Elsie’s Before + After Video Home Tour!

Four years ago, we purchased our 1970s fixer-upper and began a several-years-long renovation.

I learned SO much during this renovation—it was the learning experience of a lifetime. It was my first very large renovation. It took longer and cost more than I expected (as almost all renovations do).

What I wasn’t expecting, though, was how much I truly enjoyed the entire process. Once I realized we were finally done, I was missing the process almost instantly and wishing I could back and do certain rooms more slowly.

Anyway! Here is a before/after tour of all our living spaces! I hope you enjoy seeing the transformations (keep in mind the before and after videos are FOUR YEARS apart).

Oh! And by the way, I say, “This is my favorite room in the whole house” in two different rooms of this video—haha. Forgive me.

Entryway sources: Wallpaper / Buffet Table / Bench / Mirror 

Den sources: Sofa / Hand Chair / Pouf Ottomans / Similar Coffee Table / Lighting / Curtains / Similar Rug

Record table sources: Console Table / Turntable / Speakers / I did a post about our record player set up here.

DIY links:
How to Paint Brick and Stone
Our Projector Setup
DIY Shiplap

Kitchen sources: FaucetGold Hardware / Chandelier / Quartz Countertops / Hanging PlanterEspresso Machine

DIY links:
Paint Pen Organization
How We Recolored Our Kitchen Appliances
How to Organize Your Kitchen with The Home Edit

Breakfast Nook sources: Tulip Table / Chandelier / Dining Chairs

DIY links:
Simple Frames with Gold Hardware
My Rainbow Glassware Collection

Dining Room sources: Wallpaper / Chandelier / Rug / Mirror / White Chairs / Wood Chair

DIY link:
Modern Farmhouse Table DIY

Sunroom sources: Coffee Table / Outdoor Rug / Brass Planters, Tiered Planter / Brass Sconces

DIY Link:
How To Paint Brick and Stone

Living Room sources: Sofa / Coffee Table (it sold out shortly after I bought it) / Mirror / Similar Rug / Bench / Art Print / Bar Cart (painted white)

DIY links:
My Rainbow Bookshelves
Paneled Ceiling DIY
Color Washed Living Room Floors

Thank you so much for your love and support surrounding our renovations and home projects. If I’ve learned anything from this home, it’s that the process is just as magical as the end result and that I want a lot more renovation projects in my future! xx- Elsie

P.S. You can see the video tour from my previous home here.

  • Stunning! Are all the walls Marshmellow? What is the color of the torquise stain used on the floor? How tall are the ceilings in this house?


  • What is the name of the quartz color you used? I’m going with an all-white kitchen like yours, having the quartz/marble conundrum, and am having a hard time finding a quartz I like by simply looking at tiny samples.

  • Your home is so beautiful, peaceful and welcoming. I absoluterly love the work you did!

  • I love all the work you and your husband put into this space! My husband and I are looking for our first home and I’d love to know if you have any tips for seeing the design potential in a older home? You took a very old fashioned space (especially the den and kitchen) and made the rooms so much brighter and modern. How do you see that kind of potential when you’re looking to buy but you are looking at a darkly gloomy den and a yellow kitchen??

  • Love ALL of it! I have the same sofa as you do in your den. Could you pls tell me the wall colour you painted in there? Thank you!

  • this is so cool! thanks for doing the video.
    one thing i really noticed is that painting not just the walls but also all the built-in cabinets and doors and trim white really brightened up the rooms. the cabinets look very chic now. I also gotta give your previous homeowners credit – that yellow-and-white color scheme in the kitchen and dining room was really kind of cool. I always like it when people make bold choices with their colors, and for those two rooms, that really worked!

    Oh, and I have a request! Can you do a post about spices and your favorite ones to use? Cause you have A TON of spices. I counted about 20 in each row in the kitchen, so you got 60 different spices happening there. I’m not sure I can name 60 spices, much less tell you what to use them for. Would love to read about your fave ones.

    • Hi!
      Yes- my husband’s main hobby is cooking! I basically just use garlic and cinnamon to be honest- but it’s his passion! He mainly likes learning recipes from other countries, so with each ones comes a ton of new spices!

  • Love! Do you have a tutorial for the colorful yarn wall hanging in the living room? Tried to find it and couldn’t!

  • Beautiful home! Where did you get the rocking horses from? I had the same one as a baby!

  • Ughh, everything looks so good! Thanks for the tour – so inspiring! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Your home looks amazing and Your renovation process and all your ideas are so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️❤️

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