At Work With Rhymes With Orange

At Work With Rhymes With OrangeOur friends, Stef and Erin, are here today to share their vintage shop Rhymes With Orange.

Adorable vintage trailer"Hello! We are Stefanie Hiebert and Erin Thiessen of the blog Oh So Lovely Vintage. We are also the proud owners of a mobile vintage shop in a 1956 camper trailer as well as a brick-and-mortar vintage boutique here in Winnipeg called Rhymes With Orange. We have been in this location for the past year and a half. And we share the space with our partner Doug Shand who does the mens' section, while we do the women's clothing, shoes, accessories, as well as housewares from the 50s and 60s! In the next year we will be taking over the space completely. And although things have been great with our partner, we are looking forward to having the space to ourselves. We recently added on a section for kiddos in a tiny room off the back half of the store which used to be a safe, but turns out it's actually the perfect size for kids! Our shop is located inside of the most beautiful old character building that was built in the late 1800s and back then was actually used as a pharmacy! The building even has the original tin ceilings, which instantly sold the space to us. The more history and character a building has, the better."

Adorable vintage hat wallAt Work With OSL"An average work day begins at 11:00am when our doors open. The fact that you have the flexibility to set our own is hours is one of the most fantastic parts about owning your own business, so we decided to make the hours of our shop 11:00am – 6:00pm from Monday – Saturday. That schedule works well for both our personal and our business lives. So, the first thing we do when we walk in the door is turn on our computers and respond to all emails and then work on any blog posts we have planned for the coming days. Then we usually do some tidying up around the store and freshen up any displays and replenish any product that sold from the previous day. We don't have a set day or time to change displays. We are just always adding to and changing them around whenever the mood strikes or if we get some fantastic new pieces that need to be featured! In the afternoon we usually work on updating our inventory or tagging new product, which we enter all by hand into our computer. Of course all of this is done while helping customers pick out the perfect 60s cocktail dress or helping them find a new piece of Pyrex to bring home with them! There is always a lot to be done and some days can be a bit challenging when owning your own business, but when it's all said and done it's totally worth it and there is nothing else we would rather be doing. Also, getting to work with your best friend every day isn't too bad either! ;)"Lovely vintage hutchVintage Shoe WallAccessory Wall at Rhymes With Orange"Our favorite part about our store is that we have plenty of shelving and cubbies that were all custom built thanks to our lovely husbands! We absolutely love making fun new displays, so having all of this shelving to create anything we want is a bit of a merchandising dream come true. We are pretty lucky, in that we have two large storage rooms for extra stock as well as lots of drawers behind our counter to keep paperwork and supplies organized. We are both neat freaks, so we have come up with a system that works for us. But we're always finding ways of improving things around the shop."

Oh So Lovely pop up trailerThanks so much, Erin and Stef, for sharing your shop with us! You can visit Erin and Stef online at their blog Oh So Lovely, or if you are in Winnipeg you can visit their local shop Rhymes With Orange! xo.

  • How cool! I wish I could visit their store! And check out the pink flamingoes in the last photo! Awesome!

  • This is so inspiring! The shop looks beautiful too!

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  • I’ve been to the store in Winnipeg AND their trailer-it’s SO cute and well merchandised, I bought the cutest vintage red skirt with a ruffle on the bottom 🙂
    A visit definitely worth repeating!

  • I’m so in love! I’m also from Canada and had no idea Winnipeg has such a amazing Vintage store! If I’m ever in town I know where my first stop is!!!

  • What a beautiful shop…I’m swooning over that camper<3


  • OMG! What a beautiful shop and I’m love the traveling trailer…one just opened in Brooklyn. Such a fun idea. Thanks for turning me onto their blog.

  • They’re so cute!
    love their style & wish i could visit their shop
    Cheray x

  • my sister lives in Winnipeg (im UK based) so next time I visit her i must check out their shop.


  • I would love to go here one day! This is so adorable. I just love how cute everything is 🙂

  • oh So Lovely is my favourite blog, yoo. I know about the blog from ABM a months ago, and fall in love after that. it’s really really amazing to know ABM and Oh So Lovely. such of inspirations. 😀

  • This made me miss Winnipeg so much! This store is so sweet, especially in the Exchange district. It all has so much character. Looks great ladies!

  • I follow this blog since ever and I’m in love with the work of these two cutties 🙂 Also I love to travel so I’m always excited about their posts about Thailand.

    To be honest, A beautiful Mess and Oh so lovely vintage are my fave blogs. You rock my world girls!!

  • Nice to see Erin and Stef being featured! I’ve been following their blog (and their instagram photos) for a while now and I totally love their style – and I’m so jealous of all their trips to Thailand!

    Maria xx

  • ugh, this is the cutest! i’m obsessed with vintage trailers, and currently am crafting a post about my friend’s.

  • so happy to see my city and this amazing shop on your blog!! The vintage dresses there are the best

  • What a wonderful little shop. We have a bus in our area that’s a vintage shop. Such a great idea to be able to move around easily like that.

  • lovely photos!

  • This drink looks amazing!

  • I live in Winnipeg and LOVE their shop. Great to see that you are connected with each other! The girls in my office are huge fans of your blog.

  • Hey Girls!

    We’ve mentioned you before on our tweets and think your blog is fabulous!

    We are a very small fashion dancewear company based in London, and we also have our own blog. Just wanted to leave you our links incase you were able to follow back or take a look!

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  • This girls are incredible, I “found” them couple years ago and love their blog and their style.

  • This post is so cute and inspirational. What an amazing shop! Looks like they are loving life and work.

  • My mom still has those black and silver canisters!! Such a cute shop!

  • I would love to meet these two pretty and stylish ladies one day!
    by the way, I made your lace covered pots the other day, and shoed them on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a great day,

  • Those girls, as well as their shop, are adorable!


  • I adore this shop! I’m lucky enough to live down the street from it. I’m planning my wedding and am hoping to find all my jewelry and shoes there for our big day.

  • Beautiful! I didn’t know this store existed in Winnipeg. I can’t wait to visit!

  • Such an amazing place ! out of time ! we love it so much… We miss shop like that here !



  • I absolutly love Erin and Stef and their awesome blog!



  • So cute! I love everything about their whole entire shop. I’ve met another group of ladies who travel the country by retro RV selling vintage but it wasn’t these ladies. Such a great idea and a great excuse to go all the places you want to go!

  • That looks like such a cute shop!!

  • Omg this shop is so cute, love the vintage dresses! I wish there were these kinda shops where I live!

  • this shop looks absolutely divine!
    if i visited, i think i’d be there for hours and become a very frequent shopper.
    probably good for my bank account that i can’t make it, however my heart is devestated!
    well done girls. x

  • Looks really like a perfect shop. Have a nice day.

  • Just the look of that camper trailer alone makes me want to visit this shop! Any chance of them driving it through Europe some day?

  • This is great! I love the unique idea of having it in the mobile camper! lovely scarves too.

    Natalie @

  • Hi Ladies, thanks for letting us get to know Stef & Erin a little more! I also find them so inspirational! (I recently couldn’t help myself but had to post a little about how much I love ABM on my own blog as I start on this blogging journey). You’ve all really inspired me to get creative again both by making/baking (a new feature on my blog)and creating posts!

    Thanks so much for letting us in on your life!
    xo KT

    P.S. if you ever get time here’s a link to my personal blog with a ABM mention:

  • Another favourite blog of mine and I love their vintage store! The girls always look lovely 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • waaau beautiful dress!!

  • Therapie boutique has been doing this for a long time in San Diego, great concept. Seems like a dream job!

  • ahh, the dream life. sounds so fun and wonderful! It’s so great to see hard work pay off.

  • Not to be a total butt, but I always wonder HOW lucrative vintage clothing stores are. I know that owning a shop in general is such a crazy labour of love, but I have always wondered HOW MUCH love?

    There was a terrific costume shop when I was growing up; she had costumes and clothes from the 1900s-on. She closed up one day, for lack of business. It was sad, but how often does someone need Alaskan Goldrush clothing?

  • So much loveliness! I just visited Steph and Erin’s store last month and picked up the cutest polka dot dress in navy and red. Thanks for sharing 😉

  • Love these ladies! Nice to see some Canadian chicks on the blog 🙂 There style is so nice, keep wanting to go check out there store one day if I am ever in Winnipeg!

  • Nice pics!
    NEW POST! <3

  • Wooooooooo The shop is amazing!!!!:)))))
    I love it style!!

    I have also interview a vintage shop too!
    Interested to take alook?


  • so adorable! the caravan is so cute! I wish i had one… photoshoots and tea dates inside would be lovely!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  • ouu fancy and cool hats!

    – Janine

  • Loving this post!

    xo Jennifer

  • Beautiful looking store! I hope one day I have a chance to pop in. Also lovely to hear about a Canadian success story outside of Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. *(^-^)/* (from a blog outside of the country even! ha!)

  • I just love the little trailer!
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  • Those are some pretty cute pictures!

    Do you want to follow our blog?

  • Absolutely precious! Love the hats and the mobile shop is adorable!

  • i love these “at work with posts”! what an absolutely adorable duo!

  • Super cute! Love the idea of mobile vintage shop!

  • They are very stylish!! I love the decor of the store


  • Oh my gosh, take me to this shop! It looks like pure perfection!

  • super cute! oh my goodness. 🙂 love their style
    kw ladies in navy
    enter our giveaway!

  • What a cute shop! If I even make it to Winnipeg I will be sure to visit!

  • Your shop looks fabulous! We would really love to come and take a peek around but sadly live the other side of the ocean. Love following your blog though xx

  • Wait but this is actually the COOLEST. Ever. I hadn’t heard of it, and now I’m obsessed.

    Juliette Laura

  • The hats are amazing! I think they probably have the most fun job.

  • Mobile Vintage store? So amazing! I absolutely love it. xo

  • the last picture is really nice!!


  • I love the mobile shop. What a quaint little shop!
    So cute 🙂

  • Such a lovely shop and blog! I’ve been following the gals progress for a couple years through their blog. Makes me a little sad though that red velvet is closing soon but I suppose your new direction is probably more profitable and give you the option of working from home!!

  • Such an adorable shop, girls!

    xx Kaisa

  • I just bought your photo app and I love it! I also promoted it in my blog ( ). From there you can see some pictures I made with your app.

    So, I quess I just came to say thanks for your app! (:

  • Have loved Oh So Lovely nearly as long as ABM! I always adore their dresses, such a cute pair of besties!

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • Wow… their store is amazing! Checking out their blog now!

  • Gorgeous photos!

  • i want everything in that store! i wish we had more stores like that down here in south Florida!

  • Yay Winnipeg!! 🙂 Stef and Erin are such nice women and really great at what they do 🙂

  • This is fantastic! I am from Winnipeg and have been following ABM for a few years now. What a surprise to see you ladies supporting a great vintage store from my own town! I had the pleasure of going to college a couple blocks away from Rhymes With Orange so I’ve had many a visit. Totally makes my day! 😀

  • Aw shucks I want to shop there so badly! Seriously, I would kill for that red hat! 🙂 xo

  • Such a sweet shop! Would love to look around in there.

    Carina xx

  • Wow i wish I could go there

    Check out my OPI nail polish giveaway!

  • I live in Winnipeg and this is by far the best vintage shop in the city! I had to pleasure of seeing their shop when it was just the lovely trailer! 8 items and counting from their beautiful shop!

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