Behind The Scenes: Book Writing

Behind The Scenes 1Many of you have asked about the process behind writing a book. Today we want to invite you into our studio for an inside look at our process. It has been one of the most fun, consuming and intense projects we've worked on to date…Behind The Scenes  2When we began, we made bulletin boards to use as visual outlines. Because this book was all about the images (it's a photo book!) we felt like we need a visual outline so we could see when sections fill up, got too full or needed more work. We organized all of the photos for each chapter so that we had a quick reference throughout the entire process. We added and cut photos each week while writing the copy for the book. We had about five boards full of tiny images and notes by the end of the process. Seeing it grow each day was really exciting!  Red Velvet Red Velvet Since this was a photography book we took hundreds of new photos. This was one of the best parts of the creative process. The challenge inevitably led us to a deeper love for photography. It may sound a little dramatic, but writing this book really changed our lives. We started carrying our cameras everywhere daily and it didn't end when the book was turned in. Behind The Scenes 3This week we have been working on edits. We are lucky enough to have a fantastic editor, and everyone working with us on this book has been absolutely invaluable. Emma has been keeping a folder on her desktop of all the photos that have been cut so far. Currently there have been over 40 images cut, and we still have some more editing to do. It's one of those necessary steps that's still so bittersweet. But we know that this next step will strengthen the work; helping us to include only the very best work.

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