This image from the anthropologie site inspires me so much.

I just wanted to say thanks for your comments and opinions on the photos…. i am one of those people who can make big decisions, but the small ones take me foooooorever… thank you.

ok. so i am moving to a loft next week…. i don't have any photos to share yet, but it's sort of the classic loft with some brick walls and high ceilings and stuff… i was trying to shop online for a few cute new home items and i have to admit….. i don't love shopping online… i was hoping some of you might have some insight to share…. i am just looking for random stuff like a really cute shower curtain, rugs, frames, wall decor, paper lamps (need some more for my studio)… and also i am looking for a white or silver old school style christmas tree that is 7 ft. or taller…. thank you in advance for any links… i really appreciate it!

I promise to finally make that little "cribs" video to share my studio and stuff after i get all moved in…. xo, elsie

eta: here's a quick web photo of my new place…


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