Grown Up Candy: Berries In Chocolate Bowls

Easy homemade candy ideas for valentines dayI guess this kind of falls under easy homemade candy. But I hesitate to say that because, well, it's really easy. With Valentine's Day starting to sneak up on us (or maybe that's just me) it's time to start thinking about gifts and special treats to make for loved ones. I recently got these classic chocolate bowl molds and have been excited to use them ever since.Tips for using chocolate moldsFill the molds 1/3 full with melted chocolate (I used dark chocolate). Don't over fill them or you'll have a lot of excess chocolate to shave off later, like I did. Oops. Give the mold a few taps on the counter and then press the top of the mold down onto the chocolate. Refrigerate overnight. Remove the chocolate bowls the next day.

Fill the bowls with a little jam (the jam adds sweetness as well as helps to hold the berries in place), then berries and then top with a little fresh whipped cream.Chocolate berry bowls for valentines dayEasy to make valentine dessertsI think these would be adorable to serve after a special homemade dinner. Happy candy making! xo. Emma

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