Blush + Camel: Warm & Cozy Outfit Post



Wowee…. It's hot tea weather here in Missouri. Today I'm wearing lots of Christmas gifts (yay!). Oversized Sweater from UO, this reworked vintage dress from my personal collection (kicking myself for not taking 'before' photos as it would have been perfect for Project ReStyle), Vintage fawn purse, Platforms from Jessica Simpson Collection (Larson found them on my b-day wish list… how sweet!) and this custom key necklace from BuenoBueno (it says Mrs. Larson… my favorite stocking gift! I've been wearing it every day).♥ Thinking of dying my hair chocolate brown with baby bangs and extensions this week… thoughts? 

  • Hi Lisa, my current hair color was professionally dyed bright red with a reddish brown (home dye) over the top. It’s sorta a mis-match. Wish I could help more. 😉 Thanks for asking.

  • Please get extensions so I can live vicariously through you. I’m going to the AF and I’m way too scared to get them now and have to do maintenance on them while in Basic. Long hair is super gorgeous, and you’ll rock it very nicely. P.S. I LOVE the key necklace. It’s so marvelous to see everything be up-cycled these days and turned into sweet little treasures. Love, K

  • The only style I would recommend is whatever is low maintenance, since you’re such a worker-bee 🙂

    Your outfit is gorgeous. I’m in a rut for dressing warm in the cold (in Florida but it’s in the 20s-30s lately, not prepared!) I’ll have to skim your archives for inspiration.

  • i got a custom key as well with mine and my fiances name on it….only ours has a tree instead of the anchor.

    the brown color and extentions sound great…but im on the fence about super short bangs. im a fan of the long bangs your rockin. i had bangs for 14 years of my childhood and now that im older i get the bug every once in a while to cut them again…but havent yet taken the plunge.

  • I am IN LOVE with this color combination. My all time favorite Orla Kiely pattern is a mink/mushroom color with light pink, and this reminds me of it. 🙂
    I wish I could wear heels like that… they are SO pretty.
    I love your bueno key necklace too! Too cute!

    the hair…. I love red on you, but chocolate brown is definitely your color (plus the red will still show in undertones=pretty!) Baby bangs = do it!! Can’t wait to see!!


  • I love blush and camel. I say go for baby bangs even though they arent my fav look. They grow so fast that it is an easy fix if YOU don’t like them.

  • absolutely LOVE this color combo! what a great stocking stuffer too:) love thoughtful gifts like that, they’re the best!

  • I am a new reader and didn’t realize you were located in MO. I live in St. Louis so you are not far away. I may have to venture to see the store at some point.

  • No, nein, non, oxi! You look great wit this colour! You look like a doll wit red hair and cute dresses; beggin u, dont change it! Besides red hair is something magical, how will u leave it?:)

  • I think the hair change would be lovely 🙂 great for a new year and all your amazing things to come. although i do love the red suit it so much and have made me put on my new year list : “grow hair and dye red like elsie’s”.

    La x

  • Hi Elsie! I’m a newbie to your site and love your blog. That necklace is just gorgeous- so cute. I love your hair colour at the moment, but I think you’d look pretty as a brunette too. Do what makes you feel happy 🙂 . But like they say, a change is sometimes as good as a holiday- a new look for the new year 😉

  • How did you get that custom made?
    I’m a newlywed and would love a Mrs. Mason one!

    Also, I looove your hair now. I just got mine dyed bright red with your hair as my inspiration.

  • luRve the color combo on the outfit! personally, i think you could wear any color hair and would look gorgeous!…but keep the bangs long…

    mr. l,love the key necklace, sweet…


  • I have the same sweater in a lighter brown/white. 🙂 Soso cozy! As for the hair, brunettes rule! Plus, you look great in anything (always!).

    xo anniebee

  • Dear Elsie,
    I am really happy that you had a nice Christmas and even though I dont really know you I am excited about your wedding..regarding your hair..honestly I dont think you could ever look bad and chocolate brown with baby bangs just sounds awesome. I love looking at you with all your great pictures. thank you for such a great inspiration to us all .

  • I have a serious case if hair envy! You are always styled so perfect. Loving the bueno bueno necklace as well. I am defiantly popping over there to do shopping.

  • I want to order those same shoes in black but I am curious as to how they run? Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I am a Merchandiser for U.O. and that sweater has become the bane of my existence. My customers want nothing to do with it. You have however given me a little inspiration for new outfitting with it.

  • I love the necklace, how cute! About the hair…you can pull off any color, you could dye your hair bright green with yellow highlights and still look amazing! I think chocolate brown with bangs would look lovely! ♥


  • rachel. the shoes run true to size. i don’t think they come in half sizes so i went one step down and they’re not too small at all. you’ll love em. crazy tall, but easier to walk on than a skinny heel.

    mel.. i know i need to post more smiling pics. people always tell me that. i’ll post one soon just for you! 😉

    Thanks for all the kind words!! elsie

  • I think you have chocolate peanut butter on the brain. J/K. my sisters and i all have choc. brown hair and we love it! can’t wait to see your new do. happy new year!

  • Ohmygoshh I adore this outfit! I’m running out immediately to buy that sweater and those shoes!

    Well done.

  • Well….I change my hair color monthly at times…but when I feel like having a natural color (usually my hair is blue, pink, or bright red)…then I go for chocolate brown. I think it’ll look super for a little change…I think you should do the bangs trim too..but maybe go for something a little asymetrical. I am partial…my whole hair is asymetrical :). Extensions would be awesome…I’m doing one extension soon…its a kit that lets you bond a feather into your hair. You can wash it and it doesn’t lose its shape :). Yay…:). I have short hair so it’ll be funky! Can’t wait to see the pics! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • I love your red hair, but variety is the spice of life, and if a little change would bring you some good clean fun, I say why not? You can tell anyone who has a problem with it that there are a lot more things worth getting tied in a knot about! 😉

    can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  • the key charm is such a pretty gift, unfortunately i did not figure out how to get a personal one, or do you chose your words after putting it into the shopping cart? thanks so much in advance, love Lilly.

  • love those shoes.. they are on my wishlist. and loveloveloveee that key. so unique. think it will be joining my wishlist…. ;]

  • The hair… PLEASE do.
    I cut ALL of my hair off just a few days ago.
    It feels great to have a Drastic new look…..
    Have you ever considered SHORT hair?

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  • how adorable. one of my favorite outfits i’ve seen you wear. i love how you exude the confidence and attitude to pull any ensemble off, i’m envious. ;P

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