Bright and Shiny Decorative Pillows

Deck the halls with these bright shiny pillows! Learn to make three easy DIY pillows at todayIt’s easy to hit the holiday refresh button when you have a few simple tricks up your sleeve for customizing plain pillow cases. Since we’re spending this Christmas in a new space, I wanted to add some cozy touches to the living room without spending a lot of money. I took three plain pillow cases and a handful of supplies I already had on hand and came up with a set of pillows that feel cheerful and festive.

Deck The Halls with Shiny PillowsThese same steps can be changed out with different colors for fun new pillows in any season, but they’re an inexpensive way to make a big impact during the holidays when you want a little more sparkle. Below are three easy tutorials you can tackle in an afternoon.

Bright and ShinySupplies:
-alpha stickers
-metallic fabric paint
-washi tape
-paint brush
-chipboard or cardboard

To make the painted negative space pillow, think of a fun phrase and spell it out using your alpha stickers. Start from the center of your words and work your way out for even spacing. Place some cardboard inside your pillow to protect it from leaky paint. I used tape to mark off a clean edge around the pillow case and then painted right over it to the edges of the pillow instead. Paint over the tops of your stickers and give the pillow top two coats of paint. Remove stickers and let it dry. 

-pillow case
-gold sequins
-tacky glue
-needle and thread

To make the swiss cross sequin pillow, outline the shape of a swiss cross with your ruler and chalk in the center of your pillow. Add glue to the left section. Then start laying down your sequin trim starting in the top left corner, slightly overlapping your chalk line so it doesn’t show. Keep running your trim up and down in lines, making sure your edges line up at the top and bottom. Once you get to the middle section, add more glue, and continue in your rows until you finish the final section. Tuck the last sequin cut underneath the one before it to hide the tail. Loosely stitch it down after it has dried for a little more stability.

-pillow case
-thick yarn
-metallic fabric paint
-foam paint brush
-needle and thread

To make the pom-pom pillow, wind your yarn between your hands so that it stretches about 12″ wide and about 75 times. Then tie a double-knot around the center with another piece of yarn and again about 3″ from each end so that you have tied it in three places. Trim off the end loops and halfway between the knots. Fluff your pom-poms and trim them up so there aren’t any stray pieces sticking out. Paint any geometric shape on the front with your gold paint and foam brush. Once it’s dry, insert your pillow and stitch your poms on each corner. 

Swiss Cross Sequin PillowI love how decorative pillows help a space feel a little more pulled together and finished!

Cozy PillowsIf we’re honest, the swiss cross pillow will have a forever home on my bed. I just can’t quit gold sequins! –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with the Signature Collection.

  • The holiday pillows I love around the stores are always so expensive, but I love DIY projects! These are ay more affordable. i love the ‘Bright and Shiny’ sticker idea as a stencil. Very creative!

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  • I think I love those yarn balls best of all. such a cute idea!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Arunima,

    For this giant size, I used one whole skein for four pom poms. Good luck!

  • Love this super simple and easy to follow tutorial!

    GRWM: Everyday Make-up routine + IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY

  • Rachel, this is such a beautiful and easy idea.
    Approximately how much yarn did you use for this project?
    And approximately how much is required to make a medium sized pompom? I’m actually buying yarn and keeping it so I can make pompoms any time, and if you could help me out that’d be great. Thanks! 🙂

  • Such a cute idea. I especially love the pillow with the sequins

  • Adorable! I particularly love the lettering trick, that is such a great idea for getting perfect proportioned letters. I know that these are supposed to be kind of holiday-themed, but I’ll bet they would look great all year around 🙂


  • Awesome and easy tutorial. Gold is best! Google that from Conan if you haven’t seen the skit 🙂

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