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Abeautifulmess planning boardEarlier this week we wrote about our process for planning the blog posts you see here on A Beautiful Mess. We talked about our marker board calendar and thought it would be fun to show you a few peeks from our office.Diy marker boardMarker boardOur planning board was created from two large marker board panels we purchased at our local home improvement store. We screwed them right into one of the walls in our office. The top board we divided into fourteen slots with black electrical tape, and we marked the days of the week with black vinyl letters. We use the top board as our working calendar of blog post plans, while the bottom board is what we use during meetings to brainstorm and draw sketches of ideas. 

Having one area to keep all our ideas at least sort of organized is a great resource to keep ourselves on track. Thanks for letting us share and happy Saturday! xo. Emma and Elsie

  • I was searching for acolorstory app and was redirected to your blog. I love this certain blog pos! I am a new blogger and I’ve been planning for 2 weeks already for my editorial calendar. I will apply this on my editorial planning. I’m sure it will be final. – Sheena

  • I need to get as organized as you gals! I think making it visual like this will help a ton, thanks for sharing! -jb.

  • What a great way to plan and organize the front! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great layout and planning trick for upcoming blog post might have to try that one for myself!

  • Even though my blog is very (VERY!) small, this would be so helpful in planning!

  • Love this! Love organization!

    Much love,

  • At a recent blogging conference, we were directed to try blogging three times a week. This is the perfect kickstart for my new goals. I’ve also shared it with my readers. Thanks, lovely ladies!

  • So organised! I love how your board looks. I was fortunate enough to salvage a good-sized whiteboard recently. I use it to make notes to myself of ideas I have for a variety of things. I love how you’ve made yours so vibrant! Pinning these tips – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Oh I love it! So handy! I think I want to make a chalk board and hang it over my desk!

  • Thanks for these posts.. they are really helpful!! I’ve started blogging six months ago, so i find them really helpful. Even more, when I have to organize my time between a full time job and the blog!!!

  • Great idea! I’ve always maintained a digital editorial schedule, but it isn’t always easy to adjust. A dry erase board that you can touch and feel and see seems like a great alternative. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • thanks for all the blog tips you’ve been posting recently! were here really for the vintage, decor, craft, etc etc stuff that you do– but for those of us who are just starting blogs it is also really fascinating to see how you do what you do!

  • Adore this! It’s great to see the inside of what makes your blog so great (beside your spunky personalities, style and heart!) and helps fellow bloggers (like me) think of a PLAN> normally I just write whenever, but then it stresses me out to get behind. Hopefully a Craboda Calendar will be in the works;)!

  • that is such an awesome idea!
    thanks for giving us this little peek into your work lives (:
    xo, cheyenne

  • Even your planning is done on a DIY project – I love you gals, you always stay true to yourselves!

  • I love your handwriting<3 It’s really pretty, wish I had that handwriting! This post planning marker board is so nice, when I blog I usually write about what I am thinking on a specific topic, although it would ne nice planning every post, just no time around here …

    Great post!
    Samantha x

  • This is so helpful! I really need to get some structure. <3

  • Hi girls, I wonder where is your office right now? Have you left the one you rented (so magical!)? Are you in Elsie’s place already? And some more question: when working from home can you really separate private life from “official one”? Thank you very much, you’re very inspired to me!

  • Thanks so much for sharing how you structure your blog, very inspiring and helpful!

  • So love your blog, you guys give my blogging inspiration! Love this post. Teaches us bloggers how to organize. Thanks so much!

  • Wow I love it <3
    I love organizing and this is perfect. 🙂
    I might do something like it for my self too :p


  • I need to buy myself one marker board just like yours. It will make my “blogging” life so much easier!

  • Such a simple idea! Now I need to find me a white board…


  • So clever and neat! Wish I coud plan so far ahead!

  • I love that you use lists and calendars to stay organized! I am the same way, I like to see it in “hard copy” in front of me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • This is marvelous. RIght now I’m still wondering whether to get a marker/chalk board to reorganize the study. Can’t decide!

  • I’ve been wondering how you pull together all of the posts. This is a fantastic idea! I’ve been crossing off lists on my bulletin board, which I want to keep doing since I can lay in bed and make out my lists. I have a question: How far in advance do you plan? I want to get a general idea of a more effective way to keep my network organized. Thanks girls:)

  • Love to see how you’re so well organized. Thanks for sharing this, considering buying a marker board as well or maybe just a little notebook.

  • Wow!!!
    A great idea!!

  • You make planning look fun. I’m almost convinced. 🙂

  • Great Idea!! I should make a planning like this!!

    <3 Val

  • Oh this is awesome, just wat I needed. Think I’m going to get a marker board – but a small one, for myself! Thanks!

  • What a creative idea! I have a blackboard in my dorm room, and I may start using that for brainstorming instead of letting it collect dust.

  • Visual cues are such a great way to keep track and inspire. Thanks for your sharing spirits girls, I really appreciate it.

    The sun is shining where I am and we are about to take our son to the park. Small joys.



  • Lovely! Love the use of different color markers. I need tdo use something like this!

  • Great organisation! But I’m more interested in what is on the board. HALLOWEEN MILKSHAKE?! 😀
    (I don’t know if it’s been posted or is yet to be… but that sounds amazing)

    The Lovelorn

  • Love the system! I’m still using a moleskine notebook but I love how colorful and inspiring the board is!

  • Nice! 🙂
    Mmmmm… nothing tomorrow? 😛 mistery!
    Xo, Pili.

  • Love this post! Such a helpful tool and I bet it keeps thing super organized!

  • The simplest things always seem to be the best ways to get things done.


  • Such wonderfully helpful posts! Thanks so much guys! They’re super valuable!

  • Geez! Until you see it all planned out you don’t realize how many posts you actually do in a week! Crazy Inspired right now!

  • PERFECT! Thanks for sharing – just looking at it gets me all inspired!

    Maria xx

  • It’s amazing having an insight into how you plan and organise! I absolutely love your blog and it has inspired me so much, so thank you!

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