Bridesmaids: A note from Holly…


Dear Elsie,

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I will never forget it! I was thrilled when you asked me to stand up with you for your special day. I would have to say that my favorite memories were all of the secrets and details you shared with me leading up to the wedding. From your text, "Engaged!!", to all of the dress peeks and chats about rings and hairstyles. I especially remember you showing me the vintage lace dress you found, and saying that it was the inspiration for the bridesmaids dresses. This was before you were officially engaged, and I got so excited! I feel closer to you as a friend having been a part of it from the start.
Doing your hair was also a big highlight. Knowing that I contributed to your look that day warms my heart. You were stunning!
You and Jeremy are a beautiful example of what love should look like, and I'm always inspired by the obvious love and respect you both have for each other. I'm *so* happy for you. Thankful for you.♥ 
Much love to you both. xo Holly

Photo Credits: Arrow & Apple and Holly

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