collections. The Fiestaware and Pyrex are a part of my kitchen…and the nursery is fabulous!

  • hi… all the dolls are a bit much for me…. but I love the alice figure on the kitchen… and as an avid reader myself I’m so jealous of your library, it’s gorgeous with the magnific painting job….. but the most quirky detail that i absolutely loved was the harry potter paintings… I am a huge fan of harry potter, it was the serie that star and feed my hunger for reading… so I totaly stealing that details for me in the future…. You have a lovely house…. thank you for sharing with the rest of us… bye

  • That was exactly what caught my eye too!!! Those portraits are amazing! And now I want a proper library in my house too!

  • Also, anyone know where they got those tear drop sculputures with the cute little faces in the first photo or so?

  • Love it, thanks for sharing Sherri, you’re the best! I’m a huge Eisley, SA and Perma fan, can’t wait to see you and Max in CT in December.

  • Oh My God.. all the part of the hoese are lovely and dreamy..
    Dumbledore and McGonnagal is my favourite, but I love the doll part so much..
    Thank you for share, it’s inspiring 🙂

  • This house is brilliant. Definitely the most inspiring and unique you’ve shared in your feature. I’m adding to the list of requests for the name of the artist of the Harry Potter portraits.

  • This house is CRAZY! It has so much in it but everything has its own little space. The LIBRARY!! I’m in love.

  • This is quite possibly the greatest house on the planet! I am speechless. I want so many parts of this place! Especially the library!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  • Yes!! I’ve been dying to see the inside of Sherri’s home for ages! Eisley has been one of my favorite bands for the past six years! 🙂

  • Yes!!!! I’ve been dying to see the inside of Sherri’s home for ages! Eisley has been one of my favorite bands for the past six years. 🙂

  • I love love love those Dumbledore and McGonagalls. Who is the artist? I must have!! Such an amazing space.

  • Wow, she has a CRAZY Blythe collection!!! I love the library too! So many gems in this house, it would be so fun if you got to be invited over.

  • I’ve seen so much of this place on instagram, but I too am dying to know where the HP paintings are from. I’m in love!

  • I also need the portraits of Dumbledore & McGonagall! This house is my dream and my boyfriend’s nightmare.

  • simply marvelous. I’m a little obsessed with the professor mcgonagall painting.

  • OMG, MAX BEMIS! Say Anything was my favorite in college! I totally didn’t know they were married now. Awesome!

  • What a great space! Who is the artist of the Dumbledore and McGonagall portraits? They are absolutely amazing.

  • This is the coolest house EVER! I’m kinda speechless. So much eye candy, I wanna see it for reals! So inspiring…wow. Best home tour yet!

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