At Work With Lone Flag

Sweet family outside their CA shop, Lone FlagWe are so happy to welcome Kelli Murray to the blog today to talk a little about her new business venture with her husband Sam, Lone Flag.Beautiful shop- Lone Flag in Del Mar, CASam in his shop Lone Flag"We operate a small and curated retail store in Del Mar, CA called Lone Flag. It's really a mash-up of heritage brand feel with contemporary lines including lifestyle and home goods. At it's core, Lone Flag represents brands that have purpose and story in their goods. We don't work with any brands that make things of poorly quality or are fast fashion focused, everything is meant to have a longer shelf life and more classic look. In March we launch the first line of Lone Flag branded outerwear available in store only and then in Fall we'll be launching a new collection in other partner stores as well." Lone Flag shop in CALone Flag displaysLone Flag shop in Del Mar, CA"We do absolutely everything in the store so it's a ton of work. Sam gets there early and drinks coffee and ships out online orders. We pack each one with care and a note and organize sending them out. The rest of the day is a mix between designing and working on our vertical line and interacting with customers and brands we work with. There is also a lot of quality time spent with friends since so many of them drop in throughout the day just to chat and catch up. That's definitely the best part of it all."  Great displays in this spaceLone Flag- love the displays"The best display in the whole shop is actually our most photographed and instagrammed space as well. Sam scored a vintage painter's ladder in a backyard in Cardiff and re-purposed the whole piece which now holds boots and bags on it. It's an awesome piece and everyone comments on it. At the end of the day it was just $45 and some elbow grease. Those are always the best kinds of fixtures because they just can't be duplicated by new ones." Imaginale Lone Flag-0033"We wanted this space to feel warm and like home when you entered but also incorporate a bit of minimalism. The space is white and uncrowded feeling which makes everything sort of feel like it has a place there and a reason to be where it's at. Scent is a huge part of the retail experience to us so a lot of the sensory experience when you walk in is catching the coffee beans interacting with candles and soaps. It's definitely a masculine feel and smell but also one that neutral enough for anyone. We always offer our customers a coffee or a beer as well, we want them to get the whole experience and feel like they're just hanging out somewhere they feel comfortable, not in a sterile and confined shopping space."  Lone FlagThanks so much for sharing your space with us, Kelli! You can find more about Lone Flag on their website

Credits // Author: Kelli Murray & Katie Shelton, Photography: Jackie Wonders and Alejandra Videl

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