At Home With Susan Hutchinson

At Home With Susan HutchinsonOur next guest in our “At Home With” series is Susan Hutchinson. Susan is here to share a little bit of her gorgeous home (and adorable kiddos!) with us. Beautiful living roomLove the color of this wall“I share a cozy little 1948 cottage with my husband Parker, 12-month-old twins Marie + Henry, and 12-year-old furry baby Billy. We’ve been here a little over 2 years and in that time have put a lot of love into this home. We have lovingly restored much of it to its former vintage glory, along with kitchen and basement renovations…all before the twins were born of course! Our living room is where you enter, and I love that it has an open and spacious feel for a home of its era. It gets beautiful light all day long, so we find ourselves in this room often during the day. We also use it as a formal dining room for celebrations and holidays by setting up a long table.It can accommodate quite a group! I love to sit here in the fall and winter especially with a wood-burning fire and a good book.” At Home With Susan Hutchinson via A Beautiful Mess007“The sofa was my grandparents and has great sentimental value to me. Every time I sit there I think about how I also sat there as a baby, and now my babies do. My favorite find has to be the cowhide rug, which we lovingly call ‘Herman’.”In love with everything about this kitchen!Perfect dining setup“Our banquette / dining nook is tucked into the corner of our kitchen and is where we eat most of our meals. We love it! We still have to add a backsplash in the kitchen, and we’ll get to it someday. But for now the space is very functional for our family.”Beautiful office space“My office is open to the living room, and it provides the perfect vantage point when the kids are playing there. It is the most feminine and frenchy room in the house, and it’s all mine!” Susan Hutchinson's gorgeous homePerfect lighting and so in love with that rug!“My obsession with 1948 permeates many aspects of my life. If I could have lived in any era, it would have been that one. I continue to learn that many items I’ve loved and collected are linked to that year! For instance, the polaroid land camera on our mantle was first introduced then, and the Royal typewriter I recently acquired and display in my office was made in the same year (which I only learned after the purchase). I enjoy mixing modern pieces into our decor (although the acrylic table was big in the 40’s). I think that keeps it fresh.”

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us, Susan! You can stop by and say hello to Susan over at her blog Fleurishing. xo.

  • No mention of the dog?? Sorry, but I couldn’t take my eyes of him/her! So, so, so precious!!! ~M.

  • I’m so honored to be featured + really touched by all the lovely comments!
    To answer a few questions…

    *the paint is Farrow + Ball-light gray in living/office + fawn in the kitchen

    *the drapery is custom- Brunschwig + Fils fabric

    Thank you all so very much!

  • Wow your house is so put together! I love how neutral and fresh everything is. Just plain gorgeous. I could keep staring at these pics!

  • What colour paint was used in the living room and on the fire place? Its the colour I have been looking for!!

  • love the colour scheme so fresh but homely looking – may i ask where are the curtains from?

  • This fireplace is what I want in my house. It looks so amazing. Simple, yet you cannot turn your eyes away when looking at it.

  • Having spent a bit of time in Susan’s home I can attest that it is as immaculate, stunning and beautifully designed as the images suggest. With twins as beautiful and a pup as picture-perfect, you couldn’t ask for a more photogenic home!

  • What a cute little home! I love how simple yet unique it is.
    <3 Annejelina

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  • i love everything about this house. everything. i’m redoing my entire house to look like this one.

  • Wow! This is definitely one of my favorite “At Home With” features! it’s so beautiful and elegant!

  • Amazing place… I definitely love this design style.. so much !

  • What a lovely house! The office is so good.
    And I love that billy is sitting on the sofa watching the kids play 😀

  • The decor in the home reminds me SO MUCH of Angela Lansbury’s home in Ireland! Both are gorgeous!! I always love when a desk is angled in a room… and not the ordinary against the wall stuck in a corner routine. I love this home tour!!

  • I really have enjoyed these peeks into these beautiful homes, even if each style isn’t quite my taste seeing people pour themselves into making sanctuaries of coziness and love is so cool! Please Keep them coming!!

  • Lovely home. My only concern are the minuscule curtain rods that look out of sorts flanking the large window with her side panels. A more substantial rod spanning the length of the window would have looked better.

  • What a beautiful home. That grey colour is so soft and warm. Perfection!

  • love seeing more variety – apart from mid-century modern 😉 thanks for expanding to more styles!!

  • cutu cutu cutu and especially that butt is so cutu..the doggy is cutu. Well and the curtains and curtain rods are gorg.. love that idea of covering just the side windows..
    thoroughly enjoyed this post.. cant get enough of these pics 🙂

  • Susan, will you please share the names of your paint colors from the living room and kitchen? They are just beautiful!

  • Beautiful home, love the floor 🙂

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    Jetez un coup d’oeil! (Have a look!)

  • OMG This is the most beautiful apartment I have ever seen!!!
    kisses Gio

  • Wow, this has got to be one of my favourite ‘At Home With’s yet.
    Such an incredible space!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • I love everything about this home. The grey walls, the gold frames, the white decoration stuff, everything.

    So Cool!


  • That’s a beautiful home !!

  • I’ve really enjoyed this series and am inclined to post a bravo for featuring a home decorated a bit differently than the others featured so far. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see something new. I tend to appreciate well designed spaces particularly when its not quite my style because it stretches my boundaries and encourages me to think of spaces differently….often I like where that takes me. Thanks for branching out in your style selection!

  • Owning a 1948 cottage is so cool! The renovations are gorgeous (so are the kids!!)and the big windows in the living space is my favorite part.


  • What a beautiful home. Fancy calling a cowhide Herman. Fantastic.

    One of my fave series for sure.

    Blanks & Bliss

  • Beautiful space. The coach is gorgeous. And the big windows, oh my, I just love everything about this space.

  • This home is so gorgeous. I love how it’s all shades of grey and super minimal but it feels warm and welcoming.

  • Beautiful I love incorporating sentimental heirlooms with other modern pieces too 🙂

  • Such beautiful pictures! Gets me inspired since i’ll be moving soon! I could never find myself living in a vintage home like that, i’m too afraid!

    xo Jessika

  • i need a new place already so i can have fun with redecorating!

    – Janine

  • this is so pretty! definitely loving the dark background to the crystal and white plates!

  • Seriously LOVE the banquet nook!!!! I love this series – great job with your house Susan!!!

  • This is definitely one my favorite houses you have posted! The colors are great and those babies are so cute.

  • I love the kitchen and office. So beautiful decorated and such a perfect home for a family. Plus the kids are adorable.
    Love Alana xxx

  • that kitchen is perfect. i love not having upper cabinets. makes it feel so much more like the rest of the house! and everything matches so nicely. love it.

  • Oh my! She has such beautiful pieces in her home! And that dining nook! Such a great idea. Love it.

  • Another beautiful home. I love the idea of painting the brick fireplace grey to match the walls. Definitely pinning this for future inspiration.

  • I love the hardwood floors and that kitchen! This home has a great combination between masculine and feminine.

  • I’m always so interested to see how folks live in their spaces with little ones. How do you keep them from destroying all your cute stuff??

  • Wow, this is such a beautiful home! I especially love the kitchen! xxx

  • This remains my favorite series on abm. I love the constant inspiration. I love that this home is a little more elegant than lots of them featured. It’s wonderful to see various styles and points if view. Just beautiful.

  • Oh Susan – your house is BEAUTIFUL. I love how Billy looks right at home on the sofa and the little touches of flair in the kitchen like the lamp shade. I can immediately picture this house belonging in Philly. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of it.

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