Brownie Sundae (in a jar) Recipe




Prior to this day I had never baked anything in a jar before. I had seen it before, here and there. And it makes sense since canning jars are made to withstand very high temperatures. (Other jars may not be able to withstand baking temperatures, so make sure to use clean canning jars when trying this.

I decided to make brownies but I wanted to try a couple of variations. So here's how to make brownies in a jar + 3 fun ways to dress them up into sundaes.

To make the brownies I used a box mix, follow the directions as every box mix is a little different. Place the filled jars in a pan filled 2/3 full with water and slide them in the oven. This is known as baking in a water bath. Pretty cool, huh? Baked them for around an hour. Do not handle the jars without oven mitts until they have had a chance to cool.These brownies were slightly more gooey than when baking them in a pan. But I happen to love gooey brownies, and they make great sundaes!

Once they have cooled you are ready to dress them up. To my first brownie sundae I added chopped pistachios, a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup. To my second brownies I added a scoop of ice cream, caramel and a pinch of sea salt. To the last brownie I added sliced strawberries, a scoop of ice cream and strawberry syrup. Delicious!


XO, emma & elsie

  • Awesome – bet I could send these as “have a good week” gifts for my daughter and her roommates. Thanks for the idea

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  • love how simple it is to do! never tried bath baking before.. i guess there’s a first for everything 🙂

  • Very resourceful, the food is very nice inside the jar, nice idea!

    Zero Dramas

  • Yummi! I’m gonna try this. À year ago i made applepie in mini jar’s to give as birthday treat on school for my daughters birthday. They loved it 🙂 and me too.

  • What a brilliant idea! They look totally delicious!

    I keep meaning to save our jars – forgot this morning once I’d finished the jam – luckily I’d only tossed it in the recycling box! off to salvage now!


  • Tell me why I never knew you could bake things in canning jars! I’ve only used them once to create pretty peppermint hot chocolate mixes for friends. Crazy! Definitely going to try this out.
    <3 Linda

  • Thea would be great for a party. Just make a bunch of brownie jars and then line up all the toppings on a table. Voila! A make-your own sundae bar!

  • Thanks! You reminded me of sweet student of mine who baked me an apple pie in a jar at the end of the school year. Sweet memory… I’m going to have to try it myself now.

  • I have to say…..YUM!!!!! They look so inviting in the jars♥ Would be a great ice-cream social menu item.

  • such a cute idea. They look cute and delish-perfect combo!


  • What a great idea, the gooey-er the better! I’m another Ozark blogger, come visit me at

  • brilliant idea…yes how much brownie mix in each jar and did u spray pam in the jar?

  • I want to do this..question…how many jars did you use and how much brownie mix you put in each jar??

  • looks good, and yummy! I’ve seen those recipes around, but never tried them… maybe I will tonight!

  • Adorable idea. I’m going to have to do that for my husband for a little date night! Really enjoying your blog and all of the great inspiration!

  • I’ve never tried baking in jars either, but I do have some canning jars sitting around…so I might have to try this soon! Nothing is better than brownies & ice cream!

  • Love this idea, plus you save on the number of dirty dishes as the lovely brownie treat is self-contained! 🙂

  • These look so delicious, and now I am totally craving some brownies in a jar.

  • That looks so yummy! Since I’m allergic to gluten, I’ll have to test this out with a g-free brownie mix and see if they turn out the same!

  • Wow – these look so delicious! I love anything served in a Mason jar!

  • What can’t you put in a jar?! Wow, they look amazing, I want to try your pumpkin pie smoothies too! Very talented bunch of girls you are ;O)

  • I’m SO obsessed with mason jars lately (we did a picnic last week with fun treats in them), so I love love love this idea! perfect to pop a lid back on, too, when there are baby fingers wandering 🙂
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  • Interesting Post, Vengeful Gladiator’s Leather Gloves equipped can interrupt Shade using their Deadly Throw ability.

  • Yum! I love cooking in jars. What a cute idea. XO, RaeVeda

  • What an awesome idea! But two questions, how many jars do you use for a standard box of mix? And how full did you fill the jars before baking? Thanks!!

  • Reminds me of my teacup cupcake recipe I’ve been too lazy to try.


  • great idea! I have so many mason jars laying around the house so this would be perfect for when I need a sweet treat! great photos!


  • i love that you are incorporating more and more recipes into your blog! i will definitely try that, sounds so simplen and yummy.

  • Oh wow! What a neat idea, I definitely need to try this – I wonder what other delights can be made in a jar 😀

  • Uh, YUM! Which one was your favorite? Two friends are having a joint birthday party this weekend and these look perfect for the occasion!

  • It’s such a great idea! What i want to know is how on earth do you stay so little?! Judging by your blog, we share the same sweet tooth, and I have gained close to fifteen pounds this year thanks to it!

    Anyway, maybe this will be dessert tomorrow night. I don’t think he’ll mind one bit:)

  • Those pistachio brownies look perfect. I would probably be tempted to put a little caramel syrup on that one too. 🙂

  • oh my, yum!! This sounds super delish……is it too early for brownies? *wink*

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