Basic Hems

Three-Eigth Inch Double Fold Hem 2Three-Eigth Inch Double Fold Hem3/8 Inch Double Fold Hem The double folded hem is the most basic hem. Use this on any garment where you want to encase the raw edge without fraying or finishing. 2-3 Inch Fold Hem 22-3 Inch Fold Hem2-3 Inch Double Fold Hem This larger folded hem is perfect for garments you want to add hem weight too such as dresses and coats.

Serged & Stitched Hem 2


Serged & Stitched Hem

Serged and Stitched Hem This hem is perfect for cotton dresses and sleeve hems. Use this hem when a coverstitch machine is not available.

Blind Hem 2

Blind HemBlind Hem This hand stitched hem is  is perfect for any garment where you don't want the hemline to be seen. It's commonly used for dress pants, sheer dresses and formal dresses. 
This sewing basics series was created in collaboration with Missy Creed of Momentum Fashion. Missy is a talented seamstress who sews for Red Velvet!
  • Thanks for all this sewing tips. I’m just new on sewing habit. I start loving it because of your sewing tips.


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  • I love this post. Very informative. Thank you! I’m craving a fun sewing project.


  • I am loving your sewing tips series! Such a fantastic idea. Sewing has been on my “to learn” list and these post are super helpful. Thank you.

  • FINALLY!! Something easy for me to understand!! Diggin the blind hem!!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this. I just pinned it. Great little cheat sheet for those of us who are still fairly new sewers!


  • i was given my first sewing machine for Christmas and this post makes me really excited to try out some of these basic sewing methods! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • I’m enjoying these posts and tehy are a useful visual guide, but would you consider adding a photo of the sewing machine settings that you use for each stitch? Do you know what I mean? For example, I’ve never heard of a serged and stitched hem and can’t see which setting it would be on my machine. I’d really appreciate it!

    (and no, the instruction manual gives me no clues either!)

  • I just got a sewing machine for my 16th birthday, and I love it! Been taking sewing classes for about a year now. It’s so cool to finally know how to do some of this stuff!
    I just learned the blind hem, and it’s amazing!!

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!
    Most especially from my husband who was surprised when he saw me making coats but didn’t know how to do a hem!

  • I’m loving this sewing series! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

  • Love this little sewing series – it’s often the little things I don’t know when sewing and it’s little things just like this! Thanks so much!


  • so brilliant! i always hem by eye and have no clue about technicals at all! i am definitely keeping this in mind for my upcoming sewing adventures!!

  • Cute!! Sewing 101!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Talia Christine

  • wow! you cannot imagine how happy you made me with these posts! I receive a sewing machine 2 weeks ago as a birthday present…and I still haven’t touch it, because i don’t know to use it! now, I know something and I’m not so scared…

  • Allie, Those booties are several years old from a mall store. Sorry I can’t recall the exact store. XO!

  • Thanks for all these sewing basics. I can’t wait to see what you make! This is so fun! I just got a new sewing machine for my birthday + I’m still learing so this is great ♥

  • I had to put a blind hem on when I made my prom dress! It ended up looking so clean and professional!

  • I’m loving this illustrated guide to seams and such! Can’t wait to build on my basic sewing machine skills with a few of these.

  • I’m liking the blind hem! Just have to find it on my sewing machine!

    Emma xx

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