Behind The Scenes Autumn Lookbook Shoot





It's that time again… Last night we shot the Autumn/Winter Lookbook Video with Brandon Goodwin! It was so much fun. It was basically a five hour shoot that will be edited into a one minute video (Did you see our Spring Lookbook?). Worth every minute! Mr. Larson was a sweetheart and hung around all evening snapping behind-the-scenes photo just for you! ♥ 








We finished up a little after midnight. I was wearing kitty cat ears by the end of the night. Everyone had a piece of peach pie and quite a few laughs! I'm thankful for our team. The interns are learning so much and this season is really coming along well. Just four more weeks till the big launch! I'll be posting the video later in August and many manyyy more sneak peeks in the coming weeks. 

Have a lovely weekend! Elsie 

  • Elise,

    What kind of studio lighting you have to take such great photos?

    I am planning on making a home photo studio with lighting so that I can shoot at night…

    Thank you


  • The checked skirt is awesome..infact It all looks so lovely!!!Your cat ears are very attractive.

  • So happy for all of you! Another season done. This is so great and I know you are so proud. You’re an inspiration Elsie. I love looking at all of your photos.

  • I am excited about learning way more than what I have already taught myself. Thank you!

  • I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE DRESSES! Or the video. Gosh, I was so smitten by your spring dress collection video and I bet the Fall one is going to be just as great!

  • Incredible! You ladies always have such great style. Can’t wait to see it!

    ❤ Katherine

  • This looks amazing! I cannot wait to see the video when it’s fully finished and edited! 😀

  • i love how emma looks chatting with you in one of the last photos. so chic!
    looking forward to the lookbook video!

  • LOVE!!!

    Question — where did you guys get your paper for your backdrops? We were trying to locate some when we did a kids camp a couple of weeks back and never found them.

  • I absolutely adore the colors for the backdrops. CAn’t wait to see more.

  • These excite me so much!

    Probably an obvious question: so, you’re not just making dresses this time? Blouses & skirts too?

    Yayayayay! I <3 dresses but am a big time separates girl.

  • I love the backdrop colours! They help the clothes to really pop! Can’t wait to see more!!

  • Looks amazing!
    I love the clothes and great choice of backdrop colors.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • Those are some drop-dead backdrops you have going on there! Love it 🙂

  • looks exciting. love the behind the scenes shots, especially the one of you directing the model 🙂

  • that photo of you and Emma…omg you two look so chic. so obsessed with you guys! keep up the good work!

  • Looking forward to the video! And the dresses! And… free cat ears with each dress purchase? : )

  • Oh thats really exciting. love the teacher outfit! (since I’m one myself :))

  • This is so exciting! Thanks for sharing a peek with all of us! It all looks so lovely! -dies-


  • I am loving the outfits, especially your dress (including kitty ears)!

    Can’t wait to see the lookbook. Hopefully I’ll be quick enough to get my hands on something pretty 😉
    NEW OUTFIT POST: Where The Flowers Are

  • I’m in love with the bright colors, everything looks so fabulous!

  • so exciting! All the colours are wonderful!
    You guys have the best ideas.

  • How awesome!!! I love the back drops, so bright and happy!!! Eeee, Autumn/Winter… My favorite time!

  • Looks like so much fun. Can’t wait to see the result. You ladies impress me (a lot).


  • Ooh, so exciting! It all looks wonderful so far! I can’t wait to see more

  • OH this looks like a blast. Photo shoots are probably one of my most favorite things at my job! I’m excited to see your new lookbook! We shoot ours this coming Saturday…yay!! mk

  • ohhh, it looks beautiful so far! and your cat ears are darling.

  • So exciting! I’m hoping to snag one of this collection before they sell out!

  • OMG Can´t wait to see the final results! 😉

  • I loved your last lookbook video so much. It was just oozing with fun. I can’t wait to see this one =) x

  • It’s gonna be so great! I love that picture of you and Emma so much

  • Thank you for all the kind words!

    Rae Veda,
    We are doing over 400 individual pieces for September 1st. There are 11 different garments. It’s a much deeper inventory than last season, so many more people will get the dress they love! There are also 3 extended (plus) sizes in two of the dress designs!

    XO, elsie

  • This is SO cute! I am so excited. really enjoyed the Instagrams for these as well!


  • I am so excited to see the video!! The clothes look amazing!!
    Much Aloha,

  • So CUTE!!

    How many different garments are you making for this season? And how many of each size will be available?

    xo,rae veda

  • I so love that geometrical patterned dress! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled! xx, Cassie

  • LOVE those bright back drops!! 🙂


  • Oh my gosh, so much cuteness!! I was watching your’s and Rachel’s instagrams yesterday and was so excited to see more of this new collection. You girls are so talented! <3

  • im so excited to see the video, it looks amazing from what ive seen from the images!

  • Wow how exciting! The outfits look absolutely wonderful, I cant wait to see how it turns out in the end :)!


  • Gah! These new outfits look amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  • I’m so excited to see it! Looks like such a fun line! I’m in love with the olive shirt.

    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  • Oh, I can tell I’m going to LOVE this. Very excited.

    ♥ sécia

  • everything looks amazing! all your dresses and the vibrant colors!

  • this is a very exciting sneak peek. can’t wait to see the video. the clothes are looking fab.x

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