Basics are My Secret Favorites

Work Wears- White tunicToday's Work Wears outfit is really basic. I wear variations of this outfit often. I feel like it's kinda boring, but I realized that maybe being scared of sharing boring outfits makes me seem like I dress super colorful every day or always wear heels, which is just not true.

Plus, basics are secretly my favorite pieces. As much as I love heels and statement necklaces, the stuff I wear the most is a good pair of jeans, comfy shoes and button up tops. Now you know. 🙂

White tunic What I'm wearing: Tunic/Nasty Gal, Jeans/UO, Shoes/Steve Madden, Sunnies/ABM for Bonlook, Bracelet/Madewell.  

Work wearsWork wearsWork wearsWhite tunic  Our CSA box brought us flowers this week.

Studio in progressHere's a little peek at my studio progress.

I'm still working on putting it all together and hoping to share it with you here by the end of the month! It's hilarious how happy these organized-by-color craft supplies make me. Total day brightener. 

Till next time. xo. Elsie 

Credits: Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with Jean and Piper from  The Signature Collection and Dixie B&W from The Folk Collection

  • Organized by color anything is amazing! I recently organized my clothes by color and it’s been a game-changer as far as making getting ready easier!

  • Great photos! I love your positive and all sunshine-y attitude. 🙂
    Also, that door’s color is wonderful!

    Have a nice day, Rona from threepinkcats

  • Just catching up with my ABM reading and wanted to chime in on the idea of basics…they are my ‘go to’ wardrobe choice every single work day for most of the year! Chino pants that fall just below the hip, (or chino skirts), tailored button down shirts – (long or short sleeve, depending on the weather), dark socks or tights, corduroy blazers, and my favorite shoes are penny loafers (for ‘fun’ – I have a very conservative job).

    With just these basic items in a variety of colors I rarely miss a beat during the morning rush to get dressed for work.

    In summer I get a little more dressy with lightweight dresses, skirts, and stockings, but I enjoy being able to change it up for a few months!

    And on another ‘catching up’ note: I love the new site design – as always, it’s lookin’ good ladies (and gentleman)! Thanks so much…

  • Ahh! I love how colorful your photos are all the time. I totally agree that the rainbow of colors can make your day- I already want an area like you have on the last photo! Love this (:

  • Organized by color, especially if it’s All the colors, is the best! Rainbows always make me happy. 🙂

    Also, besides how happy you look in that last picture, I have to say you totally remind of Linda Ronstadt from the 80’s. Which I mean as a compliment, she is *pretty*!

  • I’m loving your work attire! Comfy yet stylish!

    Lulu xx

  • I love those Martha paints! I buy those exclusively now when I need craft paint, just because the bottles are so pretty!

  • Lovely post! I live in basics at the moment and love it. Excited to see your studio! x

  • My all time favourite casual outfit – jeans with white shirt. You look gorgeous! Lovely photos!
    Carpet cleaning service Hampstead

  • You are gorgeous, and so are those sunnies and the cute shoes! I love a basic, especially now that I’m getting a bit more set in my style. I used to only live in quirky sundresses and crazy fun pieces I picked up whilst living in Korea, but slowly some cute basics are working their way in, and I love how so fresh and so clean clean it makes me feel!

  • Ruh roh… now I want to go get some new t-shirts…and of course, some new jewelry to play with!

    You all are the best.

  • Ohh, more please! I love basics for the ease but can’t help feeling a bit boring. Would love more pointers to not so basic basics like that great tunic!

  • Basics are so popular for a reason. I probably wear basics too often but I can’t help but love them. I’m always comfiest in a simple tee with jeans!

    Joanne |

  • Simple but you gave the look that special touch with this leopard shoes

  • You look just as awesome in basics, as you do in all of the colorful outfits I’ve seen you wear! I can’t wait to see your studio once it’s all finished up!


  • I love the shoes! Basics are a favourite in my wardrobe too!
    Becki xxx

  • I am a huge fan of basics, as well. there’s just something so comforting about if they’re old friends. and you look absolutely stunning here, btw! thanks for sharing!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Love this simplistic look with a fun shoe! Is your shirt from J.Crew? I think I might need to add this to my closet!

  • You look adorable! I will always have a huge love for a good pair of jeans. And those shoes. They couldn’t be better!

  • Pretty much my entire closet is made up of basics. And I’m totally okay with that because they are for sure my favorite! Plus, I make a minimalist wardrobe every three months, so basics keep it more versatile. I just bought a pair of leopard slip-ons for my fall wardrobe, and I LOVE them! I almost bought the Steve Madden ones, but then I just pictured my cat peeing on them in a tragic (vengeful) accident and it would be a pain to get it out of that fabric. Sorry, that’s gross, but it’s the truth! Cats are the best/worst.


  • Those pumps are so cute!! been tempted with a pair similar for SO long!

  • I love basics too! You can add lots of accessories to spice up your outfit! xoxo

  • I have the same confession to make. I love vintage, and I love fun prints, but black v-neck tshirts will always, always be my go-to wardrobe item. Currently loving the v-neck boyfriend tees from Target, which I’m totally going to miss buying over here in the UK.

    Sometimes basics are just where it’s at.

    <3 dani

  • You look fabulous in your basic attire. I love it and those shoes are awesome. You can’t go wrong with basics.

  • Love the outfit post. You look darling but I must know what that door color is. I am MADLY in LOVE.


  • You look totally like a new person in your basics..guess its not colors and heels always uh.. pretty! Love that tunic!


  • Basics are great! I’m really LOVING abm lately. I really enjoy all the behind the scenes action you’re electing us in on. 🙂 xxx

  • Love a good basic. Perfect shirt and how cute are the slip ons! xx

  • Yay for basics! I LOVE that tunic. And love the oh-so-organized supplies! Can’t wait to see the rest of your office <3

    – Jess

  • You look SO lovely. Love the basics! And the leopard print is such a subtle way to incorporate a fun print. Love it! And three cheers for colorful studios! 🙂

  • I love those shoes! My style mantra is usually “classics with one fun piece”, and I might need those shoes as a “fun piece” 🙂

  • Haha! I feel so bad. No, I definitely do not wear heels every single day. 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • I love basics, too! JCrew is my favorite for those types of tops. I love how you can style them so many ways when you pair them with a scarf or jewelry.


  • So pretty Elsie! I love the basics too and glad your showing your everyday outfits too!

  • I’m so happy to see you share your real dressing, you look great even at simplest :^
    And i’m so hyped about your studio room elsie x> can’t wait ^

  • Basics are my favorite too! Easy to mix and match that way. Can’t wait to see your studio!!

  • I wish I had such a great space for all my crafting supplies – boxes and bags just aren’t cutting it!

  • I love a good basic look! I’ve just started working somewhere that requires business dress and I hate it! I feel like an imposter…until I get home and change into my jeans, tee, and comfy shoes 🙂 you just can’t beat it!

  • Your basic outfit totally rocks! Honestly I always thought you wore heels and skirts 24/7 haha! Glad to know you’re also a ‘basic’ girl 😉

    (Can’t wait to explore your studio!)

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