Breakfast Twice Baked Potatoes

Savory breakfast idea-twice baked poatotesBreakfast twiced baked potatoesIf your family is anything like mine then twice baked potatoes probably means one thing in your mind: Thanksgiving! 

But wait, it's March. And hold up, isn't the word "breakfast" in the title of this post? You got me. Man, I can't get a thing past you guys. Geez.

So these are the lighter (as in slightly more healthy) and more breakfast-like version of one of my family's favorite holiday side dishes. I absolutely adore the combination of potatoes and eggs for breakfast and this is just another option. How to make twice baked potatoesMaking mashed potatoesYour gonna need: potatoes, 2 eggs per potato, a couple tablespoons cream, a small handful of shredded cheese (I used pepper jack), and salt + pepper.

First bake the potatoes, until soft in the center. I baked mine at 400°F for 30 minutes, but it may take more or less time based on how large your potatoes are. Once they are soft, slice them in half and scoop out the centers. Be careful as you scoop, otherwise you could destroy your potato half. I did this on my first one. Rookie. Mash up the insides with a little milk, cheese, and salt + pepper.Breakfast twice baked potatoe recipeFill the potatoes with the mashed filling. You probably won't use it all. Make a little well for the egg to fit in. If your potatoes are on the small side, you could crack the egg into a small bowl and remove part of the whites to reduce the size. Or, if you want to be a real health nut (what a rude term, no?), you could only use the egg whites and discard the yolk. Sprinkle on a little more cheese and pepper and pop them back in the oven.Try this-potaotes for breakfast!If you want your yolks to be runny then just bake for an additional 2-3 minutes. If you want the eggs cooked through then leave them in for longer, the color of the yolk will change (it will lighten to a softer yellow) as they cook through. Garnish with a little sour cream, green onions and avocado. Breakfast baked eggsHere you can see I wasn't feeling the runny eggs this particular morning, so I cooked them until they resembled hard boiled eggs. I'm weird like that. Sometimes I LOVE runny eggs (over crispy hash browns!) and other days I just want them cooked through. Are you ever fickle about eggs? Enjoy! xo. Emma

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  • These look delicious! I am pretty sure this is something I could get my whole family to eat.

  • stop it.

    potatoes, eggs, cheese, sour cream, avocado…oh my word i’ve never been more aware of being pregnant and having the right to desperately want something…


  • This post made me starving, and being at work while reading is making it impossible to dash out and make these right this instant! Boo. I’ll definitely, definitely, definitely have to make this at some point during the weekend! Thanks for sharing such a delicious post!

  • Oh yum!!! These look amazing! I’ve recently been trying different options for baked potatoes, so I’m definately giving this one a try!!

  • Kimberly C. – How interesting. My oven is gas heated (no electric) so maybe there is some difference. And I think horseradish sounds delicious!

  • Made this for brunch this morning. Delicious. My only issue was that I guess an electric oven doesnt heat as well?? When I put them back in to cook the egg, 20 minutes later & I still had a runny egg. (I only like runny, as you said over home fries).

    Also I added a little sour cream & horse radish to my mashed filling. Horse radish is part of my original twice baked recipe.

  • Hm, it look so good… I would like to try next weekend for our breakfast.

    Thank you for good idea…!


  • Looks so yummy! I’ll try them for my next brunch, thanks guys, your recipes are always a success and I keep looking forward the next ones every day! xoxo

  • O.M.G. This is INSPIRED! I will be cooking these for dinner instead of breakfast and I will add green food coloring for St. Patrick’s Day!

  • mmmmm… I’m hungry!!!! 😀

    (a party outfit)

  • What do you suggest to do with the rest of the mashed filling mixture? I hate letting anything go to waste. Thanks!

  • I like my eggs all sorts of ways. They’re just fantastic. I’d be trying this for sure when I get home! Feed the family!

  • These were absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for sharing (I had to make them right away this morning!)

  • fantastic idea !! have to try this for dinner 🙂 love it 🙂

  • uh, GENIUS! Twice baked potatoes are my all-time favorite side, so I’m pretty excited to find a way to eat them in the morning besides eating leftovers for breakfast!


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  • you are killing it with the recipes these days! i want to make everything! especially this one, such a great idea!

  • I love baked potatoes and these are looking amzingly delicious…

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  • Oh gosh these look delicious! And lovely photos!

  • Yummm this looks delicious, I prefer runny eggs over cooked anyday!!

  • This looks so good! I’ve never heard of a breakfast twice-baked potato 🙂


  • I am now drooling for breakfast. I may need to rearrange the supper plans. 🙂


  • This is such a great recipe! Fantastic idea!

    Why didn’t I think of these?

  • Today I ate potatoes too but not like that perfect recipe. I need to taste it. Have a great friday.

  • Ooooo!!! Yummy! And yes, I can be quite fickle about eggs. Sometimes over-easy, sometimes deviled, sometimes made into egg salad… ooorrrrr POTATO SALAD!!!! Yummy!! Thanks for the recipe Emma!

  • Looks so good, I am going to try this soon!

  • Looks so good!
    +added to my favorites!

  • I am super fickle about eggs!! I only like to eat them poached or soft boiled.

  • why every post in this blog looks soooooo delicious! Now I wanna eat)

  • I have been looking for new and different breakfast recipes!! This looks delicious! I’ll keep my yolk please;)

  • Oh gosh – sold! I’m making these this weekend for sure.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Delish!


  • I can’t wait for morning to try them – think maybe I will have one for supper………hope that’s ok !

  • Three of my favorite things: eggs, potatoes and cheese!

  • I’m the same 🙂 Sometimes runny eggs taste so delicious sopped up with toast, and other days I just like the taste and texture of the cooked through yoke more ♥ This looks yummy!

  • Yuuuummy!
    Must try this asap!
    Maybe not for breakfast 😉 but anyway, it’s a super recipe!!!
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  • This looks so yummy and what a great idea. I would have never thought to do a breakfast version of twice baked potatoes.

  • These look soooooooo good! And I love the polka dotted napkins – adorable.

  • oh my god this is such a wonderfull idea!!!

  • I looooooove potatoes. This looks delightful.

    xo, Clare

  • YUM! This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that”, moments! This looks awesome!

  • Believe it or not,I’ve never tried a twice baked potato! Looks like a good recipe to try.

  • yummy yummy! i will try this soon! 🙂

  • Omg that seems delicious!great idea for my Sunday brunch!

    My daily outfits and trips in

  • This would be so amazing with sweet potatoes! And healthy! (mostly)

  • absolutely great idea! I will definitely have to try this one out!

  • oh yum! had my usual cereal for breakfast and this is making me really need a second go at breakfast
    kw ladies in navy

    Time for me to throw a brunch party OBVIOUSLY!

    Or just make a whole batch for myself haha.


  • Wow, these look amazing. thanks for sharing Emma. i may just have to try these for brunch on Sunday.x

  • These look absolutely delicious, and I have just GOT to try it!

    Juliette Laura

  • Those look delicious! Definitely a great recipe for weekend breakfast!

  • I’ve heard this suggested before, in sweet potatoes! I can’t decide whether this is amazing or too weird. I’m going to have to try it!

  • wow! yum yum yum. I was just thinking about what to have for breakfast. Totally inspired.
    🙂 Liz @

  • I can’t wait to try this! I love baked eggs, but I’ve never thought of baking them in the potato! Fantastic idea.

  • I didn`t have breakfast yet and this just waters my mouth!
    It looks so tasty,I definitely want to try it!


  • hmmmm… At first I thought this sounded gross, but then I remembered how delicious home fries are with breakfast and I changed my tune! Plus I love any excuse for avacado! yummers

  • I am SO hungry right now. Thanks, Emmma.

    I do the same thing, I like my eggs a different way every time I eat them. But runny eggs over crunchy toast are always amazing 😉

    →lauren @ in between idols.

  • Why the heck not. Potatoes good, eggs good, cheese really good. It just needs bacon. Yummy!

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