best fan mail ever….

steal my heart…. <3. i am hanging this up in my studio!

here are some peeks at my new paper dolls.
they will be a part of my Friday morning update…
finished them at 4 am last night and i looove them! 😀

i am running to the printer's and working in the store today for a few hours. have plans for girl-friend-craft time and some of this….
i feel so inspired and it's coming at the perfect time!!
thank you for the amazing response to the new blog sponsorship opportunity. if you've e-mailed me, expect a response soon! i freaked out a little bit when i saw how many e-mails i got yesterday… in a good way. excited!!

ok! i'll show you a peek at my new kit later today… i'll give you a hint, though…. it makes me want to sell everything i own, buy a little 70s camper and drive around exploring forever. XOXO. elsie

  • That’s the sweetest lil note ever 🙂 I love the paper dolls – they were second best when barbie wasn’t around! Can’t wait for Friday!

  • oh my… i would have melted at the knees over such fan mail! and now i’m dyin for your next kit… i have always wanted to do that! what a teaser :O)

  • love the fan mail. just think how much you inspire those little girls. so cool!

    i am totally loving the coffee cozy & the paper dols, sigh, “holy cuteness!”

  • Those paper dolls …ah-mazing!
    Awww that letter is the cutest thing ever!
    I really love your girls( and guys) too. I find that, that people are my weakest point when drawing…do you have any suggestions on developing a style for illustrating people?
    Thanks :o)

  • that IS the best fan mail EVER- what sweet gals they are!!

    LOVE the paper dolls… can’t wait to get my hands on them!!

  • first of all- that fan mail is amazing! 2nd- i’m sooo excited for the paper dolls!!! I miss having paperdolls in my life!!!

  • My 10 year old LOVES your stuff too. She tried to duplicate one of your girls in a project at school. I’ll have to e-mail you a pic… You’re awesome!

  • aw that’s adorable fan mail!!! Also adorable are the paperdolls, their stunning. I totally forgot how much I love those little pieces of paper you can dress up, thanks for reminding me.

  • uh-oh! camping themed? ‘camper’ is my middle name! and what a cute ‘lil fan mail note! i’d frame it too! 😉

  • Hooray for paper dolls! I used to play all the time with my grandma and sister! My sister and I were proprietors of a paper doll clothing store called “Dress Shoppe Down the Street” and my poor grandmother was our much bossed around head designer.

    Your dolls are so cute!

  • loooooove it! Elsie I totally printed this page and showed Kelsie, Jackie and Rosie that you posted their note and they were dying. You have definitely made their days 🙂 You are awesome and I can NOT wait for the next kit!!!!

  • 1. Love the crocheted cup holder. I may have to venture into making one of my own.

    2. You should submit your blog to It’s the blog of the Springfield Bloggers Association, and they’re compiling a blogroll of all the bloggers in Springfield. (And we’re in need of some cuteness.)

  • That note is soooooooooooooo cute!! And i used to love paper dolls–yours are super cute!!!!!

  • O….. M ….. G ….. i cannot tell you just how much i adore your paper dolls !!!!!

    ps ….. your fan mail is THE best !!!!!

  • holy cute batman! i loooove the paper dolls! my mother-in-law is going to die!!!

    and i can’t wait to see the new post! you are too sweet… i love the impact you make on adults and children alike! THANK YOU!!



  • love it! cutest letter ever, and the paper dolls are sooo cuuute too!can’t wait to see the new kit!

  • Love the fan mail! As a newer fan, consider it a note from my younger self as well. 🙂 You could name your next set after those girls. 🙂 So cute!

  • I am adoring that fan mail & their little drawings! You should meet those girls! It would totally make their awesome craft filled days.

  • aww that note is so cute! They are going to grow up to be adorable little alterna-crafters, I can see it now!

    I love the dolls too, they are adorable!

  • That is soooo sweet! Definately the best fan mail evvvvver! And they are so good at drawing too.

  • OH MY! That little fan letters was the best thing ever! Little Elsie’s all over the country. CUTE!

  • I showed my barista husband this post and he said “Good for her!” It’s apparently Starbuck’s most used and most wasteful item. Love it!

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