Braided Rope Necklace DIY

Neon Braided Necklace DIYLast week I was talking about how I want to make more statement necklaces, remember? Well, we’re still toying around in the studio trying to come up with jewelry that’s fun and bold but also really wearable. This rope necklace is my new favorite. See below for the neon necklace’s more neutral and nautical cousin too. 🙂

A braided necklace using parachute cord!For the braids I used parachute cord, which comes in tons of bright colors and very thin white rope. I loved the result of both, but the parachute cord is a little bit more sturdy.

Rope Necklace DIY StepsTo make this necklace— 1. Start with 8-12 strands of rope or parachute cord that are each 8 inches long. Tape the ends of one side down to a table or use a clipboard to secure them. 2. Divide the rope into three sections and braid them. Be sure to keep the strands flat and untwisted as you braid. 3. Tape the ends of the rope with fabric tape. 4. Attach chain to each end (you’ll need to add a clasp in the middle of the chain as well) and add more tape, creating a cone shape at the end of each side. Optional: Coat the tape with tripe thick glaze and use gold leafing on over the tape. (Learn more about gold leafing here) Be sure to add another coat of glaze at the end to seal it and allow it to cure completely before wearing.

A braided necklace using parachute cord! Done!

Jars wrapped in parachute cord for cute vases!I used the extra rope and cord to wrap some vases for my home. Sometimes trying to think of a way to use extra supplies after a project is almost as much fun as the project itself. 🙂 PS. I love carnations right now.

Hope you have a great weekend! TGIF. xo. Elsie

  • Very nice trick, I can add this in my next blog on trending tricks tips.

  • The pink one is gorgeous!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

  • Wooow thats a really good idea. I will try that necklace!

    X Willemijn Sofie

  • I really want to make one of these! I’m not quite sure how to sew the chain to the fabric tape. Is there a link I’m missing that explains that. Thanks! Love your blog!

  • i’m loving hot pink lately, i can’t seem to get enough of it, especially when used unexpectedly. I have a bunch of Jewelry DIY’S on my blog too, check it out! 🙂

  • Simply lovable statement necklaces! Thanks 🙂 Definitely gonna make a poppin’ pink one!

    Ma’ria from:

  • This is such a cute idea. Love the pink one! x

  • I love the use of paracord! When using just plain rope you could add fabric stiffener and it might help it stay in place easier.


  • Once again, amazing idea ! love the pink one…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • YEY!That`s what I was looking for!
    I just absolutely love this DIY,especially the first neon pink necklace!

    Gonna try this!


  • So nice! I want to try this out

  • Or you could use a large metal cone on the end. Take a eye pin, twist it around the rope, with the eye out for the chain, put a large blob of glue on the ends of the rope and push the cone on over the eye pin and the rope. Let dry.

  • so simple but so beautiful would make the perfect handmade gift x

  • Perfect way to use rope! Great idea!

    Lulu xx

  • Its so cool. One wouldn’t really think rope would make such amazing art. A must try!

  • Hey Elsie and Emma! Love, love, lovee this. A must try. 🙂 x
    Btw I have a few requests for tutorials. For example one of a strawberry smoothie or strawberry yoghurt, a good skin regime post, perfect vanilla cupcakes and of course the favorites- marble cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes or whoopie pies or even cookies of these two types!! Yum<3
    It would be just about perfect and I’ve been searching and searching but haven’t been able to find the right recipes.
    Also I am in love with all your Seychelles shoes, they are absolutely adorable. You guys are beautiful!
    Lots of love from California,
    Janett 🙂

  • Saw really cool bundles of rope at a bazaar yesterday and now I really regret not getting at least one!

    In my first year of high school, I used to give 5 of my friends a carnation each every Monday 🙂 Kind of forgot about that, so thanks for the post.

  • this looks so cool! i really want to try it out!
    thanks for the diy!

  • I made something similar to this a while ago, and I think you guys would like it as well. It’s a beaded AND braided statement necklace. Here is the link to the blog where I found it:

  • So cute, I’m going to make one right NOW!

    xo, Gillian

  • Those necklaces are so cute, such a great idea!

  • So fun and nautical! Perfect for spring and summer!

    Juliette Laura

  • I absolutely love the idea of using the rope to decorate vases! A great way to brighten up for spring! 🙂

  • Such a good idea, looks really good too.

  • super diy!!!!!!
    lovely diy post!!
    I really like your blog .. congratulations! beautiful creations! I invite you on my blog .. .. let me know what you think .. I’m also a creative!!

  • Those carnations are beautiful!! Obsessed with hot pink at the moment- must try this necklace tutorial out.
    Thanks girls.
    Laura x

  • Another simple easy diy thank you!

    Charm Kindred Spirit

    Bringing love of vintage fashion, my photography and Diy trinkets to the free spirited at heart.

  • This is amazing, it looks so professional!

  • I stood beside two old men in the grocery store yesterday, trying to pick out some flowers. “Carnations are always good…” one told they other, “because they last FOREVER!”

  • Love the white one! So making this for my BFF!

  • This is such a great idea. I love the white one!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I’d really appreciate it!

  • love them!! especially the pink one, thanks for the DIY Post x

  • love it !
    New post up:
    Love from Paris

  • Fabulous! What a great way to add some colour to an outfit – I’m going to have to do some experimenting.

  • I do not think I can pull off the large rope necklace, but I adore those vases. So cute. I saw these on Pinterest and fell in love a while back. Great to use up the left overs guys.


  • I love the ropes on those vases! What an amazing idea, so beautiful for spring!

    xo Julia

  • So gorgeous and easy to do! I think its possible to use fabric cloth in place of the cords too, since its easier to find cloth (just cut up old tshirts!)

  • Oo, that looks so nice and original. I like things like that. Perfect idea. Have a nice weekend.

  • The pink necklace is ah-mazing!!!!
    And I love those vases, they look fantastic.
    Thanks for the great ideas xx

  • The vases are very cute, this is such a good idea to decorate them.

  • I posted a similar DIY yesterday! What a coincidence! Love this idea too, right end result! xx

  • This necklace looks just as good as store bought – no one would ever know the difference!!
    Plus + it would be tons cheaper too! Win win!

  • That’s so great! i must try this at home! 🙂

  • Love the cord-wrapped vases…just in time for Earth Day!

  • Oh my goodness, that hot pink is just PERFECT! So easy and adorable! thanks for the inspiration!


  • So cute. I’ve been meaning to pick up some paracord for jewelry projects.

  • Wanda Wolmar – The chain is sewn on to the fabric tape. To add a clasp in the middle of the chain you just need jewelry pliers and a jump ring. Check the link in the post for more details. Good luck!

  • Wow these instructions are a lot easier than I expected them to be! Thanks for sharing!


  • These are fun! I am loving the hot pink/gold combo, which is totally not my usual taste.


  • I love this idea!! I’m a huge fab of anything nautical so I’ll be sure to try this soon!!


  • Really want to make one of these ASAP! Gorgeous.


  • I am a little confused about the clasp part. Can someone explain that part better to me? You connect the clasp to the chain. I get that but what do you use to connect it to the rope? What are you connecting it to? the rope? the tape? My brain is not connecting the dots.

  • I love that, the after-project ~ sounds like an after-party. 😀 The rope is adorable as a necklace and a vase cover.

  • This is so cute! Love how you used the leftover cord. 🙂


  • I LOVE this statement necklace. Such a fun project!

  • These are so gorgeous!I also really love your shirt 🙂

  • Wow, I love this! I’m definitely going to make one of these.

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