we had such a nice weekend! jeremy played piano at a friend's wedding and i tagged along (so happy to have a break from my normal work here and spend some time journaling & making embroidery projects). we had a few hours free on saturday morning and he took me to Lindsborg (also called Little Sweden) where he grew up! it was so charming and i had a chance to see the houses where he lived and his childhood school, church ect… it was fun!


this craft store was really cute. lots of wooden toys….




and some pretty painted dala horses. 🙂


a little road trip every once in a while is nice. i have quite a few creative projects that i can't wait to share with you this week…. some new home decor projects, a collaboration that i am so excited about and (ohmygoodness!) i've been scrapbooking…. 😀

hope you had a cheerful weekend. i am making mr. larson some pumpkin spice chai and settling in for a quiet evening of printmaking with brittany.
loves, elsie

  • Sounds like a fun weekend. Love the photos, such a cute and charming little town. Love the photo of you and Mr. Larson. You make such a cute couple. Can’t wait to take time to go and read the interview.

  • fun. It can really help to expand the view of a person when seeing their homeplaces. my husband and I visited one of the states where I grew up and did the same kind of touring. opens up a new dimension of the person.

  • Elsie you are such an inspiration!

    I had a nice weekend trip away from home too!

    And um, can Jeremy play at my wedding…one day…if I ever decide to get married…?


  • Aww I am just up the road a bit in Salina!! So glad you enjoyed Lindsborg. It is a cute town!

  • I’ve been to Lindsburg several times with my family. It’s just such a neat place to visit. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Happy B-day.. I just discover your Blog .. I like it A LOT!!!!!

    I love altered Stuf.. so I also start doing my own line.. maybe soon.. I’m in San DIego

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  • Gah, the fork, knife, and spoon best friend set would match evehrtying I wear! I’m wearing black and purple right now, so silver would definitely go lordknowsilovetodance at gmail dot com

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