Bridesmaids: A note from Katie…


Dear Elsie, I cannot tell you how honored I was to be a part of your special day.  I know it sounds cliche, but I felt like I grew even closer to you and Jeremy seeing you surrounded by so many people that love and cherish you.  My absolute favorite part of the weekend was at the rehearsal, when we got to hear your parents and Jeremy's parents talk about each one of you.  You are both so perfectly matched, I almost can't believe it!  It's true, I've only known you as a couple, but I can't even imagine who you would be without the other.  One of my very favorite memories is the first time I ever really talked to Jeremy. I remember liking him instantly, just because of the way he spoke of you with such respect and admiration.  I knew immediately that this was a couple that was meant to be.  There will definitely be years and years of love in your home.  I adore you both, and I'm so proud to call you my dear friends.

Love you forever,


*I'll be sharing a note from each one of my bridesmaids this week. They made our special day so incredibly sweet. These will be my first posts about our wedding day! There are many more to come. Thanks for being patient with me while my photographer and I wade through thousands and thousands of images. I really can't wait to share every little detail with you! 

Photo Credits: Top/ Arrow & Apple, Bottom/Kinsey Mhire + Rachel. ♥ 

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