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So in love with this bookshelf!We are happy to welcome Coucou Brooklyn to the blog today to share a little bit about their business! Coucou Brooklyn on A Beautiful MessCoucou Brooklyn- a French learning school"Coucou Brooklyn is a French language school and cultural center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At Coucou we offer French classes and workshops, as well as "specialty" classes, such as knitting classes, French theater, and even yoga taught in French! We also have French classes for babies and toddlers, and will launch an after school program for older kids in January. Aside from our focus on language teaching, we also host art openings, concerts, film screenings, and wine tastings, all with an eye towards creating a relevant cultural exchange between New Yorkers, French expats, and everyone in between. We are a team of three women, and are proud of our space, which presents aspects of a traditional language school with a fun, contemporary twist." Coucou BrooklynAt Work With Coucou Brooklyn"On an average day, we open up the space, answer emails and take care of various administrative tasks, work on organizing and promoting our upcoming events, and then prepare our classes for the day. We typically have a couple of private lessons in the morning or afternoon and then at least one group class each in the evening. The weekends are also pretty busy, which is normal – people come to us for classes whenever they're not at work themselves!

One of our favorite (and also most functional) pieces in the space is our bookshelf made out of wine crates. It serves as our library, holding a wide array of French novels, newspapers, magazines, movies, as well as fun knick-knacks. We love its asymmetry and DIY look, and think it's much more fun than your average bookshelf. We also love our whiteboards, which aren't traditional "whiteboards" at all! We painted large squares on the walls in bright colors, and fixed rectangular plexiglass sheets over them. You can write on the plexiglass just as well as on a whiteboard, and it's just another way to spice up our space a little bit, and make it a little less academic."Lovely chandelierFrench class!Totally in love with this bookshelf!"I love this space because when I work here, I feel like I'm at home. This helps us bridge the gap between "school" and "space/cultural center," and makes our classes a little less formal, and a lot more fun. Our space is also versatile, and lends itself well to a lot of different activities. Aside from classes, we are holding yoga classes in French, backyard movie screenings, wine tastings, and art exhibitions (although not simultaneously!) We are in the process of putting some AstroTurf down in our backyard to make it a little more comfy."

Thanks so much for sharing your space with us, Coucou Brooklyn! xo.

  • Your site has so many pop ups that I can’t even read it. I close one then another pops up immediately.

    • I’m sorry! Are you viewing it on your phone or computer?

  • Good luck ! I’m French and I know how much french could be hard to learn… (maybe my english too) Thank you for your blog, so inspirant…

  • so inspired by the multi-purpose aspect of their centre… language school and cultural center with such a wide variety of activities! love love love. wish I were in Brooklyn and could take French there!

  • Oh! I walked by this place the other day after brunch and was wondering what it was… So cute!

  • absolutely amazing. this is definitely my kind of space! cooky and fabulous! je t’aime!

  • Ok, I’m re-iterating what most of my fellow A Beautiful Mess readers have mentioned, but holy crap that bookcase! Definitely going to Specs and see if they have left over wine crates!

  • Ah génial, je peux vous écrire un message, vous allez me comprendre!!
    Je vois sur les étagères le livre: ” Le petit prince”….très jolie histoire.

    J’adore votre blog…. MErci
    A bientôt.

  • This is such an amazing idea, after living in France for two years I only wish they had a school like this in Australia to encourage me to continue… verbs are leaving me as I write this post 😉


  • tiens! tiens! on dirait bien que je ne suis pas la seule française accro à au blog d’ABM 🙂

    A little “coucou” from Paris


  • Love the bookcase! Wonderful space to work in!

    Lulu xx

  • What a pretty space! I love the book crates and the blue walls. 🙂


  • Such a great home decor taste!

  • C’est génial ! Vous pouvez parler français, alors?
    J’adore les caisses du vin détournes et j’adore votre blog!!

  • That book case is to die for!

  • That bookcase is EVERYTHING. I’ll be gathering wine crates for a similar set-up, heheh!

  • Wow, I like that place. Looks perfect and good for a creativity.

  • These photos are so inspiring. Can’t imagine how inspiring you guys working together must be 🙂 xx

  • Very original deco in a language school, we work in one and it’s more typical but beautiful too!

  • What a beautiful place! Love how they try to combat the “academic,” intimidating feel of the place! So so awesome!

  • LOVEE that bookshelf. What a gorgeous space!


  • I love this. All of it. I love french and the space is so beautiful! I love that blue wall…and i have the same exact vintage chandy as them! 🙂 So cute!!!

  • So beautiful offices! I want to learn French in Brooklyn now! 🙂

  • i walk by this place a few times a month, so close to my apartment. never knew what it was – thanks for the eye opener!

  • Totally agree with Carina (and everyone else!) that the book shelves are sooo cool!

  • I love that bookcase made out of wine crates! What a great use of them.
    I like how they offer a huge variety of classes, even yoga! If I knew french, this would be such an awesome place to work at.


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