bad news + good news :: announcement time

hi there. i can't believe it's almost July! wow. that's a huge reality check for me. so much to do this summer. eek! do you have big plans? we sure do. 

well, it's time for good news & bad news… i have a lot to share! i've been putting it off for a few weeks now because, well, it makes me sad (this first part)… 


I had previously shared that my wonderful pal LA was planning to join our team here in MIssouri in Autumn. I was over-the-moon excited about this and so was she! We make a great team and everything seemed to be falling into place until major complications with the immigration process arose (she's Canadian and was trying to get permits to live and work here in Missouri with us). The whole process was a hundred times more complicated than we expected. Sadly, after much research, we determined that it's not practical for her to move here in the timeframe that we originally planned, which was only a few months away. We were heartbroken and I couldn't even talk about it at first! We're at peace with the decision now. We will continue to collaborate long distance and she will visit for special RVA projects in the future. We love her very very much! *sigh* 

our story, fortunately, doesn't end there. it's one of the most magical parts of life that when something bad happens, it's sometimes immediately followed by something amazing. i'm happy to say, that's how this story goes… 

a few days later i was still trying to decide how to handle the whole situation. without a full time employee it would be pretty much impossible for Red Velvet to reach it's full potential this year. i was a little stressed, to put it mildly. ok.. i was freaking out.

now, a little background to our story…. for the past three years i've been constantly tempting my sister with offers, ideas and business proposals. i've tried everything to talk her into moving home and nothing has ever worked! she always told me, "i love you, but absolutely not." so i literally had no hope of her ever working with us again, at least not locally/in person. when i told her about the above situation with LA's immigration not working out, she was bummed for me, of course. we started talking about her opening a bakery to match my boutique (in the same retail space) and she seemed a little bit more interested than usual, but i had no expectations. it was a fun conversation though, because i've dreamed of having baked goods of some sort (along with bubble tea and other sweets) in my business, but i know it would be impossible for me to execute on my own. i mean, i'm only one person and we have SO many ideas and dreams. 

anyway… to sum it up, she called me a few days later and let me know that she had decided to move home to Missouri and open her business with mine!!! this was probably the happiest moment of my life… i really can't think of anything else that compares. every day since then (a few weeks now) it's the first thing i think of when i wake up and the last thing before i fall asleep. i can't believe this is really happening! it's a dream come true!!!! in this day and age families running businesses together is so uncommon. i love that and i am so excited to have the opportunity to work with my sister (and little brother now too!). we have such a beautiful dream together! Rachel, Leigh-Ann, Holly, Jeremy and everyone else involved with RV is SO happy and excited about a new season we have ahead of us! we're thrilled… 


thanks for listening! elsie 

  • yay!
    i’m so happy for y’all.
    can’t wait to see the beautiful things y’all come up with!


  • I’m so happy it’s all settled for you now!! Sad LA won’t be joining you, but working side by side with your sister will be wonderful. My sister and I worked together for a year and it made us so close. Best of luck for RVA this year!
    xo chelsea

  • Oh Elsie! I am so excited and so happy for you! Yay God for just working things out the way they are supposed to. Hugs!

  • I am SO happy for you! You’re so amazing, it’s hard to imagine your biz can get any better. Congrats! -e

  • Congratulations! It sounds like a fun + creative venture. It’s great when your “work” is something you love!

  • OMG – first I am so sorry about LA not moving to Springfield. I know both of you were really excited about it. But everything happens for a reason and maybe that reason was this…

    So ecstatic that Emma is moving back and you guys will fulfill some exciting dreams and hopes. You all are amazingly driven people and I am excited to know of the whole process. Best Wishes to future endeavors!!

  • Sorry to hear about LA, but so happy that you and Emma will be joining forces and achieving business dreams together! It sounds wonderful and makes me wish that I had a sister πŸ™‚

  • Sad to hear about L.A. but I’m sure it will work out soon & congrats on your sister moving back & the new business venture! xo

  • Oh how exciting!! I’m tearing up for you – it is obvious how close you are with your sister so this must just be the most amazing feeling! πŸ™‚ I’m sorry to hear about Leigh-Ann though. πŸ™ Hopefully as time passes you can work something out. Can’t wait to see your new family business come together! And I wish I lived closer so I could check it out in person. πŸ™‚

  • oh no — that is a big bummer with LA. this just wasn’t the right time, but i’m sure the right time will come along one day :]

    and HOW FUN about your sister!!! yay.

  • ahh, what a dream! to own a business with your brother and sister… that’s brilliant. So happy for you! that’s sad about LA, but i’m sure things will all work out. congratulations!

  • Oh! That’s fabulous! I can’t imagine living half way across the country from my Sissy. So excited for you guys!

  • Sad LA isn’t moving to the States, but having some international ties is a good thing πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait for the updates on all the baked goods and bubble tea coming to the store!

  • Happy for you! I could feel your disappointment and then your excitement and joy! Best wishes with it all!

  • That is soo very wicked awesome! I am so happy for you and inspired that dreams really do come true! Keep on truckin girl. πŸ™‚

  • I’m very sorry about the first part of the post…she’s so talented … but I’m glad that you all will still be working together long distance. On the second part of your post … that is absolutely incredible news!!!! So happy for you all!! It’s going to be a great combination of have yummy treats to eat while buying yummy things from your store!! Congrats!!

  • Yay! That’s so exciting. When I heard you mention your sister I was hoping you were saying you’d move to her (I live in Los Angeles and I think that’s where your sister lives). Oh well, maybe I’ll get the chance to visit eventually. Good luck!

  • yay! that’s so exciting! i can’t wait to come visit when you’ve reopened with emma’s bakery and stuff! πŸ™‚ but i’m sorry about la not being able to move there.


  • These are the best news EVER! As you said when something bad happens, it’s sometimes immediately followed by something amazing. And this is surely AMAZING!I believe also that EVERYTHING happens for a REASON! ALWAYS! Every obstacle is for good, for changing direction, for finding a way that you have never thought before. I’m sorry for LA. You two together could have done miracles, but I’m sure you can do them either way. ;-
    Good Luck with everything! I can’t wait to see the new, improved RVA!

  • Oh! So excited for you all! Now we’ll really have to get our poop in a group and plan that trip Springfield!

  • I read your blog all the time but don’t comment much. I had to on this one though. You can just FEEL your sweet excitement as things fall into place. I can’t wait to read what the next few months will bring!

    Congrats! …and I’m so sorry to LA. What a bummer. πŸ™

  • That is so awesome. I’m trying to get my husband to trade orders with someone so we can go to a base in MO. I’ll have to stop in for some bubble tea!

  • That’s sad about LA not being able to join you in Missouri, I was hoping to meet all of you someday! Congrats on having your sister join you and RVA though, how exciting!


  • Goes along with my motto – everything happens for a reason! Very exciting – congrats! Springfield definitely needs a cute little bakery – I bet this new collaboration will be amazing!

  • wow, that’s amazing!. I am so bummed that LA can not move here but I am so excited for you and the whole RVA crew.


  • I’m so sorry about LA, but I’m so excited about Emma and your new venture together! Congratulations!


  • This is SO SO exciting! I’m so happy for you and your family! Best of Luck!

  • Well that’s just…AWESOME! It’s actually really nice taht you would let your readers know what’s going on in your life, then your more connected. πŸ™‚

    xo, stefanie

  • Oh dear! When one door closes, a window opens! (Or something like that!) I’m sure you two were just so crushed when things didn’t work out. My cousin is marrying a Canadian and they just found out that they are going to have to live apart for 3 months because of the immigration process! Yikes! But I’m so happy for you that your sister is moving back to collaborate with you! I wish you all the best, dear! xo

  • Oh Elsie, I’m so happy for you that Emma’s moving back home! I know you’ve missed her tons πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to come to your new store and buy some baked goods from Emma too…and I think something for LA will work out too. Life’s funny like that sometimes.



  • How exciting! I wish I lived closer to my sis! I love your sisters blog, and she is an absolutely amazing cook, I am going to make her mozzarealla stick recipe this weekend!!

  • I’m glad to hear the news! It sounds like everything will end up working out perfectly, and I am so happy for you! A cute handmade art and bakery sounds like the best place to work in the world! πŸ™‚

  • So sad to hear about LA. Its sad that its so complicated for her to move. But that is really fantastic news about your sis. I am a total stranger but honestly I got tears in my eye when I read this blog. Its so hopeful and inspiring. My husband and I have had a really hard time over the past year and a half getting laid off from our jobs. We’ve struggled mentally, emotionally, and financially to say the least. We are moving in 10 days to chicago (4 hours from home) to find our new path. Its scary and uncertain but also hopeful and exciting. This blog gives me hope that great can come of bad. Good luck and well wishes on your new adventure!!

  • It never ceases to amaze me how God works things together for the good! Big congrats on your new plans πŸ˜€

  • Yay for you! Congratulations!!! Good luck on all of your upcoming adventures. It sounds pretty amazing!! πŸ™‚

  • So happy for you Elsie, you obviously work incredibly hard but your passion for what you do is also clear, I’m sure you will all make this a real success, and that something will work out eventually with LA that is even more exciting – well done, and thank you for sharing x

  • sad news about LA but i’m super super thrilled for you that you get to work with your sister! that is majorly exciting news. you and emma are both amazing πŸ™‚

    best of luck!!

  • Congrats ! Sounds like everything worked out. I am very happy for you all ! That stinks about the immigration stuff though. Thankfully I am a dual citizen so I am able to work on both sides of the border. Anyways.. can’t wait to see what comes next with you all !

  • You think the INS is great until you have to interact with them…I am sorry for LA.

    But so cool about your lil sis! You guys are the cutest ever, I make your sister’s food stuff alot!!!

    Well done!

  • Ahh Elsie!

    So sorry L.A. but….
    Things DO happen for a reason and I’m sure for you all involved the future will be really really bright!

  • Elsie,

    I love your attitude about this…I constantly tell myself to find the bright spot in things that aren’t going my way. Sounds like things worked out just how they were meant to even if it wasn’t what you wanted at first. I can’t wait to see how things begin coming together, how exciting!

  • That is so great! I am so inspired by your ability to reach and acheive your dreams! You work so hard!

  • well i am super happy for you that something amazing came out of this experience!! i’m sure your sister and you will make a great team. how i wish i was there to visit your shop. sadly i am in canada. wishing you all the best!

    peace&love&positive vibes

    Ashely from O’canada

  • Ohhh how happy I am for you.

    I want So SOOO badly to visit missouri one day.

    I will!

    and I can’t wait!



  • Too bad your friend couldn’t move there! πŸ™ Yeah, I know how annoying red tape can be! David and I are applying for the K1 visa so I can move to California and get married. It’s been 4 months already, but fortunately, it’s almost done; I’m moving to the US really soon, yay!

    On the other hand, it’s great thet your sister will be there with you! πŸ™‚ I hope LA doesn’t get jealous, hehe.

    I wish you the best of luck! You totally deserve it! I really do hope I can visit you one day!

  • so bummed to hear about LA’s troubles…but so freakin’ excited for you & your sister’s new adventure. how cool is that!? things always have a way of working out. :0) xoxo andie librandi…

  • oh my goodness! that is the most wonderful news! i for sure have to go to MO and visit the shop NOWWW! :] i’m so happy for you all <3

  • How I *love* your announcements!!! Thay are always so great to hear + really really inspiring. I am so sad to hear Leigh Ann won’t move to the US (really, I am. I heard myself saying ‘oh no!!’ when I started reading about it). But I’m really happy about the Emma part ;). Can’t wait to see what you will be doing together!! Lots of good luck! πŸ™‚

  • Oh! I am sorry to hear your plans with LA have kind of fallen apart for the time being πŸ™ I can understand how you must all feel about this. I know from personal experience what it’s like to have great plans and excitement evaporate due to no fault of my own… On the upside I am delighted that you had figured a way for things to work long-distance and hope that this is only temporary while stuff gets sorted. Lastly, I am delighted to hear your news about your sister’s business plans – how exciting!! πŸ˜€ Hugs, B

  • That is SO cool! I’ve been talking about visintng your shop when it opens and now you’re going to have a bakery too? wow! thats awesome that you have your brother and sister working with you though. Sorry to hear about LA, but I’m sure things will work out with her situation soon enough. Good luck!!


  • It is amazing how life is, there is a plan for everything. SO excited for you & your sis, I wish you all the best. Amazingness is yet to come! YAY you guys!

  • so happy for you! It’s gonna be so much fun working with siblings despite the occasional squabbles. You know they’ll always stick with you forever. πŸ˜€

  • Oh, how exciting! I am sorry things didn’t work out with LA, but having your sister with you will be an amazing experience! And I just adore that picture of the two or you-too cute πŸ™‚

  • So sad about LA! I could tell you were excited about it when you guys announced it.

    But that’s VERY exciting about your sister. It’s a dream of mine, too, to have my sister work for/with me! I’m the business minded one and she’s always there to support me. Even now she helps out so much – for free πŸ™‚

    It sounds like you guys are going to have tons of fun!

  • Its so sad about LA, but so fantastic about your sister! I can’t wait to see all the cute stuff you guys come up with!

  • greatest news ever, Elsie!!!! YEEEE!!! I am really so very very very happy for you!! πŸ™‚

  • such amazing news!! i’m teary eyed and so excited to see what happens next πŸ™‚ “never say die”

  • wow πŸ™‚

    i couldn’t help but feel emotional!
    sad for LA not being able to go work with you, but happy that your sister is teaming up with you πŸ™‚
    shared dreams are THE BEST!

  • Oh I am so happy for you!!!! Now I just hope one day I can come see the store!

  • I’m so happy for you guys!!!! I can’t wait to come down and visit you : ) You’ve worked so hard and now it’s paying off, enjoy it! I remember you from your pre-Garden Girl days … you are amazingly talented and so is your sis!

  • SO, SO, SO VERY HAPPY that things worked out especially when you get to be with family!!! What a story Elsie. Maybe keeping a journal along the lines of Amazing Happenings wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just to record wonderful things such as this…

  • I’m happy for you and your sister going into business together. Sister power at it’s best.

  • Have fun and if I’m ever in your neck of the woods, I’m there. Will you be doing the artwork for them? You ought to!

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