Big News (& Nobody’s Pregnant!)

Greetings from NashvilleHi, friends! Today I have some big news to share with you! This summer Jeremy and I are moving… Nashville. And….Laura and her husband, Todd, are moving too! We're shaking things up, big time, and I wanted to take some time to tell you all about why we made this choice, what our plans are, and (probably most importantly) what this means for A Beautiful Mess! 

Over the past few months as we've told friends and family about our plans to move, we've noticed that they all have the same questions! So I'm going to answer them for you here, and you can pretend we're having coffee or texting…you know buddy/buddy stuff. :) 

Q: When did this happen? I thought you were going to stay in Missouri forever?

A: It's true that I have lived in Springfield, Missouri my whole life, and I thought I would be based here forever. Jeremy and I are both super close to our families and never had any intentions of relocating….until we suddenly did. #neversaynever

Back in January, Jeremy and I were driving to get coffee one morning. We were talking about his career and some of the obstacles and goals. And I said, "We need to move to Nashville," and he didn't say no, which was a first. We were both suddenly open to it. It was weird how something could change so quickly inside us. And the feeling never went away.

So a day or two later I emailed Emma and Trey, "This is serious, would you move to Nashville if we did?" They said, "Ummm…maybe." A few days later (it was during the Super Bowl actually, maybe Katy Perry inspired us?), we texted Todd (Laura's husband and Jeremy's bff) "This is not a joke…will you move to Nashville with us?" They also said, "Maybe…OK, probably." A week later I was there for business, and I secretly went neighborhood shopping and started researching. 

A month or so later, we told both sets of our parents over dinner. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Honestly I was shaking. But they were both super supportive. Amazingly supportive

A week later we drove there and shopped for houses…and found one on the very first day (we're under contract now). So much to absorb, right?? I can't tell you how difficult it has been to keep this a secret! 

What I said above probably makes it sound like the decision to move is 100% about Jeremy's career. And it is more about his career than mine, but not totally. I am also really excited to move and try something new in our life together. I've heard that moving away from family is hard, but it can also be really healthy for a married couple's relationship. And I LOVE Nashville. I've been about ten times in the last two years, and it's definitely a place we can see ourselves thriving.

Todd is also a musician, so it is a great opportunity for him and Laura too. And having Laura there with me will be so nice—we're house shopping in the same neighborhoods so we can help each other with photos and blog projects! 

Q: So, if Emma's not moving, how will your business be affected? 

A: Emma is not moving this year, but it's still an open conversation and possibility for the future. The main reason she doesn't want to move right now is that she is opening a bar in Springfield later this year with Trey and some friends (I'll let her tell you all about that another day). 

We've talked at length about how often we will see each other (still a LOT) and how we will run our business long distance. Honestly, once you get over the initial "isn't that a bad thing?" thoughts, it's really not that bad at all. There are TONS of successful businesses that are run by partners in different cities. We feel very confident that, if anything, this transition will make ABM stronger than ever! 

Obviously, I am going to miss working with Emma every day. And I am sure we will have some rough days, but since we travel so much for business, I'm not worried about how we'll sustain both our friendship and our work. 

The truth is that this past year wasn't our best. Working in the office and managing a bigger staff was very difficult and hurt our creative side at times. As we entered 2015 (before I knew I was moving), we were both planning to start working from home more in hopes of nurturing some of that creativity that was lost in the office-type atmosphere. We spent many days feeling like we spent all day helping other people do the (creative) jobs we wanted to be doing. It was a huge learning curve, and we learned that we don't actually want to own a giant Martha-Stewart-esque company. We want to stay relatively small, at least that's how we're feeling right now. 

So, the honest answer is—we are both a little sad, but very excited to see what the future holds. We really wanted to shake up our process for writing blog content and this provides a great opportunity! I feel like being apart will make us more intentional when we're together. We are not afraid. 

Q: You already found a house? Can we see it? 

A: I am planning to film a "before" video tour for you after our closing date in May. Stay tuned. I am SO EXCITED! We found a really unique house that will be a great home, workspace for me, and studio for Jeremy! (insert all the emojis here) 

I figured you would want to also hear from Emma and Laura, right? Here are their thoughts… 

Emma—When Elsie asked if Trey and I wanted to move to Nashville, my initial thought was, "Why?" That's not to say I don't love Nashville, I certainly do! It's such a fun city. But if you read my story on changing dreams, then you already know that for about three years after college I lived in Los Angeles. Moving back to Springfield, MO felt so defeating at first, but now I've come to think of it as the beginning of my current stage in life. My career started in Springfield. I got married to my best friend in Springfield. I bought my first house here. The list goes on. I sort of view my hometown as the launching pad for everything good that I've been blessed with during the last few years. It's hard to think about moving away from that (and don't even get me started on moving away from my parents and in-laws—what a bummer!). So, it just didn't really feel like the right move for me, for right now. But it's certainly not something that I would say, "Oh no, we'll NEVER move to Nashville." I mean, who knows the future? I don't!

But I could see the excitement in my sister's eyes the moment she told me. And I am also very proud of her for wanting to support her husband and his career. Jeremy is an exceptionally talented musician and he deserves every opportunity, so I completely see why Elsie wants to support him in this. To sum it up, it made no sense for me to move right now, but it made all the sense in the world for Elsie to. Given that we're a mostly Internet-based company, I see no problem with us working in different cities. We often work from the road already. But I won't lie, I was somewhat depressed for the first month after I heard the news. I love my sister, and I never really pictured us living in different cities. So I will miss the everyday things. But ultimately I will see her plenty when they come to visit (with both their parents here, I have a feeling that will be often), and we do travel together often for work. Bottom line—I am excited for this new chapter of our lives together even if we are a little farther apart geographically. 🙂

Laura—Can I just say up front that I may be more surprised than anyone else about us moving to Nashville this year? I mean, we actually almost moved there right before I started working here at ABM two years ago, but once I got this job, I didn't want to leave anymore because I loved it and didn't want to lose the opportunity. When I realized that we could both move and still do what I love doing, well, the whole landscape completely changed. Neither Todd nor I are from Springfield, so while we love the friends we have (and a few particular pizza and brunch spots), we never really thought we'd be here forever. Being from Pittsburgh, PA I really miss a lot of the cool events and spots that bigger cities have to offer, and I hated being a two day drive from all my family. Todd is a traveling musician (and an amazingly talented one at that) with a band called Mutemath, and we always planned on someday moving to a place like Nashville or Austin so Todd could get deeper into the music world and create opportunities that are really difficult to make happen from such a small town. We just had no idea that it could happen this year, so we were pretty shocked at first. (Not to mention that I just got my house the way I want it after 2 1/2 years of slow renovations—agh!!) It will be really hard to leave. We have over 12 years of memories from this place, but we are so excited for all the changes and new adventures to come!

Thank you, guys, for following along on this journey! We're so excited to share the changes that this year will bring. Feel free to ask us ANY questions you may have in the comments. Also we'll be hosting another live chat event on May 26th (check the Live Stream page for more details) so you can also come chat with us more then if you have questions. xx- Elsie

  • Congratulations Elsie and Laura! This is so exciting! I live in Nashville and would be happy to help in any way that I can to shed some light on my beloved hometown. You’re going to love it here!

  • Wishing all of you all the best of God’s blessings! <3 Can't wait to see what's next from ABM - Nashville Style. [;

  • Wow! What exciting news!! Congrats to both of you guys..I can’t wait to see the new DIY house projects. My question is- What colors/styles do you imagine you’ll stick with for your new homes?! Do you plan on keeping the same style or changing it up?
    Good luck with the move xoxo


  • I’m so happy to hear you are chasing your dreams. The best decisions often come from intuition. Will you keep the studio house?

  • How exciting!! Nashville definitely has a vibe that I have always loved. It is on our list of cities we certainly wouldn’t mind living in! I can’t wait to see all of the new house projects that come from the move!! Congrats!

  • Congratulations on your big decision. It sounds super exciting. Best of luck to you all! I love this blog and everything about your business and I hope to see you continue being happy and creative.

  • Not going to lie, my jaw probably hit the floor after reading the first paragraph, but I am so excited to hear about everybody’s new adventures! I’ve been to Nashville exactly once, but can’t wait to go back. I fell in love with the city as soon as I got there – I don’t really need to explain that to you. Since you’ve been there (heck, you’re moving there!), you totally get it. I think the move will present huge opportunities for you guys. Wishing you all nothing but the best! 🙂

  • Wow, you guys! How exciting!
    I have a lot of friends in Nashville (musician friends too – it will be fantastic for Jeremy!) so I hear it’s a pretty cool place to be.

    My boyfriend is a musician too and we’ve toyed with the idea of… well at least visiting. We’re in the UK so I’m not sure I’m ready for such a big crazy move! I’m really interested to see you post this, though. I feel very unsettled in my life at the moment and it’s so refreshing to see that someone I admire as much as you guys at ABM don’t have your lives all planned out and sorted either :))

    Good luck with everything! I hope it all works out perfectly for you! x xx

  • Congratulations! I love the positivity vibes coming from all of this. Changes can be scary, sure, and it’s important to embrace that – but the awesome growth that can come from it is so exciting too! Wishing you all the best 🙂


  • Loved this and how you shared it! I could feel your warmth and see your smiles! Life is an adventure awesome your embracing it! Best wishes! Well keep my eye on you as you flourish and grow! My first glimpse of you was on the Mystery Hour! Big fan ever since that night! Best wishes!

  • So exciting!! I’m excited to see how this will change this for you guys and the blog–good things are to come, I’m sure!

  • That’s amazing, congratulations!! I personally would really love a ‘tips for relocating’ post once you’ve settled in…. Xxx

  • my husband and two month old baby moved from out west to nc so my husband could further his education and essentially find himself and what he loves. i actually loved my job and my bros and their families were there too, but i knew if we were to thrive as a family we would have to make the move. so despite leaving what i thought i loved so much, i have gained that much more. nc is amazing! i still get to work with the same company from home here in the south(thanks technology :)), stay home with my baby girl and my husband is flourishing as well. it’s crazy the places life takes you, but i believe everything always works out in the end if you are always open to those crazy ideas (and there are many endings). here’s to new adventures and good luck!

  • welcome to Nashville! what an exciting opportunity for you guys. i moved her on a whim and it’s been a crazy but exciting journey and hope that you guys have an exciting journey as well.

  • Oh girls, those are really big news! I just can say: WOW! I hope everything will be the best for you all! I love ABM so much, and I’m very excited for you, girls! 🙂

  • WOOOW!! this is awesome. I could have sworn this was another April Fools joke, thats how great this news is. IM soo happy for you guys! Change and new adventures is good for the soul. I agree that distance does make the heart grow fonder and sometimes you need to shake things up a bit to feel energized and more productive in our creative department.

    As for being away from family and friends: I’ve had personal experience when I moved to Australia for nearly 2 years. Oh man was it hard, hard, hard. I was lonely and missing family and friends. Once I settled in, I grew to love living there. My circle of family and friends grew and I wasn’t lonely anymore. I eagerly awaited any reunion with those so close to my heart.
    Be happy that you are only a few hours plane ride away from Springfield. You can be there at the drop of the hat if you really think about it. Embrace the changes and emotions and everything else that comes with moving into another state. You will eventually get settled and feel at home. I’m so so so so excited for your new adventure, more so because it will add more material to ABM (selfish, I know). Thank you for sharing such awesome news with us 🙂
    p.s. omg so jealous of the folks who get to by yours and laura’s houses!! swoon!

  • Wow.
    I literally just got back from a long weekend in Nashville- and I loved it. I wish you guys all the best on this new journey!

  • Ah! This is so crazy and exciting! I love Nashville and know it’s going to be so great both both couples to move there. I’m excited to see how ABM handles this transition and what changes here on the blog. I somehow had a feeling a big move was coming when Elsie shared her home tour and mentioned taking things into their next home.

  • You said you heard moving away from families can sometimes be good for your marriage–and I’d say that is true! My husband and I moved last year from our hometown of Los Angeles (L.A. natives!!) to Denver, Colorado, pretty much just cause we wanted to! And while it’s been hard for me because I’m so close to my family, it has been SO good for our marriage (we’ve been married 3.5 years). It’s helped us to lean on each other more, and also to establish a deeper and more well-defined identity as a family of our own–even before babies come. Have fun on your new adventure! I look forward to learning more about Nashville through you guys!

  • What an exciting change! My husband and I just visited Nashville for our ‘babymoon’ this past summer and LOVED it. So many fun and unique places to visit. Can’t wait to read all about this journey 🙂 Will you be keeping the studio house?

  • Nashville is the best! I have been here for about 15 years. It has grown and changed so much… but I love how it embraces it all. And it will embrace you too.

  • I up and moved to nashville in 2011 – it was the best thing I’ve ever done. You will love it here!

  • In super dramatic voice, NOOOOOO!!!! I’m a little bummed because I live in Springfield and love how much you guys rep our city but congrats! BTW, are you selling your house?!? I’m looking to buy!

  • Wow, Nashville is getting so popular these days! I’m from Cashville, it’s definitely the place for creatives these days! You’ll have so many more opportunities!

  • I’m so proud of you guys and can’t wait to see your new house! I’m so hopeful that this transition is going to be a smooth one for all parties involved and that it will bring so many great opportunities and collaborations. Springfield will always be on your radar and now Nashville will be our new favorite road trip destination!


  • Oh my gosh this is amazing! So proud of you for following your gut and going with what feels right to you! It’ll be a huge change for sure, but coming from someone who up and moved halfway across the country myself, it’s a rush and the opportunities and new dreams that form when you move are astounding and humbling. Enjoy the move and the settling in process! Excited to see where this takes ABM! 🙂

  • My husband and I have always lived away from family…only 7 hours at first. Then this past year we moved to Arizona..over 30 hours from any family! It has its hard moments but we love the adventure we are on as a family! I’m sure you will LOVE it! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • Elsie, I KNEW you would be moving after watching your video tour of your house. You kept mentioning things along the lines of, “This is definitely something we will take to our next house” and I remember thinking that you definitely had another move in mind already. Didn’t know it was Nashville! Craziness! Happy for you guys though. I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 years now, so I hope you use this to post a ton of random, colorful pictures like you used to back in the early days. Best of luck with the move!

  • I love this. I have always known that you, Elsie, are a diligent, talented and creative business woman, but as often happens in this online world of curated photo-shoots and carefully edited blog posts, the reality of a person is often lost. This post reminds me that behind the screen, you are also a very loving a supportive wife, who wants her husband to be recognized for his talent, and is willing to make sacrifices to make that happen. Good for you. Marriage is really hard, and putting someone else (even when you love them to the moon and back) can be really hard. Not that I felt any disrespect for you before, but my respect-o-meter for you definitely went way up after reading this.

  • I am so excited for you! My husband and I have also talked about relocating to Nashville. We absolutely love it! I’m on the short list for a job near Knoxville so hopefully that will be one step closer! Good luck with everything and best wishes!

  • This is really big but also amazing news! From what I hear from you guys, Nashville is a cool town/city, so I have no doubt that you will thrive there. I just with Belgium had cities as cool as Nashville to move to 😉

  • how exciting! welcome to Tennessee! I live in Chattanooga, so just a couple hours away. I know Laura has been here with her husband for shows but Elsie, you should come too sometime! It is very pretty and different than Nashville but still fun! I can’t wait to see this new adventure for you all.

  • Welcome to Nashville. I moved here about two years ago and I am still in love. Congrats!

  • YAY! I’ve lived in Nashville for pretty much my whole life and I absolutely love it!! Y’all are really going to love it here and I can’t wait to see pictures of your new house and all of the fun things that I know you’ll do to it

  • Oh my goodness! When I first started following your blog, which I found through Pinterest somewhere, you girl looked kind of familiar to me but I didn’t think much of it. Now that I know you live in Springfield, it all makes sense. I lived there from 2008-2012 and I have a couple of mutual friends with Laura on facebook.

    Best of luck on your Nashville adventures!!

    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

  • Congrats on moving! Nashville is a great city to live in. Since my family and I moved here six years ago, we have thrived! You will not be disappointed!

  • What fun! Nashville is pretty cool. I’m from Huntsville, AL, so we would weekend/day trip there quite often. Moving is fun and scary. My family just moved from Huntsville to The Hague (Netherlands! OMG!). Wishing you all the best luck. Can’t wait to see your new inspirations from living in the Music City!

  • SO EXCITING!!!!! I am from Missouri, moved with the hubs to Chicago with no family at all, and you’re right, it does strengthen marriage!!! AND our daughter is going to college in………Nashville at Vanderbilt!!!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeves for the new adventures, good luck!!!!

  • Congrats to all four of you on the big news!

    Speaking from experience, I can tell you that big moves like this are always scary but are so worthwhile! When I first moved from my small hometown to San Francisco 3 years ago, I was nervous, excited and TERRIFIED. I had never really left home before (minus a semester away in college) and the thought of leaving my family, friends and everything I knew and loved behind was enough to make me *almost* back out. Alas, I followed through with the move. The first few months were trying (I called my mom crying more times than I’d care to admit) but I eventually landed a great job, made new friends and really began carving out a life for myself here. I can say with 100% certainty that moving away from my hometown was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’m so excited for you guys and all your new adventures! Nashville is a dream!

  • Wow those are big news! I know what it’s like to live far away from parents and sibling (I moved from Mexico to Canada!). It brought many good things my way, and of course some difficult days! I wish you ALL the best as you move! May this be a good change in your lives!

  • Oh my gosh! That sounds huge! Really exciting for you guys though, and I can see only good things coming from it…apart from missing each other 🙁

  • Wow! Damn that is some big news.

    Sounds so exciting and I cannot wait to follow along on your journey. Its funny while reading Elsie’s house tour something Elsie wrote made me think that Elsie and Jeremy may have plans to move in the future but this was still shocking to read! Congrats on your new home. I cannot wait to see pictures! Some of my favorite posts have been your home decor posts and it looks like Elsie and Laura will both have two new homes to post about which excites me! So happy for your all.

  • Wow, exciting news! I can’t say I’ve ever been to Nashville but it’s (very) high up on my list, it looks like a great city. Congrats Elsie & Laura – & your boys!

  • Congratulations on a very smart move! Big decisions can be scary and it helps to know you have a support system behind you. It sounds like Emma is definitely yours 🙂

    Look forward to seeing how it shakes up the blog. Good luck to all of you! This sounds positive all around.


    Laurali Star

  • I’m staying with my friend in London and we’re both massive fans of the blog. We had to stop watching Pitch Perfect so that we could read the post! Excited for you guys but have to ask, what will happen to Sister Style?! It’s one of my favourite posts! Good luck with your moving and I can’t wait to be along for the new adventures x

  • I’m so excited to hopefully see you all around town! I was born and raised in Nashville and it’s seriously the best place. Can’t wait to see what part of town you live in!! Good luck with the move and congrats! 🙂

  • My favorite part of ABM has always been how you’re so open to new ideas + adventures, whether in business or personal life. Y’all are such inspiring ladies with inspiring relationships + dreams; no doubt success will follow wherever you go! Cheers to a new chapter!

  • What neighborhood are you moving too? Im a transplant from Germany and moved to Nashville 2 years ago (although for love and not for music) and I can tell you it is so much fun to live here!!!

  • Yay! Congrats on the move. My husband and I got married in Nashville and I just adore the place. It’s got so much creative energy! Right now I need to be in LA because I’m in the entertainment industry, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make the move to Nashville in the next few years.

  • Congrats on the new life chapter!! Enjoy every moment! Also, I’m so amused to learn Todd is the same Todd from Mutemath. I’ve been listening to Mutemath since I was just a wee freshman in high school. Which was a reeeeeally long time ago.

  • Congratulations! What exciting news! Funny how once you reach a certain age, all “big news” has to be immediately followed up by, “I’m not pregnant!”.

    Best of luck! Can’t wait to see the new house!

  • Congratulations! I have to agree that moving away from family definitely makes a relationship stronger. My husband and I made the decision to move back to Boise with our son last year after living close to both of our parents at some point in the last 15 years and we couldn’t be happier. Less drama for sure. Can’t wait to see the new house.


  • How thrilling! I’m dropping everything and moving to Dublin, Ireland in September, after being a New Yorker for ever and ever.

    Here’s to leaping past your comfort zone and thriving in a new environment!

  • Congratulations!!! I’ve lived in Nashville for two years now and absolutely love it, it’s a great town full of good people and tasty food! Looking forward to maybe bumping into you gals someday : )

  • Exciting, it sounds amazing! 🙂 I’m also really glad you are going back to your roots. This site is for me “elsie+emma” and even if your staff is wonderful, my favorite posts, ideas and creations are always yours.

  • This is such huge news! It’s funny how things go from a small comment to a huge life changing moment. I wish you guys all the best and I’m sure you guys will hone in on your creativity again and find what works for all of you.


  • Oh man, I am so excited for you guys! We just left Nashville (becuause of my job opportunity for my husband) after living there for almost three years and we both miss the city so so much! Prepare yourselves for SO MUCH delicious food and an absurd amount of amazing music every night of the week. Gah, I miss that city so hard!

  • I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see what this new transition holds for you! Also, I live 2 hours from Nashville so hopefully you’ll have ABM things there. Thanks for including us!!

  • Wow! What a change! I saw that Laura was moving from IG, but I had no idea you were too Elsie! Wishing you all good luck and safe travels as you embark on this new adventure! You gals have done so many amazing things – this is just another addition to the list.

  • Bold and wonderful! Wishing you guys all the best in this next season of your lives!! Thanks for doing all that you do 🙂

  • I have been following since Food Coma and ABM were separate blogs, E & E are great apart and together–I am excited for you both! If Emma misses Elsie at least she can easily make a drink (wink, wink) since she will be opening her own bar! Congrats! Moving away seems scary ’til it’s done and then it’s like, “Why was I so scared of that?!”

    Write On Girls!! (Pun Completely Intended)


  • I LOVE the title of this post! What an exciting time for y’all and really – how awesome is it that you get to move with your best friends? I think I’d sacrifice a limb to have mine move with us! I’m so excited for y’all!

  • WOH! I did not see this coming! But it sounds SO exciting and I’m sure the change will do you so much good! Can’t wait to see all the developments 🙂


  • Congratulations Elsie & Laura!!

    I too am moving this year, fro, one side of Australia to another. Your words about having zero intentions to move until all of a sudden you did perfectly describe our move too.

    I’m excited to see the new houses and watch ABM evolve 🙂

  • Well, I can’t speak for Laura but I am changing things up quite a bit in my new space (it’s from a different era and inspires me in very different ways). I will be blogging about it A LOT. Can’t wait to share more!

    I am very excited to see what Laura does differently and the same in her new space! It’s one of the best parts!

    xx- Elsie

  • Congratulations! It’s going to be a great change, I’m sure 🙂

    That being said, being from good ol’ Springfield myself, I have to admit that I will be sad that I won’t be able to figure out where you guys are taking pictures in town when you post the photos on the blog, and also seeing you guys around town (is that creepy??? I hope not!).

    P.S. I’m VERY excited to hear that Emma and Trey are planning to open a bar! I’m envisioning a Scotch & Soda/Barley Wheat & Rye environment, but either way, I’ll definitely come!

  • Congratulations! I ADORE Nashville. It has changed me so much in my early adulthood, and I wish you all the best in your new adventures!

    That being said… If you plan on hiring an assistant to take care of all that not-fun, non-creative stuff, when can I throw my name in that bucket??

  • Congrats! This is super exciting! I’ve never been to Nashville, but it seems like an amazing city. Best of luck to you all!

  • Congratulations! It’s such a hard thing to do something different, but I think it will be amazing for you creatively. My husband and I (who are also from Missouri! Yay!) just moved to Italy this year for his job. I actually left a rising photojournalism career to follow him here so he could follow his dreams (and so we can be together! He’s in the army) and it was really hard at first. But I’ve actually had so many more opportunities that I would’ve never had – both traveling-wise and creatively-wise, having left a full time job – that it’s been a very enriching experience for me. So, go for it! Worst case scenario, what? You hate it and go back home to your families? But I think it’s so wonderful of you to give your husband this opportunity.

    My best friend and I actually started our blog because of my move to Italy to force us to stay in touch and so we could collaborate more. It’s been amazing and pretty easy (time difference for Skype sessions aside) so far!

    Best of luck to you <3

  • (Little sister pips up from behind something…) Hey, hey, I’m still going to be in Springfield. 🙂

    Also, she might be. Better keep check that zillow this summer. 🙂

  • We’re not planning to keep it because the only people staying in the office are using computers all day. So we are planning to relocate that part of our team to a really cool office in a more convenient location. :)) We’ll be sure to share more when the time comes.
    xx- Elsie

  • Yes! I totally picked up on that too, in the video. I had a feeling they would be moving but not to a different state, and not so soon! I’m so excited to see how they decorate their new homes!


  • That is so super exciting! I cannot wait for all the fun Nashville posts. 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see the projects in the Nashville houses and the updates and projects for Emma’s bar! Hope they are all on the blog. 😉 There’s always a new chapter around the corner in life, isn’t there? I’m looking at grad schools and changing industries and starting a new chapter, too! So encouraging to know I’m not the only one. Knowing others are making big changes makes me feel a lot less like I’m starting over, and more like I’m turning a page. Thanks for sharing!!

  • My husband and I are also hoping to make the move to a new state this year but the process sometimes seems so daunting! Can you share some of the details in terms of timelines for scouting locations, choosing a new home, prepping your current home for sale, etc.? Even just general advice about the out-of-state home buying/selling dance is helpful!
    Congrats! 🙂

  • Congratulations you guys! This is really, really exciting. 🙂

    Elsie & Emma: I can’t imagine you two could ever not be close. You don’t have the kind of bond that would ever get weaker if you were in different cities – just can’t see that happening! 🙂

    Laura & Elsie – I don’t want to sound like I’m prying/rude for asking or anything, but I’m really curious: are you going to sell your houses back in Springfield or hang on to them?

    I’d find it so hard to let go. Especially with all those beautiful custom touches you guys added, and as Laura said, “Not to mention that I just got my house the way I want it after 2 1/2 years of slow renovations” – !! I think I’d be so hard to sell a house I loved that much!! Lol.

  • You are going to love it and change is a great thing for the soul! I lived in Nashville for years and then moved to Los Angeles and now am moving back because I’ve missed all of Nashvilles charm. If you are ever in need of a crafty helper, it would be amazing to meet such an inspiring pair of women! Xoxo

  • Bwahaha! Sorry Emma! I still love seeing everything you do and am soo excited about the bar!

  • Congratulations!! How exciting 🙂 I can’t wait to see how ABM will grow / change. Good luck Elsie and Laura and I’m excited to see the new houses, and I’m looking forward to Emma’s new business!

  • Can I just say I laughed so hard at the subtitle of this post. 😉 Congratulations on the move! Good luck! I hear Nashville is rad. The say the only constant in life is change!

  • huge congratulations on following where your heart is taking you (and emma and lauren) right now! that’s all we can base our actions and thoughts on and that’s the right here and now! excited for your adventure!

  • This is a message for Laura :

    OMG your husbands plays in Mutemath! Haha I’ve followed this blog (not religiously but still) for so long and I just learned this! I’m a fan 🙂

    And to all the ABM family:
    it will be awesome to see you guys explore new things and of course redecorate houses in a new city!! I’m sure you’ll reconnect with your creativity (not that you missed any!). Sometimes that’s what it takes to reconnect with ourselves. Also, I love how Elsie says you want to stay small ! Maybe it’ll create a “back in the days” atmosphere for you.

    Anyways. Congrats everyone for moving on and daring to make bold life moves.
    Gabrielle, a Quebec reader since… At least 2008 (man that’s a long time!)
    Owner of Mamie Urbaine 🙂

  • Well! That is very exciting! I actually think that it’s very brave as well. Moving away from friends and family is very tough but the opportunity sound very exciting for you guys. Can’t wait to hear more about the new place!
    xo Allison

  • Wow, that’s HUGE. Good on you all for following your hearts and living your one and only life the way you want to. I think it’s wonderful that you are moving to further Jeremy’s career too. Huge congratulations. From someone who isn’t from the US, could I ask how far Nashville is from Springfield? Just curious to understand the dynamics involved in coming back to see family/friends. ALl the very best with your move and thanks for taking us on this next chapter with you. xx

  • Congrats!! I’m sure it will be hard to leave but I have no doubt that ABM will be successful no matter where y’all work from. I live states away from my sister, she’s in GA and I’m in TX, and it isn’t easy but we make every effort to stay close. We visit each other as much as possible and Skype. And that definitely helps!

    And can I just say, Elsie, I so admire yours and Jeremy’s relationship! I love that you both support each others dreams and goals. And seems like y’all are truly each other’s biggest supporters and cheerleaders. I really hope to have a marriage like that one day! Best of luck in this new season of life! I’m sure it will be amazing! <3

  • Seriously, soo exciting for you all! Nashville is such a great city! We have a ton of musician friends that have lived their for years and absolutely love it. We also do work from different states and I know the difficulties that arise but working with people you love is totally worth it! Thank you so much for sharing! Also, on a silly note LOVE Mutemath!

    paper hearts + co.

  • OMG that is so exciting!!!!! I met my husband in North East Tennessee where we used to live, and I used to go to Nashville a lot! Love that city!! I’m so jealous it’s my dream to go back around there but the hubby doesn’t really want to… Maybe I’ll find a job there one day and he won’t have any choice, there are more and more PR firms there so I’m sure a great opportunity will come soon! So excited for you guys, you will love it, Tennessee is the best! Great music, great food and awesome people! I miss the Southern hospitality and kindness!

  • This is very exciting news! I’m very happy for Elsie and Jeremy 🙂 New opportunities like this should be cherished and change is a big part of life. I love being a part of this adventure along with the ABM family (as I’m sure all your readers are too)!

  • What an exciting adventure! I’ve been considering that move myself- I’m torn between Nashville, Austin, and Los Angeles. I hope you guys love it!

  • Major congrats are in order! What a great feeling the “unknown” is and it will only mean adventures for you guys. I understand these because almost two years ago my fiancé Mark and I made the decision to move to Nashville. We were met with a mix of both positive and negative reactions from our friends and family. The positive ones came from people who knew we were brave enough to take the risk in coming here to follow a dream. (We also moved for my Mark’s career. He is also a musician.) The negative ones came from people who in the end didn’t understand our path, which is ok because it’s not for them to walk on. Not to mention it was hard for me as a woman and a then “girlfriend” having to explain to people why I was moving mainly for my boyfriend, but kinda for myself too. I have lived in many places, so moving to experience new things and meet new people is the healthiest thing I’ve ever done for myself. This move was now shared with my partner, which made our relationship feel so much stronger. After a long drive to TN feeling 1,000 different emotions–both good and bad–we knew the very first night that we had absolutely 100% made the right choice.

    The first few months were very exciting and challenging. We both quickly realized that visiting Nashville is totally different than living in Nashville. As people here put it: it is the biggest small town, specially if you are involved in the music industry. We soon realized that it was all about who you know, and networking became the 1st priority for my Mark. I am happy to say that in less than a year his career has grown in a way that we couldn’t have predicted, but that didn’t come with a lot of hard work that started long before we came here, of course. It was very difficult moving to a town of musicians not knowing people and setting himself apart from others. There were a lot of moments were doubt would come knock on our door, but as a good partner, I wouldn’t answer.

    The only reason I am telling you all of this is because you will encounter a lot of negativity from people in the form of annoying comments. People will tell you that “everyone is moving to Nashville,” “there’s so many musicians here already,” or our favorite, “well good luck.” That much is true- there are a lot of musicians and everyone is moving here, but never let that get to you guys. I think that we quickly adopted that mentality and put on our invisible “ear muffs” when people tried to discourage us (specially the musician in our house). My advise: ear muffs! I’ve been reading your blog for many years and I think we can all tell that you guys put everything you’ve got into your work, and that is NOT something that everyone else does (specially in this town). That’s what’s gonna set you guys apart from others, whether you are making some music or blogging. I have no doubt this will be a great adventure for you guys. Nashville is growing so much and it’s becoming a very exciting place to be. From dog-friendly movies at the park, to the amazing Nashville Farmers’ Market, to all the free concerts and festivals… get ready for madness! (Did I mention the food?) Oh, and there’s a ton of parks driving distance. Can you say waterfalls? Thanks!

    Enjoy and I can’t wait to keep reading about your new adventure, guys!

    P.S. You don’t have to post this long comment. I just wanted to share some positive vibes from a gal who has been there.

  • Born and raised in Southern California I assumed I would never leave , why would I right ? Every member of Both mine and my husbands families are in California and We moved to Austin 3 years ago …. We adore it here!!! By far the best thing we ever did! Only made our family closer and stronger ! Good luck and may the force be with you !

  • Oh my gosh congratulations! I’m actually so jealous, I want to live in Nashville someday! I love how spontaneous y’all are, can’t wait to see the house!

  • Congratulations! Will the rest of the ABM team stay in Missouri?

  • I have been following you for a long time from France…I have absolutely no idea about the distance between Nashville, Springfield and Pittsburgh (might sound naïve…) but it sounds definetely like a big decision. It’s great you manage to deal with it and still want to be a team even with long distance. For me it is interesting to hear about the influence of growing your team on creativity and management…would love to read an article about that ! But anyway you rock. You showed it was possible to blog as a career and imposed your style. Please keep ABM being the best DIY I kow !

  • I cannot wait to see the before and after pictures of what you do with your new home!! I am sure that in itself will lead to an abundance of inspiration and creativity. Good luck in all of your adventures to come!!

    <3 Haley @

  • How exciting for you guys! 🙂 I’m moving a long distance this May too with my love too, so if you wanna swap tips hit me up 😉

  • Exciting!! Congrats! I feel like life should be an adventure and sometimes you just have to go it! We are actually in escrow right now for a house that will be a complete renovation (not your typical renovation either) and I haven’t shared the news yet bc I know there will be so many Judge-Y Judys 😉 But you’ve reminded me it doesn’t matter what other people think you just have to do what’s right for you! Super excited for you guys xo!

  • Yeah- We’re waiting to list our house till our new house is move in ready. I probably won’t make a big announcement of if, but if you’re shopping locally this summer you might see it pop up!
    xx- Elsie

  • Haha! I want to watch Pitch Perfect. 😀

    We are planning to do Sister Style every time we’re together (which should be about once a month with all the biz trips and family commitments we have!) It probably won’t change too much! Thanks for saying it’s your favorite feature!

    xx- Elsie

  • I’m really happy for you guys!! I know this must be a really exciting time, but also a little scary. 🙂

    My only question is…. can we hang out?? I living in Memphis, just a few hours away, and I’d love to meet you guys! Really, I’d love to have you do a consult walk through on my new house so we can talk through decorating ideas and DIY projects, but I realize that probably isn’t possible. 🙂 I’ll settle for reading the blog for decorating and DIY ideas…. as long as you post every single little thing about how you decorate your new house!

  • Wow and Congratulations. It seems to me you all have such a positive and creative outlook on life that only positive things can come from this. I am sure you will have an amazing journey. Lucky for us we get to watch it all happen . Good luck to the three of you. I am and have been a huge admirer since way back in the day.

  • How exciting for all of you! I think it’s incredibly admirable that you’re doing this for your husband. This will be so healthy for your marriage and for your business! I can’t wait to hear about all of y’all’s adventures:)
    My question is, how long do you think you’ll be in Nashville? Is it a forever thing or do you think you guys will end up back eventually?

  • Aw Congratulations! I went to college in Nashville and LOVED living there. I miss it, actually. I’m excited to see your Nashville outings and your home. 🙂 From one midwestern girl to another, I think you’ll really enjoy living there. Can’t wait to see what’s to come for you and A Beautiful Mess. 🙂

  • Oh MAN, I am so excited for all of you! And I think it is really brave of you Elsie, to admit that you might not want the big, Martha-esque business you once thought you wanted. Super cool and inspiring for me, as a young entrepreneur still figuring out my vision.

    Also Emma, I AM SO EXCITED that you will be opening a bar later this year, that is SO big and so exciting. I remember reading about that in an earlier post, and I can’t wait to hear more about that, (if you care to share :)) I am so into the local foodie scene in my own city, (Hamilton, Ontario) and love hearing/reading about other restaurateurs, because I truly feel they make a HUGE impact on the local community and vibrancy of a city. You are such a talented cook, with a fantastic sense of style Emma, I know it will be a huge success.

    I know I don’t know you, but I truly view you both as a huge source of inspiration in my own journey. I love you guys and your fantastic work in the world.

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on these exciting changes!



  • And Laura, I think your totally awesome and love what you bring to ABM. I am SO happy you’ll still be around and working on awesome content :).

  • My Husband and our two children moved from Perth Western Australia to Melbourne Victoria 8 years ago.
    We knew not a single soul here but it was wonderful!!
    When you make your own family you become in charge of your own destiny. Your family will always be your family. Plus you move from quantity to quality with visits. Time is spent wiser when loved ones visit your home and you visit theirs. Well done! Have a wonderful time!

  • Oh awesome! You definitely should! It’s a lot nicer, cleaner and full of more things to do now. It keeps growing and getting better and better! 🙂

    AND one of our restaurants, food works, just got voted one of the top 100 places for brunch in the country, so that is something?! Haha.

  • Ah, N’ville! I moved here fresh outta college without knowing a soul, met my hubs, fell in love with him and the city and never looked back. Sometimes you just have to dive into the deep end without looking back. I now live and teach art in Franklin which is a super sweet Mayberry-esque town just south of N’ville. If you’ve never been, you’ve gotta pay it a visit. Congrats!

  • Congrats on such exciting news! This will be awesome for you guys! My husband and I have been thinking about a similar move, I’d love to know if you guys have any suggestions for planning a major move? Any chance of a future post?

  • Is it selfish to ask what is going to happen to Happy Mail?!? It’s literally the best stationary/card package ever…!! I live close to Nashville and can see why you all love it and could thrive there!

  • Congrats you guys!! Sendings hugs xo

    Elsie, sometimes you write posts and I get GOOSEBUMPS. This was one of them. I am so happy for you, Jeremy, Laura & Todd. I feel like you and Emma were home in the same city for SO many important things for each other – like BOTH of your beautiful weddings. But I was sad to read that you and Emma felt challenged creatively this past year. I hope this move will help you both feel super refreshed! You two are forever my biggest creative inspirations. 🙂

    So excited to see your new (different!) space, even though I’m still obsessed with your current one. Promise it will still be colourful? 😉


  • This is so great! I have lived in Nashville my whole life and it’s definitely a great, fun place to live! I never want to be anywhere else! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!
    By the way…Exit In has some pretty cool bands that come and play, so you’ll definitely have to check that out!:)

  • Ahhh!! YES YES YES So exciting! My husband and I moved from Knoxville to Nashville back in December so he could finish film school and pursue a career in a larger city. Unlike him, I had never moved away from family and best friends so this was a HUGE step for me but our decision to move was very similar to how you explained it. One day it just felt right and I didn’t say no! It has been awesome exploring a new city with so many fun places to eat and drink. I still miss my friends and family but we visit often so it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. We live in east Nash and love it. I hope I see you around!

  • Wow, that’s very exciting for you! All the best for this next phase of your life.

    Oh, I had a chuckle at the “nobody’s pregnant” part of your post title – I’m a similar age to you lovely ladies and I TOTALLY get why you wrote that!!!

  • This is exciting, y’all! Can’t wait to see how Nashville inspires your social and culinary endeavors. And I think it’s really cool how your homecoming to Springfield has become a springboard to the next Tennessee adventure! Eat. Drink. And please, please share your new experiences. Love this blog!!

  • So sorry to see you guys leave Missouri! But let all the Springfieldians know if your beautiful house goes up for sale!!

  • How exciting for all of you! A year ago, I moved with my boyfriend from Hawaii (my home) to Washington for his career. It was scary and the hardest decision I’ve ever made – probably because I saw my sister every day and we’re best friends – but seriously the most rewarding! I’m so much more confident, I’ve grown so much as a person and as a couple! And I absolutely love it here. Can’t wait to see some of Nashville through the blog!! 🙂

  • Oh yeah….I see what’s happened here! All the house redecorating is finished so now you’ve got to move!! ? ha. It’s gonna be so exhausting moving every 2 years……! Just kidding. Exciting news, I’m expecting you to depict a life in Nashville exactly like that of the TV show – so awesome.

  • Amazing news and so exciting 🙂 I’m sure ABM will only get more interesting and be bursting with even more creative ideas!
    Hope the move goes smoothly and can’t wait to see where the blog goes and your new place of course.

  • Woow, exciting news! I`m so happy for you Elsie and Laura! 🙂 It`s so nice of you to be supportive of your husbands. And I`m a little sad for Emma and Rachel… But hey, I can`t wait to see your new houses!

  • What an exciting opportunity! Congratulations, I wish you all the very best. You are such an inspiring woman and have an infectious zest for life (and colour, which I LOVE!) and I expect you will brighten up any street you guys choose to settle in. ABM will still be loved and followed by all, all over the big wide world 🙂

  • Oh, how exciting! Every time I’ve moved it’s been revitalizing and a breath of fresh air. I know this will do amazing things for you, your family, and ABM! I can’t wait to see all the new projects you think up.

  • Best of luck to all on your new adventures! The way you girls keep challenging yourselves with new things (big or small) is the most inspirational part of ABM. Can’t wait to here about everything as it unfolds!

  • Amazing news! I adore Nashville. I have lived here for the better part of the last 18 years and it has changed and evolved into one of the best cities I’ve ever visited. I can’t wait to see you and Jeremy put your stamp on this beloved and revered city. If needed, I would offer my assistance in any way!

  • Yay for exciting new adventures! We are relocating our family to Nashville at the end of this year (husband’s job, in-laws are there, I’m going back to school), so I’m so glad you’re sharing this journey!

  • I’m a Missouri girl living in a Tennessee world for 30 years. Nashville has been the BEST place to raise a family while only being 5 hours from “home—St. Louis.” And, you’ll love it here. If I were to guess, you’re going to be in East Nashville—where all the young people are going! Such a great place to live and work! As we say down here—“welcome y’all!” Or, to include you all—“welcome all y’all!”

  • There is SO much opportunity for both of you…think of all the new blog posts, too! How fun! I had to comment b/c this post really makes me wish I was moving to Nashville! I’ve only been there a handful of times, but have found gems every single time! (they also have a fashion truck!) Best of luck to you both!

  • Oh, I am SO excited for you!! I lived in Nashville for 3 years (2007-2010) and loved every freakin’ minute of it! We owned a home north of the city in Hendersonville, and I worked at the capitol building downtown. I moved home to Pennsylvania to be back with my family, which I don’t regret, but if I ever move again it will be right BACK to Nashville. The people in that city have SO MUCH heart. Southern hospitality is alive and well there. I am a shy person, yet I made SO many friends and I really felt like the city welcomes you with open arms. I know you all with ROCK that town … very excited to see your adventures there unfold!!

  • I think it’s awesome and now it makes even more sense why Stacy King is also moving to Nashville. Good luck to you all!

  • Um, can we get drinks once you’re here and settled? 😉 I just moved here too and would love to welcome you to my new hometown. (We met in NYC once a few years ago at a Sucre show when I still lived there.)

  • There’s dignity in risk! I’m so proud of you for not allowing fear to dictate your journey! Wishing you all the very best as you write the next few chapter’s in your life story. Much love from Canada! Lisa xo

  • Hi Tori!
    Yes- Laura and I are planning to do some group hang outs once we have moved! We’d love to meet you (again)! 😀
    xx- Elsie

  • We love Franklin too. I came pretty recently to stay with a friend! We’ll definitely come to Franklin sometimes because it is SO cute!
    xx- Elsie

  • Congrats on the move!
    You should definitely stop by Chattanooga some time – I moved south 5 years ago from NY/CT and can’t believe how cool the creative community is. My husband is a drummer who tours out of Nashville… I’m sure Jeremy is going to love it 🙂

  • This is wonderful for you guys. Yes, it will be difficult, but I feel confident you will love it!
    My hubby and I are moving in August. This will be our first move together. We are nervous and there is a lot to do, but we are so excited!

    Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

  • I am totally intrigued! Can’t wait to read about it (and that was a great question) ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛

  • Okay awesome! Ever since your house tour I’ve been looking in that area as well as Galloway. I’ll keep an eye out! Looking for something that doesn’t need a lot of work but has loads of charm!

  • Elsie, while I was reading your post, the thing that kept on popping up in my mind was “Wow, she’s so brave! I’ll never find the courage to do what she does.” I’m so happy for you and your husband, Jeremy. My husband and I also plan on living in a different country (maybe in Asia?) just to experience life in a different culture and environment. However, deep down we’ve never found the courage to do so, for many reasons: our families and really good friends are living in the same city as us, we have a wonderful church community that we love, we both like our job (although my dream is to own a creative studio one day just like you an Emma), and we just bought a condo that we love (just like how Laura is feeling). It just doesn’t make sense for us to move. Your post has truly inspired me. It reminds me that life is meant to be experienced in different ways. Fear should never stop us from doing want we want to do or dream of doing. Thank you for sharing, Elsie! I wish you, Jeremy, Laura and her husband, the best in this new adventure!

  • Best of luck and enjoy this new adventure. I first moved away from home, five states away, when I was 20. It was hard but the best thing I ever did. Enjoy it!

    My question is – is there a painting studio in your new home, Elsie? I have bought your prints in the past and I love them so much. I have missed them since you stopped selling. I hope you haven’t stopped painting!

  • I’m a transplant to Nashville and have to say its a neat city. Where abouts are you moving? It sounds like a great adventure!

  • Wow, adventures all around! That’s how life should be lived! I love all you guys and wish you the best! Just keep doing what makes you happy (and keeps those creative juices flowin’) and you can’t go wrong 😉

  • Hi girls!!! Oh I can’t believe it…good for you! I’m from Mexico and the last two years I was moving to different cities in my country (just married), so I know this is really crazy but also fun! I have been reading the blog for around 3 1/2 years and never write you before just giving likes trough instagram and using the apps (love party party)…but this time was a MUST because OMG your lives as well as the all ABM is going to turn 360o which I think…its AMAZING. This gonna sound you like crazy but the last couple of weeks I begin to read the blog from the very first post, and I have the opportunitty to notice how you have been evolve during all of this years, how your style and you as persons have been changing and I think is really cool that you have all this documented through lots of journals, photos, posts…I was like OMG I need a journal, print photos, make albums…I have like a creative explosion in my head!!! hehehe…Anyway I’m in the Elsie’s wedding seasons, so sweet…you should write a post or an E-course for wedding planning steps, I mean after Laura’s, Elsie’s and Emma’s weddings you should have a lot of tips about wedding organization! Any way CONGRATULATIONS again and GREETINGS from the beautiful Mexico!

  • I wish you all the good luck! I´m kind of sad that Elsie and Emma will be apart, but love resists!

  • I have to admit, when I first started reading this blog post, all I could think was – “why??? no, no, noooo!” Obviously I’m just a superfan of ABM and wasn’t keeping an open mind to how it would work between you and Emma. But the more I read, the more I realized that this could bring so much more dimension to ABM. You and Laura in Nashville. Emma and the rest of the team in Springfield. I’m seeing a bright future with many more projects AND posts on your new adventures. I am SO excited for you and maybe even a little jealous – I also love Nashville! Look forward to all the new home posts! xo

  • I made the big decision to move away from home (from Indiana to Portland, Oregon!) this last September and I couldn’t be happier! It was very difficult to tell my family and friends and even more so leaving them, but it was the best decision for myself and my husband. We are so happy here and my family has already been out to visit and love it. Also, I loved your added (And nobody’s pregnant!) on the title….I can’t remember how many people thought that’s what I was going to announce when I said I had big news! 🙂 Good luck and try to enjoy the stressful process! Nashville is an amazing city and you will fit right in!

  • Oh gosh how exciting. I can totally relate b/c my husband Reid and I just decided to take the plunge, leave all our friends and family, and move from FL to Atlanta. We are also creative professionals, and although this is our home, it is severely lacking in the arts & creativity. Atlanta is thriving with that stuff and we are stoked. We’re also excited to be close to places like Nashville as my husband also plays here and there and loves to photograph music artists. We now have to tell our parents which will be so hard. Ugh, tear. I also believe though that this is for the best, and that our creative selves and careers are going to get a huge boost from this. Yay! Congrats again and maybe we’ll see ya around Nashville sometime 🙂

  • Sounds like a great adventure! We moved from Australia to Germany last year, there’s nothing like a move to change your life 🙂

  • Wow, you ladies are shaking things up, I’m looking forward to seeing your new homes! Laura, I didn’t know you hail from the burgh! I’m originally from MI but I’ve called Pittsburgh home for the last sixteen years. Wishing you girls the best on your new adventure. 🙂

  • HOLY SMOKES! Laura’s husband is in MUTEMATH?? They are amazing…one of the best bands I’ve seen live EVER. Saw them twice, they rocked out both times. Geez, now I really want to go to a Mutemath concert again soon! 😉

    Congrats on NASHVILLE and here’s to new adventures!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I totally admire your ability to make super scary decisions, with seemingly a ton of confidence. I have a really difficult time making big decisions, especially when it comes to work and moving! How DO you make these decisions (like closing down your brick & mortar store, and moving away from your hometown) without stalling for years or going back and forth? Congrats and good luck with the move! 🙂

  • So exciting! It can be a long and lonely road, even with spouses/friends, but doing something you know you need to do makes every moment worth it! And as a Nashvillian, welcome! Wonderful coffeeshops await! 🙂

  • I’m super excited for you Elsie and the Beautiful Mess crew! I think the change will be good and I am interested in seeing maybe a new style of projects from you guys.

    P.S. I don’t live in Missouri but can I totally buy your house when you leave Laura! Ahh <3

  • YAY!
    I actually just started following this blog & love everything about it.
    Y’all make me want to just sit down & create create create!

    I’ve been here in Nash for a little over 3 years & LOVE soaking up the creativity around me. Its always so inspiring.

    Can’t wait to follow along 🙂

  • Very exciting news! And coolest news? Laura’s husband is from mutemath!?!? They have been my favourite (not a term I throw around!) band since 2006, when I saw them open at a youth conference in small town Saskatchewan, Canada. They blew my socks off. A Beautiful Mess is 1000x cooler just by association, as if it needed it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the business with this upcoming change!

  • I agree Kate, it is always fun to play “where are they now?” when seeing photos on the blog. And the random spotting at the farmer’s market or wherever, but at least there is still one sister hanging around. 🙂 Any thought to a “Farewell Springfield” meet and greet or get-together? Might be kind of fun to see how many of us locals would come out to say goodbye (for now!).

  • Any time Elsie 🙂 I know you’re just going to love Nashville!

  • I always get super excited about people moving, I think because I love it and the chances it represents. Nashville has always sounded like a great place (a place I hope I can visit some day if I manage to set foot in the States), so I’m sure you’re going to love living there. I’m dying to see your new place 🙂 Good luck with everything btw!

  • I’m curious if A Beautiful Mess will have any employment opportunities? I know you both will do fabulously here.

  • This is huge news but I am sure that if anyone can do it you can. I moved to Paris 3 years ago for my husbands work and had my baby without friends close by. If anything the move brought Joe and I closer together and I am a writer so can work anywhere. It was such an adventure discovering a new city, you will have so much fun exploring yours.

    I cannot wait to hear about your bar Emma & Trey.

    Will ABM always have a base in Springfield now that the team is large?

    Take Care xo

  • Congratulations, Elsie! Your post hit very close to home as my boyfriend and I are also relocating soon. We’re from Buenos Aires (I’ve lived here my entire life, and he has lived in the States and Spain during his twenties) and are now moving to Santiago, Chile… New city and new country! Although we’ll miss our friends terribly, we felt like it was a great opportunity to embark on an adventure! And since we both work from home (I’m a translator and he’s a video game designer) we can pretty much work from anywhere in the world! Hope your move brings about new opportunities and experiences. Love, Charo

  • WOW! You won’t be too far from me… Knoxville. Tennessee is a great place to live!! You will get more snow in middle TN than we do, but it is usually only Jan & Feb that are bad weather months. The mountains aren’t too far away either! Good luck!

  • Elsie, I can’t believe you are all moving! So exciting! I aspire to be like ABM, so I wish you the absolute best!!

  • Welcome to Nashville! I’m so excited that y’all are moving here!

    There are some active bloggers groups, like Nashville Women Who Blog (Facebook group), and we’d love to have a chance to meet you IRL and welcome you to the neighborhood.

    Best of luck with all the moving and let me know if you have any questions about living in Nashville.

  • Congratulations!! Very happy for you both. I’ve been itching to move to Seattle for quite some time but over the past three years in my current home, I’ve spent TONS on renovations and fixing it up. I feel like I’d be taking a huge hit financially to start over in a new house. Any advice for this situation?

  • Hi Elsie,
    You guys are brave! I moved to Nashville about… 24 hours ago! I’m already having a hard time adjusting and have major homesickness. I hope your family is doing well! I’m looking forward to your future blog posts about your move. I’m going to try and explore some of the recommendations from the ABM in Nashville post. Love your blog and read it every day! Props to the team xo, Asri

  • Wow! I wish you guys all the luck in the world! Elsie I remember you in 2007 when you were all over flickr with scrapbooking and self portraits and I contacted you for a webzine I was starting with my now ex husband. I can totally relate to all your phases in life and think your driven personality is amazing. I was married at 20 in Dayton ohio, divorced at 24 and moved to columbus ohio completely alone to start over. I spent 7 years there and then met my fiancé. I’d lived in ohio for 30 years and one day I told him I needed a change. When we told our families who are normally critical everyone was so supportive. We knew it was the right thing! We moved to st Pete Florida about 3 months ago away from everyone we knew. NO REGRETS!! It’s been an amazing journey and my creative side has blossomed again after many years of for lack of a better word “blah”.

  • I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to watch your journey on IG. Find me and see my new life too! Such joy can come from change!
    Ig: fromohiotoflorida

  • Congrats! It sounds like there are some exciting days ahead. I’ve always wanted to up and move, but my partner not so much, and now it seems that things are teetering the other way. Gotta go with your gut, right?

  • WOW Congratulation on that “bold” move!!! I love it. And this comes from a girl who lives some 11 000 miles ish away from home…but home is truly where your heart belongs and I promise your heart has enough room for several homes. It’s really exciting. I am catching up with your blog, I am a long time follower but have been so so so busy lately finally starting my blog a few months ago (THANKs TO YOU AND YOUR blog design class for the inspiration!!), about to launch my own little business (yay to that!) and busy being a mom to a 21 month wild little boy. Anyway, so happy to be catching up with you, I had to scroll down & down to find out more about the move, I’m sorry but you got me too curious! Surprising your readers is a great thing too, getting out of your comfort zone only makes you stronger and more creative (oh believe me on this, we did one crazy move right when our baby was born and that move meant going from the North hemisphere to the South and back to the North…within a year. oopsy). You are going to inspire more and more people, this is a w e s o m e. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! I have always wanted to go to Nashville but now I REALLY want to go. smiley! GO GIRLS (and boys)!

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