back to work….. can’t wait till Friday!

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i'm back to work, like hard core (not like the musica… like very very serious. yea!) for the rest of the week. i have too many boxes of Girl Scout cookies tempting me in this house!!   -oh no!- 
So, this Friday night (July 3) we are having a party for First Friday Art Walk at the Red Velvet Art shop. 
Top 5 reasons why you need to be there: 
1. Sparklers
(photo by Will)
2. Photos… we take tons. 
3. Treats— something patriotic and sugar filled, to be sure. 
4. exclusive sales (yep!) 
5. We are doing some cuuute updates to our local shop this week, be the first to see them (it's always more fun in person, right?!) 
Friday night 6-10 PM be there!!!! :D 

tonight i am working on new (huge) paintings for my shop, embroidered baby onesies and some cute stuff for the home. 
& i am enjoying Miss James' mixed tape.
lots of bands on there i haven't listened to before. love that.
she's a good friend. 


one more thing…
i'm thinking of starting some new collections… what's your favorite?  
a. cuckoo clocks. 
Picture 2
b. japanese fashion magazines. 
c. vintage 'elsie the cow' kitchen things.
Picture 6
d. vintage craft kits & supplies. 
Picture 7
Picture 2
e. vintage paper dolls or maybe comic books (but only girly ones…). 
in other news… i need a haircut, maybe.. and a flea market day without a doubt. 
this week shall be work-work-work… but only the good kind and i'll share with you lots of photos of new projects. if anyone has inspiring music, film, or artist inspiration… please, leave me a comment & link. 

PS. if you want a July ad on A Beautiful Mess you need to e-mail LA (LA -at- like today. it's almost July….. O-M-G!!  
XOXO. elsie 

ps. i'm excited about the tattoo ideas. i'll do another post soon with designs to share. 
Photo 374 
  • my fav band has a new cd coming out in July–Rx Bandits…they have been my fav since early highschool!

    Can’t wait for their new one.

    They are intense reggae/rock/amazingness.


    Sarah M

  • this friday is the first friday night i’ve had off in a long time that doesn’t involve me being out of town. so i might make an appearance and FINALLY go to the store.

    excited to see new projects!

  • The Knife is the best indie band ever! (Saw that on the mixtape.) If you like The Knife you should check out Fever Ray, it’s the lead singer’s solo project and it’s a little less dance-clubby. 🙂

  • Can’t pic just one. . . but I love Japanese fashion mags, cuckoo clocks, and paper dolls.

  • the cuckoo clock is awesome but you may never sleep if you have too many cuckoo clocks.. so maybe the vintage craft kits would be a better fit. 🙂

  • ohh me.

    you most likely have seen it, but i juuuust saw Into the Wild. and it has GOT to be one of the most inspiring films i’ve ever seen. ever. i’m in love with it.

  • ooh i’d do the paper dolls or girlie comic books… i might start collecting those for my little girl who is coming around in november… ooh that would be fun-ness 🙂

  • I say paper dolls! I’ve always loved paper dolls. I started with holly hobby, my favorite is my Mork and Mindy Paper dolls. I think that is why I love paper crafts sooooo much. thanks to my mom for introducing it to me and helping me cut around the lines!

    Luv your stuff Elsie!

  • First off…love the Elsie the Cow cookbook.

    Second…that is the most innuendo-filled tootsie roll ad I have ever seen…funny.

    Finally, you should read (or listen to) Love is a Mix-Tape by Rob Sheffield. It’s sad, but wonderful.

  • ohhhh I want that owl paint by number so I vote for vintage craft kits and supplies. Seriously, where can I get the owl paint by number?

  • Since I’ve wanted to collect clocks, especially cookoo clocks, I’ll have to vote for that one. But I also just bought some vintage paper dolls last month so that’s high on my list, too!

  • Elsie —

    Ultimate inspirational artist: Iron and Wine. I know right now (or at least a month ago) he was offering a free download of his Fall 2007 album, all acoustic. Gorgeous.

    Best wishes for your holiday! AND, I had no idea that you were in Springfield. My boyfriend attends UMR (or, now, MST) in Rolla, and I’ll be quite tempted to make the visiting trip a 4 hour drive to see RVA instead!


  • I vote for Elsie the Cow stuff 🙂

    As for those Girl Scout Cookies, you might as well scarf them down to get the pain (and yummyness) out of the way so you can focus focus focus!

  • Ooh! I think that magazine is actually a Philippine publication.

    I have a very big crush on the guy on the far right, Victor Basa.

    Yes, random.

  • I can’t decide between Japanese fashion magazines and paper dolls. Perhaps whatever you decide, I shall start up a collection of the other hehe

  • wish I could come to the party!! Can’t wait to see the new big paintings, and what changes you make to the shop!!
    My fave new collection would totally be paper dolls, with Japanese Fashion mags as a suuuper close 2nd. I say collect them both. (why not?) 🙂
    lovie. can’t wait to see the tattoo designs.

  • i love the Elsie the Cow idea. you obviously love your name & it would be cute to have things with your name on it everywhere! Plus, that cow is CUTE!

    I recently watched the movie August Rush and found it to be quite amazing and very inspiring. The music alone was breath-taking, but the cinematography was beautiful, too.

    wish i was closer to Springfield. i would make a trip if i didn’t live in MN!

  • Please make girly comic books!!! I’m allready collecting all of your comic books in my mind 😉

  • Oh the Swiss me would love to have a cuckoo clock; can you say Pro.Va.Ca.Tive tootsie roll ad? Hehe; super excited to see your tattoo designs (i motivate myself to lose @least the next 25lbs. with a reward of a new tattoo!) Go Elsie & go me!

  • If I had the ££££ for a flight across the atlantic I’d be there like a shot! Cuckoo clocks are cute, noisy, take up a lot of room…but cute.

  • Have you ever heard of Zoe Keating? I listen to her when I write (current soundtrack for my book) and it always helps me. New age classical, is amazing. Maybe her stuff would help to inspire you.

  • hey elsie! the magazine cover in your post is not from a Japanese magazine. Stella is a Filipino magazine. They just used Japanese models (3 of the 5 in cover are Jap) because it’s a back-to-school Japan issue 🙂

  • japanese fashion magazines and the vintage craft bits are my second favourites (tied) to ELSIE’S COOKBOOK! how cool is that cow?!

    that made me happy 🙂

  • My vote is torn between Elsie the Cow and the vintage arts and crafts!

  • Inspirational movie I’m loving today: The Butterfly and the Diving Bell. AmAzing!

  • I say the fashion magazines & girlie comic books! & I love Jason mraz- am so into his indie, pop-ish musical genius!!

    Those girl scout cookies?? How about serving them on Friday! And if I didn’t live in Cali with a one-month-old newborn, I’d totally be at your store!! Have fun!

  • I say definitely coockoo clocks! I’ve been looking for some in my area for a while with not too much luck. But yes I LOVE them! And you wouldn’t have to have them actually working if you didn’t want all that noise! 🙂

    Oh and music, obviously you just got the new Wilco (AMAZING!). And I really like Brett Dennen…a few of my favorite songs of his are *San Francisco ,*Closer to you, and *Aint No Reason.

  • I am totally loving “Story People” By Brian Andreas they are just great! I hope you love them too!
    and how cute is all of the Elsie the Cow stuff! love it!
    love love love

  • Hmmm. Musical inspiration as of late:

    Juana Molina
    Thao Nygen (free samples on
    Pieta Brown (and her pa, the amazing Greg Brown)
    She & Him (heart Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward)
    Andrew Bird
    Dosh (A. Bird’s percussion and amazing musician in his own right)
    Those are the ones that come to mind most immediately.

  • I think you need some Elsie the Cow stuff! How fun! I do love the cuckoo clock, so maybe you should get one of those. ;o)

    I recently (as in yesterday LOL!) found out about this photographer, check out her self portraits!

  • What a coincidence! I spent the past week letting go of some childhood collections 🙁 I just didn’t love them as much as I did as a kid – it seemed right to give them to people who would.

    I love these collection ideas :)I vote for vintage paper dolls

  • vintage inspired craft kits!!!…. i would buy one (or twenty) for sure! you have such a good eye for all things vintage… bahhh i love it. : )

    have a lovely day creating more stuff for all of us to be obsessed with. ha.

  • Can’t wait for the Tat designs! My brother’s girlfriend did my first tat and when I go home this weekend I really want her to do another one!! No rush…but I really really hope they come out soon!!! Lol! 😉

  • need some bling…Go for the vintage rhinestone jewelry! I love mine (I don’t wear it enough, but I love it!)

  • I love your blog, it is so inspirational. I truly look at it very day if I have the time. Today, I found one blog that I thought you would truly love and would spark your imagination because it did mine.

    Here is some art that I love over at Etsy…

    HOLY COWS do I love Etsy, I could be spend all day on it. Tons of inspiration everywhere.


  • Just an FYI.
    Elsie the cow was my Nana’s cow.

    She is the original milk maid for that company. And Elsie is a characature (?) of her cow.

    The original label had my Nana & her cow on it. My mom has the original print, taken in 1912, hanging in her foyer of her house.

    And my Nana’s cow’s real name was Elsie. She was paid $20 for posing for that pic with her cow.

  • I’m copping out and picking two. I vote cuckoo clocks and girly comic books! I loved Betty & Veronica when I was little. 😛

  • i luv the idea of japanese fashion magazines!!! =D so unique. i wish i could come to the party, but i live all the way in CA. (sighs) maybe next year!

  • stella isn’t a japanese fashion magazine its a philippine teen fashion mag

  • this band is fantastic.

    If Bears Were Bees

    and she only has a few songs up but she is talented i think,

  • The loft is beautifully done and is almost the best nook of the house.Great furniture pieces to add to the romance there.

  • Cuckoo clocks are cool, you can make that a collection. I think the picture shown is not a japanese magazine, I’ve seen those models and they’re from the Philippines.

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