Blood Orange Bloody Mary

Blood Orange Bloody Mary Recipe!My husband is a HUGE Bloody Mary fan. He made me a convert too. Last year when we were traveling we tried as many Bloody Marys as we could fit in. It was so fun, and I was pretty impressed with the variation that exists from one restaurant or bar to the next. Lately, I've been experimenting with unique twists on classic cocktails. With that said, I present to you… the Blood Orange Bloody Mary!Blood Oranges- so delicious!Blood oranges are beautifulBlood oranges are one of the most beautiful fruits! They are in season in the winter, and I look forward to them every year. Now, I know what you're thinking… fruity flavor + bloody mary = kinda weird. I was thinking the same thing… until I tried it. The citrus in this drink is subtle. It enhances but does not overpower the classic flavors. Blood Orange Bloody Mary Supplies NeededSupplies Needed: Tomato Juice, Vodka, 1 Blood Orange, 1/2 a Lime, Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, Sea Salt, Ice Cubes and Celery.Juicing blood orangesDirections: Use lime juice to add sea salt to the rim of your glass. In each glass, combine four parts tomato juice, juice of one blood orange (save one slice for the garnish), one shot vodka (make it a double if you dare….), juice of 1/2 lime, 1 teaspoon tabasco, 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Stir with a long spoon. Add a blood orange slice and a piece of celery for garnish. Enjoy! 

*Adapted from Martha Stewart's recipe.Mixing a blood orange bloody maryBlood Orange Bloody Mary RecipeLet me know if you try the recipe! Are you a blood orange fan? xoxo. elsie

  • Seriously, you need to try a Caesar! And don’t forget to use salt, pepper and celery salt -they are essential. Garnish with a cocktial shrimp! mmmmmmmmmm

  • This looks absolutely amazing! I’m normally not that big of bloody marys but this sounds delicious, a bit of a healthier option than my go to mimosa!

  • It looks very delicious! I just bloody Mary on New Year’s day! Yummm

  • I’ve never had a Bloody Mary, but a friend recently told me that I should try it.
    Seeing this post, I think I may do this recipe when I next make some cocktails. It looks delicious!

  • I just tried blood orange vodka in a martini for the first time this holiday. i love it! now this is something i’m going to try because i know i love the flavor!

  • This looks absolutely amazing! I’m normally not that big of bloody marys but this sounds delicious, a bit of a healthier option than my go to mimosa!

  • yum! i love bloody mary’s- with lots of flavor and blood orange is a great idea for a citrus kick! Pinning NOW.

  • This looks absolutely delicious, I may have to go find me some blood oranges. x

  • Looks great! You should try a Bloody Caesar (although in Canada, we just call them Caesars). I like them soooo much better than Bloody Marys. They have a bit of zing and taste lighter.

  • What a great idea. I will definitely be giving this a try. The best bloody mary I’ve had was made with in-house cardamom bitters. It was AMAZING.

  • Yay! I am on the biggest Blood Orange kick at the moment (after trying the most delectable Blood Orange sorbet last week!), and I will definitely be giving this BM a try! Thanks for the brilliant inspiration and recipe!!

  • this look so amazing! cant wait to try it out.


  • Awesome to see you using 42below vodka, one of the many gems coming out of New Zealand! Cheers mate! 😉

  • My husband is a big bloody Mary fan too! Try adding celery salt and red wine – really yummy!!

  • This actually sounds like heaven. I’m from Florida, so citrus is a staple for me during the winter. I love to add fresh grapefruit (or pomelo), regular oranges and limes to cocktails… but I’ve never tried adding a blood orange! SO fun! Can I also say that you’re REALLY good a lighting for photos. I know you generally use natural light, but that can still be tricky sometimes! Looking forward to that photography book!

  • Do tell! Thanks for posting. I don’t like to drink beer and now my favorite bartender can make my new favorite drink. Haha, i bet this tastes amazing! 😉 Sunday at game time i’ll know.

    If your into blog hops please stop by and link up this gem? Only if your interested though. If not, i’m sorry.

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  • Ooooh!
    It’s Summer here so I’m not sure how easy it will be to find blood oranges, but I’m definitely adding this to my to-do list!

  • Mmmmmm, bloody mary’s are wonderful! I must try this recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

  • BLoody Mary is one of my fave drinks…sooooo good!

  • YUM YUM!! I am also a huge bloody mary fan! It is a Christmas morning tradition to drink them while we open presents 🙂 I will def have to try this version. Pinned.

  • looks like yummy! I’m not a fan of bloody mary but i think this would taste good:) at least it looks good:)

  • This looks so good! I need to try it! Lovely post! xx

  • I love blood oranges! But am not a Bloody Mary fan, maybe ill have to give this a go!

  • Oh my gosh ladies. This looks awesome! How do you make your drinks look so festive???!!
    Definitely giving this beaut a try. 🙂

  • This looks ahmazzzzing (yes, happy endings reference). Thanks for an awesome recipe!


  • a mi también me encanta Bloody Mary, gracias por la inovación 🙂 saludos

  • This looks so yummy and the colors are so vibrate! Love it.

  • Looks amazing! Beautiful post as ever!
    Katie xx

  • I never would have thought to add citrus, but now that you mention it that sounds amazing. Plus, I love any opportunity I can get to use blood oranges. I think it might also be nice to preserve some blood oranges and use the rind as garnish.

    I’m definitely going to make this soon. Thanks for the recipe and beautiful photos.


  • Looks so amazing! Here in Canada we call a Bloody Marys “Caesars” – they’re definitely my favourite all time drink!


  • I don’t think I could stomach the tomato juice, but the blood oranges look beautiful!


  • Whoa! The idea of blood orange in a bloody just blew our mind. Absolutely must try this!

  • This looks so good. Unfortunately I can’t indulge right now bc I’m pregnant but I’m definitely putting this recipe on file. Thanks!

  • Be still my heart. This looks seriously amazing!!!

  • Sounds amazing! Bloody Marys have to be my favorite drink and citrus always enhances them. Can’t wait to try this!

  • That looks so delicious! I just had Bloody Mary’s on New Year’s Day! Yummm

  • We are Bloody Mary lovers too.
    And we have a Blood Orange tree absolutely loaded with oranges right outside our kitchen window.
    I can’t wait to try this drink.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Love from,

  • That looks yummy and I will try it. Have a nice weekend.

  • Hmm – I’m not the bloody mary fan but with this orange juice twist I think I can become one. I love Pimms and Madeira wine with sprite. Easy and refreshing;)


  • For those of you who haven’t tried a Bloody Mary… if you like tomato juice you will probably like it. It’s mostly tomato juice with other flavors and a little vodka. (which you can barely taste)
    You can make/order it spicy or mild. XOXO! Elsie

  • I’ve never had a Bloody Mary but everyone seems so into them I feel like I need to try one…. I wish bars would let you sample things sometimes!!! I would feel so guilty ordering one only to hate it after tasting it!

  • This looks absolutely amazing! I’m normally not that big of bloody marys but this sounds delicious, a bit of a healthier option than my go to mimosa!

    xx Kait


  • Somehow me and the hubby never took a liking to bloody mary….we love pina coladas and I personally love mojito 🙂

    happy new year 🙂

  • Seems very tasty!
    And this very colorful effect is very attractive! Want to try it 😉

  • I’ve never actually tried a bloody mary, but wow, do these ever look delicious? I love the color contrast of the tomato juice/blood orange and the bright green celery. I need to try this recipe!

  • I love bloody marys a lot too, so I’m excited to try this recipe. I’ve never had a blood orange, so I’m curious.

  • I would highly recommend trying the Canadian version of the Bloody Mary – the Caeser! You use Clamato instead of Tomato juice. I like mine with gin, not vodka, and extra spicy. It is fun to try different garnishes too – spicy pickled beans is a favourite of mine.

  • Looks yummy! Have you tried a Caesar? They’re made with Clamato instead of tomato juice. So good!

  • These pictures are beautiful! I love the colors and the crispness of them! The recipe looks great, too!

  • Jona- I would highly recommend this drink without alcohol. (You can barely even taste it in the first place!) It’s very healthy and refreshing!

    Congratulations!!! elsie

  • WHOA that looks amazing! I love blood orange too! but I’m gonna have to make a virgin version of this one I’m afraid. Baby on board 😉

  • I am a long-time Bloody Mary fan as well as blood orange fan. I never would’ve thought to combine the two! This drink looks kick ass!

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