Brownie Sundae (in a jar) Recipe




Prior to this day I had never baked anything in a jar before. I had seen it before, here and there. And it makes sense since canning jars are made to withstand very high temperatures. (Other jars may not be able to withstand baking temperatures, so make sure to use clean canning jars when trying this.

I decided to make brownies but I wanted to try a couple of variations. So here's how to make brownies in a jar + 3 fun ways to dress them up into sundaes.

To make the brownies I used a box mix, follow the directions as every box mix is a little different. Place the filled jars in a pan filled 2/3 full with water and slide them in the oven. This is known as baking in a water bath. Pretty cool, huh? Baked them for around an hour. Do not handle the jars without oven mitts until they have had a chance to cool.These brownies were slightly more gooey than when baking them in a pan. But I happen to love gooey brownies, and they make great sundaes!

Once they have cooled you are ready to dress them up. To my first brownie sundae I added chopped pistachios, a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup. To my second brownies I added a scoop of ice cream, caramel and a pinch of sea salt. To the last brownie I added sliced strawberries, a scoop of ice cream and strawberry syrup. Delicious!


XO, emma & elsie

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