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We are SO excited to introduce you all to our latest e-course, Blog Life Pro. Nearly four years ago, we launched our first big course about blogging, called Blog Life. We’ve seen so many students take that course and use it to launch their blog and grow their following—it’s been so incredible to see! Since the launch, we have updated that course multiple times, adding new lessons and updating the content to keep things relevant with this fast-paced and quickly changing industry. But over the last year we’ve felt there was a need to dive a little deeper into some of the aspects of blogging that can help others turn their site into more. And that was a big inspiration behind creating Blog Life Pro.

While Blog Life focuses more on launching, writing great content, and growing your following, Blog Life Pro is all about taking your blog to the next level and treating it more like a small business. We have learned a LOT about running a blog like a business and turning our site into a full-time career, and we’re excited to pull back the curtain and share what we’ve learned with you!

This course is mostly text based with photos and charts as well. It’s taught mostly by me (Emma!) with contributions from our current business development manager, Claire Shaffer. You’re going to love learning from her in the sponsorships lesson. Here’s what you can expect to learn from this course:

1. C.E.A.D.R. – Consistency, Experimentation, Authenticity, Data-Driven, Reader-Focused
2. Optimize Your Blog – Usability & Experience
3. Optimize Your Blog – Traffic & SEO
4. Optimize Your Blog – Mindset Change & Expanding
5. More Than a Blog – Newsletters
6. More Than a Blog – Social Media
7. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams – Why + Options
8. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams – Sponsorships
9. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams – Digital Products
10. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams – Physical Products
11. Developing Multiple Revenue Streams – Affiliates, Collaborations, and Books
12. Growing – Business Basics
13. Growing – Your Team

Our goal with this course is to help you shift your mindset from blogging just for fun to blogging like a pro. Of course we don’t want you to lose the authentic and fun parts! But we do want to share our big picture strategies for growing your page views, revenue, and team over time.

If I didn’t take Blog Life, will I still benefit from this course?

Maybe. It depends where you are at on your blogging journey. This course would be most helpful to bloggers who have already been writing for a while and feel they have a good grasp on the basics, like creating content and interacting with their audience. This course could also help those bloggers who have been at it for a while, but are having a hard time turning their blog into more of a full- or part-time job as we are going to talk through a lot of different ways to grow your blog’s revenue. This course would probably not be very beneficial to those who are just starting or have yet to launch a blog. For those folks, I would recommend our first course, Blog Life.

Are your courses available worldwide? Will being in a different time zone affect my experience?

Our courses are all taught in English, but other than that they are available to anyone and are go at your own pace—meaning you won’t be affected by time zones in the least. 🙂

What do I get with my purchase?

-Access to the entire course, immediately. Our courses are available ongoing, so you won’t lose access after a week or anything like that.
-We also offer a PDF version of the course so you can save or print.
-This course comes with a year-long big picture planning sheet for you to download and print as well.
-Plus, as with all our courses, you’ll have access to the private Q&A board where you can ask the instructors questions and also see other students questions and the answers as well.

How long is the course? 

This course is mostly text based with photos and charts to supplement the lesson material. There are over 30,000 words throughout the 13 lessons.

Blog Life Pro is $65 USD, and to get started or learn more, just click here.

Please let us know what other questions you may have about our new course! We can’t wait to get started with you and watch you grow your blog this year! xo. Emma + Claire

P.S. You can see all our e-courses here and did you know we now have an affiliate program??? It’s true! Check here for more details.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Elise Abigail. Photos edited with ACS for Desktop actions.

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