At Home With Stacie Bloomfield

Lovely white kitchenWe are happy to welcome Stacie Bloomfield as our next "At Home" guest! Love all the pops of red!"My husband and I moved into this 1970's ranch house in 2009. We had just relocated to from Springfield, MO to Northwest Arkansas so that my husband could begin working on his PhD in Mathematics. We actually purchased this home from my mother-in-law and over the years have worked to make it our own! Our house has low ceilings and is dimly lit (hardly any windows) so we installed skylights painted our living room walls white so that the light would reflect and brighten up the house! We knew that we would only live in this house for a short while, so we have made small improvements here and there to suit our taste. My husband and I love to cook, so 3 years ago we renovated the kitchen. The dining room sits between the living room and kitchen, so we decided to go bold with white wainscoting and chalkboard walls! I am an illustrator, so we have really enjoyed having guests visit and draw on our walls :)" Love the chairs and chalkboard wall in this dining room! Love all the colorful details"We have always gotten a lot of comments on our chalkboard dining room! I know that chalkboard walls are everywhere now, but we have had them for 5 years and have never regretted them 🙂 Every person that has ever visited our home has written on them. It is like a giant scrapbook of the past 5 years! Aside from that decor element, the most unusual item in our home my giant octopus illustration that we have hanging over our couch! I love to draw inspiration from quilt patterns, favorite animals, and carefully curated color palettes. This piece is a personal favorite & is definitely an attention getter."Stacie Bloomfield's darling workspaceChalkboard and vintage details"We have been in this house for 5 years. When we moved here, I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter, Violet, and my husband was just beginning his PhD program in mathematics! Since we did purchase this home from a relative, we have worked hard to transform it into a place that both my husband and I could be comfortable in. My husband has been a student most of our time here, & we have tried to affordably transform our home. Most of the decor has either been thrifted, gifted, our DIYed. I have a very colorful aesthetic, and my husband is very open minded to whatever ideas I would like to try out! We renovated our kitchen ourselves. And with some of the rooms, it was amazing what a bucket of paint did to really change the mood of the house. Our house is happy and light. Peaceful, but with a sense of humor! We have one of my etchings of Albert Einstein hanging on our bookshelf, and he always makes me smile!

This home has housed so many memories. When we purchased the home it was just my husband Nathan and me. And now that we have 2 daughters running around, we have tried to keep our home kid friendly and childproofed. Thinking about all of the amazing experiences we have had while living in this home is bittersweet. We are relocating to Edmond, OK this summer, so I am so happy to have a chance to photograph and capture our house!" At Home With Stacie BloomfieldLovely mantle detailsColorful den"We are always in our living room! My husband likes to perch in the houndstooth armchair that I upholstered and grade papers, while my kids are usually dancing on the rug or coloring in their notebooks. I have a separate studio for Gingiber, but utilize the dining room desk for editing photos, listing products, and answering email. Our house has a fairly open floorspace, so we never feel too far from each other. And every morning my husband and I wake up and cook breakfast for our family. It is probably my favorite part of our day. Sometimes it is crazy to think about how fast the past 5 years has gone by and how many changes we have experienced. When we moved here I was a coffee shop manager dreaming of making a go at illustration, while Nathan was just about to embark on 5 years of grad school. It seemed like it would be an eternity before we would ever move again. And now here we are, packing boxes and soaking up all of the precious memories that our home had to offer. I only hope that the next owner enjoys it as much as we have!" The adorable Stacie BloomfieldThank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us, Stacie! You can find more of Stacie over at her site Gingiber and her Etsy shop! xo.

  • So lovely & such a fan of Stacie’s shop, Gingiber. Thanks for sharing!

  • Can anybody please tell me what the kitchen counter top is made out of? is it metal?
    Thank you!

  • I LOVE the yellow table in the last picture!!! And overall, what a colorful and style-filled home. It represents you perfectly, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing!

  • i’m crazy about the turquoise bookcase! how amazing!!


  • I love the kitchen! The subway tile, with white cabinets and dark counter tops is exactly what I want!


  • Dear Elsie,Emma,Laura & Trey,

    My name is Consuelo, I am from Spain…I have been following you for few years…and I love it.
    I am interested on your e-courses, but I have some questions.
    Can you please come back to me on my email address.

    Thank you so much for your help,


  • Thanks everyone for the sweet comments about my home! BTW our house is on the market if anyone in Northwest Arkansas is looking…. just saying 😉

  • Yay NW Arkansas! I lived in Fayetteville for four happy years.

    I adore what you did with the place. 🙂

  • I pinned the picture of her living room. LOVE IT! The pops of turquoise are my favorite thing. Ever.

    xo Ashley

  • I absolutely love the pops of mint/teal in the living room!!! The fun animal touches are awesome too 🙂


  • I LOVE Gingiber–I’m looking at her 2013 Fox Calendar right now. So cool to see her featured here.

  • Love the shop. She has great prints and tea towels and totes!

    I’m very curious as to who painted the dark haired lady in the vintage glasses? Does anyone know?

  • the mint door?!?! that is THE perfect shade! i would love to know the brand and name of that color!
    thanks for sharing~S.

  • I love this house! Particularly the bright green bookcase and mirror. Could you possibly tell me what paint you used??


  • This house is insanely nice!!! Subway tiles, chalkboard paint, prints everywhere. Amazing!!!
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  • I love the Chalk board wall! I also have the same last name as Stacie! It’s nice to know there are people out with similar last name that is not so common!

    Ariel Bloomfield

  • I’ll be purchasing that tea towel for a dear friend! Love your home Stacie!


  • Love that Paris map! Lived there for a few months. I’ve got another one over my bed.

  • One of my favorite “At Home” posts.. no, my very favorite. Wow, you are an amazing decorator Stacie! I hope one day I can have a home as beautiful as this!

  • Love the chalkboard walls! And I may have started drooling a bit when I saw that bright red kitchen aid.

  • Wow I want stacey’s house so retro love it :p xx Emmi

  • I love this series! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful homes! I really like the dark hardware on the white kitchen cabinets! <3

  • I love that kitchen and the black and white subway tiles! I reminds me of taking the metro every morning in Madrid. When we redo our kitchen, I will definitely add that detail. Lovely colors in the home!

  • I love this home and I especially loved that the homeowner shared how they overcame low ceiling and low lighting. The ‘At Home With’ feature is my favorite A Beautiful Mess feature. Please keep them coming.

  • My favorite part is the bright aqua shelf in the living room! Awesome home.

  • This is such a cute home. It’s quirky and cute, but clearly lived in and loved. A perfect combination!

  • I love the chalkboard walls and the fox pillow! 🙂

  • Great decoration pics you have here ;)!!!!!! xxxx

    Gabriela Rose

  • SO cute! Love the kitchen! And great patterns throughout! 🙂

  • Wow, I’m in love with those pictures and bright colors!
    And this chalkboard idea is totally mind-blowing!

  • That’s one truly classy apartment (did I misspell that? I’m not a native speaker).
    I love, love, love the kitchen and the paintings of the dark haired lady (who looks kind of like me).

    Love from Germany and also one amazing documentary recomandation:


  • Chalkboard walls – my all time love. 🙂 Great space for little notes, grocery lists and kids art. And the yellow apple print art in her office corner is super cute too. 🙂

  • I love this house… touch of colors are so perfect ! I love it. She’s so cute and i’m fond of chalkwalls !

  • Wow! Che casa magnifica! Qui in Europa purtroppo è difficile vederne una così…Le case son tutte piccole piccole! Complimenti per il reportage, brave!

  • So in love with everything. this is wonderful! Love the map idea and the kitchen. perfection.

  • What a cute home! I love it when we get tours of homes with more color in them. Seems like the chic-er homes are usually stark white all the time, but this ones has great pops of color!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  • Oh wow, that is one lovely house!
    Chalkboard walls (!!) That is such an awesome idea 🙂

  • What a great home! I keep going back to the chalkboard wall idea and hoping that when I have my own space, I’ll be able to incorporate it. I love the red, white, and black in the kitchen!

    The Rambling Fangirl

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