Basil + Persimmon Salad

Basil + Persimmon SaladBasil + Persimmon SaladPersimmons are a beautiful winter fruit. I had never tried one before and got really excited when I saw them at the grocery store. They taste somewhere between an apple and a mango. I made a quick salad with a bed of mixed greens, persimmons, basil, sunflower seeds and a little red sea salt. It was delicious! PersimmonsHappy winter salad making! Please share any tips and tricks you have for eating more greens during the cold weather months. xoxo. Elsie 

  • Looks amazing! will have to def make this!

  • I’ve now experienced persimmons; and in Taiwan! They grow them close to where we live, and we visited a persimmon factory where they dry them, stuff them with ice cream, or carmelize them. Delish! I’m so glad I discovered this fruit! Now I should try them in a salad too. Although a nurse here said that they shouldn’t be eaten without other food. Something about being bad for your digestion when eaten alone.

  • Now I see where the color got it’s name. Really pretty. I’m going to make it a point to try some the next grocery shopping trip.

  • Ah, I haven’t eaten a Persimmon in years, since I’ve been in the UK. This post definately means I’m going to hunt one down, they are delicious!

  • Persimmons also go pretty well with tarragon. But the combination with basil looks like a “must try” too!
    @Isabel: I live in Belgium too. You can buy them at Delhaize (they’re imported from Spain)

  • The first time i tried, and saw a persimmon, was when our family were missionaries in Ukraine. Our family didn’t have a clue on what these “things” were! In Ukraine they taste like a really sweet tomato, and they were so very ripe!

  • I used to eat these with my grandparents! They had a persimmon tree in their backyard. Such good memories. I had kind of forgotten about them, but they look just as yummy as I remember.

  • The persimmon you used is called Vanilla persimmon and the one Denisa is talking about is called Tipo persimmon. For me Tipo is much better, so you should really try them out.

  • Thanks for this interesting recipe! We have lots of persimmons in winter here, in Ukraine. I never thought u can make a salat with them.

  • I like these so much! I live in Belgium and my grandmother’s friend actually recommended them to me! Over here in Belgium they are called ‘Kaki’ I think they’re delicious!

    Love, Saar

  • The first persimmon I ever tasted was shortly after the miscarriage of my twins. I was on a walk with just my camera and I and found the strangest tree.

    I took back one of the lovely fruits and it had ripened beautifully. We opened it, laid it on a plate and ate it with a spoon. It tasted like honey. Beautiful, healing honey.

    Thank you for reminding me of that beautiful time.

  • Isabel – when I lived in Belgium near Brussels a couple of years ago, I was able to find persimmons at a local street market in the late fall. I never saw them in the grocery stores there though.

  • Thank you for posting this! They are HUGE here in S. Korea and I’ve always passed them over at the market, unsure of how to use them, now I know how to give them a try!

  • did you use any dressing? maybe you just eat it plain, but i was curious what one might use… 🙂

  • I LOVE persimmons! They are my favorite and definitely a yummy winter fruit.

    We just recently started getting a box of organic vegetables delivered to our house every week. (Its called “New Roots.” We live in Seattle.) Having all those veggies in the fridge forces us to come up with unique ways to make them! We like roasting in the oven….Broccolette with bacon or brussels sprouts with bacon are both yummy. We make lots of salads too. Good idea to put a persimmon on salad!

  • I grew up eating persimmons. I never knew what they were called until my neighbor let us have some from their tree. It has a light and refreshing taste, which I love. Depending on the ripeness, they can have a slight crunch or they can be slightly juicy. This looks good! I never thought of having them in salad.

  • Persimmons are one of my new-found favorite foods. They are fabulous with just a twist of lime on them. I’m definitely going to try this salad. What a yummy flavor combination. Thank you for sharing.

  • I’ve always wanted to try making something with persimmons. I’ll have to give this a try!

  • I really like it and I have newer taste it. But I would like to try. Have a nice friday.

  • I love persimmons, but never had them in a salad. Need to try this pretty soon!

  • hmm i don’t think persimmons taste like any other fruit actually. when i was little and didn’t know what they were called in english i thought they were orange tomatoes! there’s also another variety from the ones you show here that are more of an oblong shape, slightly squishier and juicier in texture and sweeter in taste, you should try them out.

  • I love persimmons! I think they kind of taste a little like pumpkin.

    Watercress, avocado and hearts of palm salad!

  • In Valencia there are a lot. I use to eat them, but i have never taste this in a salad. Thanks for the idea!!

  • hmm…I’ve never had a permisson before, but I’m pretty sure I need to locate one after seeing this post.

  • we do not have that fruit here in belgium love to taste is as it looks delicious!

  • Yum! This not only looks delicious but it’s gorgeous as well! The colors really pop together.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  • I love how people describe persimmon’s taste 😀 My grandma said it tastes like something between a tomato and an apple! And I’d agree that it has something tomaty in the way it tastes !

  • As a little girl, I was told that if you cut open a persimmon after the first frost, the seeds will be in the shape of a fork and spoon! Did you happen to see any silverware when you cut into these beauties?

  • I live in San Francisco, so we never really have snowy weather — so for the most part, I eat salads year round. But I also love spinach, kale, and escarole in soups!

  • Wait until the persimmon is mushy and ripe, peel the skin, and eat it with a spoon. Simply delicious and sweet!

  • Yum! I had no idea what these little guys were. I always assumed they were tomato-esque.

  • We hide spinach in our smoothies! My kids don’t even know it’s in there! I add a big handful to frozen fruit, bananas, plain yogurt, cinnamon, and a little honey or maple syrup. so good! This salad looks delish!

  • Yum! Such a bright and bold salad for winter! Love the addition of the red sea salt!

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