At Home With Stefanie Hiebert

At Home With Stefanie HiebertOur next room tour guest is Stefanie Hiebert, who you may also know as one half of the Oh So Lovely duo. Stef is here to share her living/dining area.

Retro living room"My husband, Emery

and I live together in our 1,000-square-foot 1943 wartime home in the

French part of our city. When we first moved in, the house consisted of a

series of tiny rooms which we didn’t find to be an efficient use of

space so we decided to tear down the majority of the walls and give the

house a more open-concept feel. Thankfully, I have a lot of handy

men in my family, so we were able to do all of the renovation work

ourselves. It was quite a big job, and it took about 2 years to get

everything completed. But it was well worth all the work!"

Adorable hanging chair"When

it came time to decorate we decided that we wanted to stick to as much

original 1950s and 1960s decor as possible and go for a sort of

kitschy atomic era look. I have been passionate about vintage items for

years now, and I started my own collection when I was in my early teens

(I even bought my teak dining room table set when I was a teenager still

living at my parents place!). So we definitely had a lot to work with. I

have a big weakness for wood wall art, starburst clocks and unique

light fixtures, so we incorporated a lot of those components into our

decorating. As you can tell I'm also not afraid of color! I studied a

lot of old photographs from 1960’s home decor magazines as the

inspiration for choosing the wall colors. Our main goal was to create a

fun and happy space!"

Vintage room details

Bold dining room"I have lived in

this house for 5 years now, but it has actually been in my family for

almost 70 years. My grandparents first bought this house in the 1940s,

and it has been in my family ever since. My father grew up here, and my

parents even got married in the backyard. So there is a lot of history in

this house, and that makes it very special to me. It is a huge privilege

for me now to be able to call this place my home. This

space has changed countless times over the years… I can’t even begin

to tell you how many layers of wallpaper we peeled off the walls when we

began our renovation process. Probably one of the biggest changes is

the fact that the bedroom used to be where our living room now is!

That's pretty crazy to think about."

Beautiful home detailsRetro dining room"We love having lots

of friends and family over for dinner parties and game nights, so this is

probably the most used space in our home. We really enjoy having an

open-concept dining room and living room, because it creates a nice, cozy

feeling of togetherness and makes entertaining so much easier. We really

love our little retro space! :)"

At Home With Stefanie Hiebert via A Beautiful MessThanks so much for sharing your space with us, Stef! Be sure to stop by and check out the Oh So Lovely blog! Photos by Simply Rosie

  • ahhh!! so stunning <3
    i’m in love with all of her decorating – can i move in?? please?

  • Such a unique home – and the attention to detail is astounding! Very well done to Stef and hubby!

    Maria xx

  • Wow..what a beautiful home. That color is blue is marvelous in the living room. I like how the home is retro yet still looks fresh.

  • wow, just clicked through a link on Pinterest and had to comment. GORGEOUS home, amazing style and wonderful story behind the house! Such a great post.

  • I love this! SO cool that the house was from the 1940’s and was passed down the generations. I’m so sentimental and this is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is my dream house! There’s so much color and sunlight! I love it <3

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll be coming back to the post in the future!

    Smiles and all the best,

  • This is so lovely! I love all the bright colours!


  • Sooo cute and looks professionally done! Very talented, and I love the outfit at the end!

  • WOW. This place is a dream! Definitely more my style than some of the other places features (though all of them are lovely).

  • This is one of the most beautiful houses that I have ever seen! The color coordination is perfect and I just loved how delicately you have decorated the items. I never thought orange color can look this elegant and classy. Really well done!

  • What a beautifully decorated home! I don’t think any more suggestions are required.

  • Such a beautiful home. I dream of creating something so wonderful to pass down generations, just thinking about it gets me all excited!

  • Her house is amazing! I love mixing teal with orange!

    My blog:

  • Am in love with that bookcase! Would love to know where to find a similar one…unless it is handmade?


  • Wow, this is an amazing story – so much history, and such a beautiful and inspiring interior!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  • so incredible and what a fun space! Looks like it’s a modern take on the 60’s…which seems to have been your goal anyways! 😉

  • Oh my gosh this is amazing!!! I can only dream of having such amazing home style as this at some point in life! How do you create such a perfect style like this? Ah I love it!

  • Everything there: this appartement, these pictures, this girl- stylish and has a specific character!

  • What a lovely and colorful home! The wood wall art is AWESOME!

  • I love the colors! Spread all kinds of happiness! I am getting bolder with colors and love seeing these kinds of inspirations! Thank you!

  • Really perfect colors. I like that style. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  • Wow, what a wonderful home. This style of decor is my absolute dream! I’d love to have a home like this one day. Slowly building up that pyrex collection in preperation…

  • What an interesting homestory! To live in your grandparents´ house must really be special. An all the work and effort really seemed to be worth it.

    I´d like to see more of the house.

  • Holy cute! That is one awesome retro house! Beautiful use of colour and space. Very inspiring – thank you 🙂

  • What a great house!
    Love the 50’s and 60’s influences!
    And that hanging chair is so cool!


  • Yep, dream house! So cool that it’s been in the family for so many years. That living room looks so cozy 🙂

  • adorable! I have canisters just like the ones on your shelves in my kitchen right now!

  • LOVE the hanging chair! What do they call that, a hammock chair? And her colors are absolutely gorgeous.

  • That swing hanging from the ceiling is absolutely incredible! What a beautifully curated home.

    PS: If you get the chance, I’d love it if you could stop by my blog. This week I DIY painted a pumpkin pink, showed my new flower crown, had a giveaway, and did a ton of thrifting. Hope you like it!


  • Oh! I hope you follow up with more of this space! Would love to see the bedroom and kitchen!

  • love all the fun colors! I feel like waking up in such a bright house would be an instant pick-me-up 🙂

  • Beautiful place!! I took a lot of ideas from this house 🙂

  • This is such a lovely space. Love the 1950s feel and the amazing colours!

    Fang Ting

  • What an amazing house/home! Makes me want to paint our place and tear down some walls. Oh…wait this is a rental, better not do that.

  • This is very close to how i picture my furture home looking, ive always loved a lot of color (even in my “i only wear black Phase)This is a beautiful home!! I love the oarnge and blue!!

  • Love how she decorated. Oh my goodness, I got a little emotional reading that she lives in a home where her father grew up and her parents married. What an incredible story. I love sentiment sometimes.

  • so beautifull house. 🙂 love this post 🙂

  • I am in love with all these colors!!!!

    xo, Clare

  • aw steph this is so wild to see! it looks straight out of a magazine from the 50s and it’s right here in winnipeg!

  • I love the color combination of orange and blue! Fun, but still beautiful! By the way, I’m starting a blog of my own and am still very new to this whole blog thing. I’m trying to get lots of readers so if you could help spread the word about my blog, that would be AMAZING! my blog: Thanks so much!

  • This is my deeam house!!!

    Love it!

    My new outfit in

  • Wow!
    I’m in LOVE! I can’t even imagine what the rest of the house looks like!
    How inspiring!

  • Wow, this space is such a dream! Their hard work really paid off, I love everything about this. xo

  • Love her style so much! Her home looks like a step back through time. So cute!

  • This is amazing!! I love her retro style!

    xx Ashleigh

  • Stunning. Just love that swinging chair, and adore the colours.
    Really impressed with this series, guys.
    Ronnie xo

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