Basil Bloody Mary

Basil Bloody Mary recipe www.abeautifulmess.comMy husband loves bloody marys like you wouldn’t believe. Lately I’ve been getting into experimenting with new flavors again. Last time we were flying, we made a gigantic list of bloody mary flavor ideas. One night, we even tried a pickle bloody mary. I loved it, he didn’t.

This recipe is simple and straightforward. If you like basil, you’ll love it. The cheese is a fun bonus too!

Basil Bloody Mary recipe Basil Bloody Mary, serves one

bloody mary mix
fresh basil
1-2 ounces vodka
worcestershire sauce
pepperjack cheese squares

In the bottom of your glass, tear up a few basil leaves and muddle them with the juice of half a lemon. Fill the glass halfway with bloody mary mix. Add 1 ounce vodka for a mild cocktail or 2 ounces for a more “serious” version. Add 1/2 a teaspoon tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Top the glass off with ice and add a little more bloody mary mix if needed. Garnish the drink with cubes of pepper jack cheese, fresh basil leaves and olives. Yum yum. Done and done!

Basil Bloody Mary recipe Basil Bloody Mary recipe Is it the weekend yet? xo. Elsie

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