Blog Post Planning Marker Board

Abeautifulmess planning boardEarlier this week we wrote about our process for planning the blog posts you see here on A Beautiful Mess. We talked about our marker board calendar and thought it would be fun to show you a few peeks from our office.Diy marker boardMarker boardOur planning board was created from two large marker board panels we purchased at our local home improvement store. We screwed them right into one of the walls in our office. The top board we divided into fourteen slots with black electrical tape, and we marked the days of the week with black vinyl letters. We use the top board as our working calendar of blog post plans, while the bottom board is what we use during meetings to brainstorm and draw sketches of ideas. 

Having one area to keep all our ideas at least sort of organized is a great resource to keep ourselves on track. Thanks for letting us share and happy Saturday! xo. Emma and Elsie

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