At Work With Hello Apparel

At Work With Hello Apparel via ABMToday, Anita Means is here to share a little bit about her business, Hello Apparel!Hello MerchHello Merch Warehouse"Hello, my name is Anita Means and my husband is Sam Means and we own and operate two companies. Hello Apparel and Hello Merch located in Phoenix, Arizona. An average day would consist of our Warehouse Manager Tom arriving early in the morning to print out all of the orders to pack and ship for the day. Then later in the day our other employees Rick, Connie, Eric and Wes show up to handle customer service issues, pack and ship all orders, organize the work stations and warehouse and keep track of inventory. Sam will arrive and do more administrative and design tasks. I work from home most of the time because we have a 3 year old and one on the way. I mostly handle social media, marketing and advertising and blogger relationships."

At Work with Hello Merch via A Beautiful MessScreen printing"The most functional space here is probably our big open 4500 sq foot warehouse. When we first moved in we thought we would never ever fill it up, but now, I figure we may need to get a bigger place one day. It is enough room to house our shelving systems and packing stations along with a ping pong table for fun."

Hello Merch Work Tour via A Beautiful MessHello Merch work tour"Being a warehouse/fulfillment center to over 80 web stores for musicians, artists, record labels and clothing companies organization is a must! All of our items are assigned a special SKU code that consists of the artist or company along with the size and product number. All of our inventory is sorted by size or item. It makes it super easy for us to find the items in order to pack and restock. Our supplies are mostly packing materials and Tom our Warehouse Manager keep inventory of that. We also do full service screen printing, so we are a "one stop shop" if you will for our customers. Our good friends Joe and Jana of Good Fellas Merch occupy the warehouse suite next door and they do all of our screen printing for us. Sam handles the ordering of inventory for all of our artists. We also do tour merch order fulfillment for many touring bands such as Hanson (mmmmBop!), Good Old War, The Mars Volta, Death Grips, The Format and La Dispute to name a few."Hello packagingHatank2_1024x1024Thanks so much for sharing your business with us, Anita! You can visit Anita's store Hello Apparel, or if you are a band or artist, they do full service online merch stores and design at Hello Merch. xo.

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