At Work With Daily Disco in St. Louis, Missouri

Hi, friends! It’s been a while since we’ve shared a workspace on the blog. Today, we’re excited to give you a tour of the Daily Disco studio. If you aren’t familiar with Abbey’s work, she’s an embroidery queen who makes custom jean jackets, art prints, and more. Keely and I bought this amazing jacket for Elsie’s baby shower gift and we’ve been obsessed ever since.

Her studio doubles as a workspace and living area. The colors are so bright and happy!

“When hunting for a studio space to give my company Daily Disco room to grow, I stumbled across the second floor of an old school bakery in St. Louis. It was much larger than what I was needing as a studio, but the space, neighborhood, and smell of fresh baked cookies 24/7 sold me. I worked it out with the bakery to fix up the second half as my home! The living space and studio are connected by the kitchen, which helps them feel like two distinct spaces. Before the bakery opened in the 1970s, the building was a dance hall, which makes it the perfect spot for Daily Disco!

The bright studio gets the best natural light, and the rainbow of threads is my favorite part of the decor! It is probably my favorite room, especially when the team is here and the room is filled with music, talking, and the buzz of a chainstitch machine!

The chainstitch machines are all from the 1930s or older. This machine was a gift to me from an 83-year-old couple who saw a news segment I was featured in. The machine was his father’s and they wanted to give it to me so that it could have a new life. I use it everyday, and will never forget the kindness of those strangers.

This lip wall is the first thing you see when you come in, and we painted it as a team! We used this tutorial Laura did on ABM, and did lips instead of eyes.

When I moved in, the space was painted orange and black. I painted all the walls a color called Pink Marage, which brightened up the space. It goes back and forth between pink and white depending on the light. The space that needed the most attention was the kitchen. Since it was an office kitchen, it only had a few cabinets and black laminate counters. I painted the cabinets, redid the countertops, and hardware (all for under $200). I did a huge blog post with all of the details here. My kitchen splurge was a vintage Turkish rug I got from Aladdin Rugs.

My bedroom has a lot of pieces that I’ve brought back from Sayulita in Mexico. I love the color and texture in Mexican culture and it makes me so happy to wake up in it!

This room is my happy place. My great-grandpa built that coffee table in the ’50s and I feel so lucky that it’s mine! The pink couch makes the perfect spot for unwinding after a busy day.”

Such a fun, cozy space! Check out Daily Disco’s embroidery and more at daily_disco on Instagram. ????

Credits//Author: Abbey Eilermann. Photography: Emma Lally.
  • I love the millennial pink couch, but I don’t know if I’d ever be brave enough to get one myself!

  • It’s so colourful and so incredibly organised, I love this place!

  • I love this so much! Abbey and the daily disco are my favorites. Such talent and kindness!! Love getting to see her beautiful space on my favorite blog ☺️

  • This is such a fun and creative space!


  • I love everything about this! The photos, the decor, the inspiration. LOVE it!!!

  • Oh my heart! This is the happiest live/work space…a perfect post to start my Monday♥

  • Can you please reshare pictures of Nova’s jacket? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it!

  • I love it! So bright and cheerful and fun! So I’m very curious… Since you converted it to a living space, what did you do about the bathroom? Did it have a shower?

  • It is the happiest place full of creative and unique touches! What a dream to live and work there!! When can we move in Abbey? ????

  • What beautiful photos! Such a cheery place, love all the colours! ????

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