black & white day.

but i wanted to say hi! & here’s a video of darren… it’s pretty rad.


trying to think of something new to do with my hair… this photo is from last year when i cut my own bangs. haha!


& something cute by Jim Houser…

and it’s not very often that i get this excited about a cartoon…

happy Wednesdayyyyy.

  • I am very excited to see UP! They already have the characters out in the Disney parks here in Orlando – very exciting!

  • why mess with perfection…

    i would LOVE to have your hair

    but i totally know what you mean,

    i get bored of my hair about once a week



  • I have seen Mutemath live and the are soo great and entertaining!! Love that he has to duct tape headphones to his head!

  • ELSIE! at a disney meeting i saw part of UP animated as sketches like 2 years ago!!! it is going to be AMAZING! i’m so excited you’re excited for it!!!

  • I am so excited for UP as well! It looks so cute!

    I cannot wait to see what you do next with your hair!!!

    <3 Bekah

  • Yay Darren! my favorite drum machine.:) so excited for UP too! and 3D! even better!

  • I’m alwayysss trying to figure out new things to do with my hair.

    I dyed a chunk of it to look like a feather today. 🙂

  • And that is why all drummers are skinny! That is some great energy. I think that I was a drummer in another life…..or I should have been.

  • That pic make your neck look amazing. Difficult to achieve I find!

  • my son Connor gets so excited every time he sees a preview for UP. It’s going to be his first “theatre” experience!

  • I’ve just discover your blog and i love it !!!
    Lot of love, beauty, laught and hope !
    Thanks !!!

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