Bella as a sugar cookie

Bella Cookie 1Bella Cookie 2My niece, Bella, turned 4 today. Emma and I made made some special giant sugar cookies in her likeness for her party… sorta a cartoon version of her sweet face. She was so excited about them (eek!) I'm pretty convinced that 4 is the perfect age. She couldn't be cuter…

Bella Cookie 3Bella Cookie 4Bella Cookie 5Happy Birthday, Bella! We love you…. Aunt Elsie ps. Check out the sugar cookie recipe on Emma's blog!

  • these look delicious and she is so cute!

    have rustled up some chocolate dipped oreo’s which are simple easy and deeeeelicious!

    laura xx

  • These are SO cute. I used the Classic Sugar Recipe at a party recently and they turned out AMAZING. Best Sugar Cookie recipe I’ve ever used. I couldn’t comment on her post… but, I wanted to share!

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  • Oh that is such a cool idea, and it turned out fantastic! Happy (belated) birthday to Bella!

  • My (almost) step-daughter is 4. She is the cutest! It really is the perfect age… 🙂

  • Cute and fun! Can’t stop reading here and just added you to my blog roll. Thanks for inspiring!


  • I agree. 4 is the perfect age! She is so cute! And the cookies are adorable too. Great idea!

  • How sweet. You’re right. Four s a great age. xo, rv

  • hahaha Awwww!!! She is the cutest ever!! And she looks WAY excited about those cookies. Best aunt ever!

  • Cute! 🙂
    Happy Birthday Bella!

    My Little Boy’s Birthday is next week. Maybe I will try to make these with shorter hair. 🙂

  • My, how she’s grown! I feel like just yesterday you were showing us her newborn pics 🙂

  • so sweet and Bella is a little doll 🙂 . Every year my nephew and I have a slumber party and decorate cookies make a gingerbread house, so I know how much fun it can be decorating with the little ones 🙂


  • Elsie, those cookies are just lovely. You have such a knack for making beautiful things, and this is such a precious gift to give your niece!

    Have a wonderful week! xo

  • Too cute! Four is a great age, but so is five, six, seven, and so on! You will only find more reasons to love that sweet face! =)

  • What a super creative idea!! Love it 🙂


  • Happy Birthday, Bella! Those cookies look seriously sweet&cute! I agree, 4 is the best age 🙂
    Good luck!

  • Those are adorbale! And i agree, 4 is such a great age. I’m a pre-k 4 teacher and i love working with those 4 year olds, they are just so precious!

  • How sweety!

    Love this idea, i am gonnna check the recepy

  • The cookies are so cute! She will always remember them. Love the licorice hair!

    Loulou Downtown

  • So adorable!! What a great idea for a child’s birthday, and she is mighty cute indeed. So glad you shared!

  • She is beautiful! Any little one would be thrilled with these cookies 🙂

    Take heart over the age though. Every age my children have reached, I am convinced they could not get any lovelier and willed time to stand still…and yet they continue to get more and more wonderful as they grow and I see the fantastic people they are becoming 😀

  • What a nice cookie, I would it right now on my breakfast:) your creativity is amazing and very inspiring, girls!

  • having taught them in preschool, i agree 4 yr olds are fun. cute bella, cute cookie! 🙂

  • Those are so cute!!! Heck, I’m turning 23 and I’d love a cookie in my likeness. 😉

  • you girls are so creative. those cookies are adorable. i want one…wouldn’t red licorice be cute for a redhead girl?

  • Your future baby is going to have one seriously awesome Mom (& Aunt Emma! 🙂 These cookies are so sweet! 😉

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