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Blog loveAs some of you know, I wrote an e-course last year on the subject of blogging! It's called Blog Love. I have loved sharing personal advice based on my experiences through that course. We get e-mails from students on a regular basis and a common subject that comes up is advertising/sponsorship. This past week Emma wrote a new session called "All About Advertising" and added it to the course. It covers common questions about starting and managing an advertising program on a blog. Emma has been managing the advertising here on A Beautiful Mess for a year and a half and so she had tons of great tips to share! Of course, there are tons of other subjects covered in the course (full list here) but I throught I'd mention the brand new bonus section. 🙂Public bikesIf you have already taken the course you can simply log in and see the new bonus section! If you're interested in taking the course you can purchase it here. xoxo, elsie PS. you can read some reviews here too! 

  • I highly recommend this course. It’s really, really helped me with me with creating my new blog. Elsie, thank you for your complete honesty in this course as well, it’s refreshing to hear tips on starting a blog from a creative point of view!

  • I will be taking this course in the near future. I think it’s wonderful that you and Emma share your expertise on blogging. All of us “little” bloggers out there really appreciate it!

  • This is so helpful and definitely something I’m interested in participating in, I’m aiming for the summer. Thanks so much for putting all these great tips together!

  • This has been such a wonderful resource to have. Thank you so much for keeping up with it and updating along the way! It’s hard to imagine a day my blog would get 4000 or more hits… Ah, I’ll keep working up to it! I broke my wrist right as I was starting things up, which put a delay on a lot of my plans. My cast comes off tomorrow and I can’t wait to start sharing some DIY tutorials and posts.

    Thanks again,

  • i can’t wait to see the bonus material. this course has changed my life, elsie! in addition to really helping my blog reach a larger audience, I’ve gotten a book deal based on the content! I can’t thank you enough! the best $40 i’ve ever spent!

  • I took your course last year and still refer to it every now and then when I need some inspiration! In fact I just logged in a read it again yesterday! It’s wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to better their blog!

  • I’ll be buying your course this week as a reward for getting through the SATs! I’m so excited to expand my blog – especially with advice from my very favorite bloggers! 🙂

  • WOOHOO! I bought the course and I seriously love it. I refer back to it quite often! I’m excited to read the update!!


  • Thank you both for updating when you saw the need for it and for notifying publicly so people who have already bought the course can know too.

  • Its also a good time to start tossing out and decluttering all the stuff that tends to build up in the house during the winter. Ive really been itching to get into the grandkids playroom and organize all of the toys and what-nots that have been collect…

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  • I’ve been meaning to but this course since the beginning of the year and need to do it NOW. Thanks for adding the new info!
    Question though- Is there any way I can buy it for a friend?

  • I love that once you buy the e-course, I can go back to the website all the time & see additional material on it! Thank you for sharing your ideas and success in blogging!

  • The Dahlia Magenta (A large messenger bag)is my absolute favourite!!!!Its so beautiful ansd vibrant!!!wish i could get one! 🙂

  • Going to go read it now! Thank you! The course really helped me find my focus when it premiered.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Yay, thanks for letting us know! I bought your course over a year ago and zipped right through it and then spent months just thinking and brainstorming. And then a couple months ago, when I thought I might have time to start the blog I had been thinking about, I went back to the course. Thank you SO much for offering something that can be accessed whenever we wish and even gets updates–wow!

    For anyone not sure about the price, I would say it’s a very fair price for the inspiration. Maybe ask for it for your birthday or something. 🙂 It has really shaped how I view blogging and the kind of blogger I want to be. I am just starting out, but I feel like I am doing what I am doing for the right reasons and I owe a lot of my focus to this course! Thanks, Elsie and Emma!

  • Really glad I came across this post in my reader, I’ve been looking for something like this! I’m still pretty new to blogging and am so interested in any type of educational reading material I can get my hands on!

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