happy monday to all….. are the holidays keeping you super busy?
golly, i am busy busy busy this week…

i wanted to share a few things…first of all… local bands:
a few new photos i took of my friends' band, One Star Story.
they just recently signed with transatlantic records and i am SO super excited for them!

i also did some pics over the weekend for my favorite local indie band… Jesse James Wax Museum
2. roller skating

my super cute friend, bradi, took this shot last week when we were skating and i just wanted to share it for fun… skating is the coolest ever, even if you aren't in jr. high! :]

3. peter pan
recently, i've been spending %99.9 of my free time painting and i am super excited about this new series i am working on inspired by peter pan… working on some concept photo ideas as well… yay for side projects, they keep life fresh!
(just a little peek….)

4. loft
my lovely friend, vanessa, is really into making videos and she is coming over tomorrow night to make a video of my new home to share here on the blog…. :] yea.

have a great day! elsie   

  • I’ve been to One Star Story’s myspace page and I LOVE their music…must buy their cd!!!

    LOVE the pics you took of them, especially the one with the star on the brick wall ~ priceless 🙂

    So anxious to see the video of your house ~ have fun with Vanessa 😀

    btw ~ SUPER CUTE paintings inspired by Peter Pan…I can tell I’m going to LOVE the teddy bear one!!!!

  • WOW** You just amaze me! I love how you make sure to take the time that ***U*** need for your soul. I always loved skating too…. As always the pics are way rad 😉

  • LOVE the new paintings! They would be great for a nursery or kids room! So very cute!

  • Can’t wait to see if the new pan inspired makes it to your etsy! With two little grandboys coming they are SOOO going to need artwork for the walls.

  • Scrapping is fun with Elsie’s line,

    I hope she picks me so the gift will be mine,

    Noel, Zoe, Lola and Riley,

    If I win I sure will be smiley!

  • ooh can’t wait until the video’s done….hurry up lol 😉

    All the photo’s look fab…can’t wait for more than a sneak peak at your paintings….from what I can see they are FAB as usual 🙂

  • I went roller skating not too long ago, I think my skates were too tight so I wasn’t doing very well. It just goes to show you how carefree you are when you’re a kid and how much fear you have as you get older lol. I didn’t want to embarass myself in front of my bf lol.

  • I feel like the holidays were slow to arrive but now suddenly everything is moving so fast! must get things done! :] happy painting and holiday-ing!

  • I’m really looking forward to the holidays, but it is a very busy time indeed!

    Love the pic of you skating! It’s been a long time since I’ve put my skates on and it’s gonna be a while before I do because I’m 21 weeks pregnant. But once the baby is born, I’ll give it a try again! Always loved skating.

    Can’t wait the see your video and your new paintings look awesome!

  • Hi Elsie,

    What a feast for the eyes. Your photos are magical and very inspiring. I can’t wait to see your Peter Pan art work. DREAMY! Merry Christmas from Australia.

  • Have you read the Peter-inspired books by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson? Peter and the Starcatchers, Peter and the Shadow Thieves, and the new one, Peter and the Secret Rundoon… they’re must reads if you’re a Peter Pan fan! That and of course Finding Neverland which is one of my top-ten fave movies ever!! Lovin your new art!

  • Her videos are cute. They remind me of my life a few years ago- promoting and touring with my friends’ bands [always the 1 girl amongst the boys], going to shows, and all that fun. My boyfriend is in a band now, but we have both totally grown out of that lifestyle. Fun stuff to watch though 😉 Can’t wait to see more of your loft!

  • That is a great roller skating shot of you.

    If you ever come to manitoba, we should hang out & scrapbook..hee hee

    Trace G

  • Ohhhh yay … I can’t wait to see the video of your new home! And I’m loving the Peter Pan designs .. can’t wait to see the whole thing! Peter Pan is one of my favorite children’s stories. :o)

    have a happy week Elsie! xox

  • so the first picture the band One Star Story there is a star on the wall did you pain that there?or was that by totally chance?

    love the roller skating picture!how did you do that?ITA with you on the roller skating COOLIEST EVERA!!

  • Yeah, what fun pix. Cannot wait to see the movie of your loft. and goodies………:)

  • Elsie, you are the cutest 🙂 Love reading your blog so much, it makes me happy! 🙂 The paintings look adorable! I need to get some for my nephews when you release them. 🙂 Love you!

  • That skating picture sure brings back memories! Thanks for sharing all your cool ideas on this site.

  • I cannot wait for the Peter Pan collection. It looks totally great. I’ve been buying oodles of your stuff as I find and I’m loving working with it. It totally speaks to me these days.

  • I look at the roller skating photo and I can hear Olivia Newton-John playing in my head. Wow I am old!

  • like the looks of the Peter Pan stuff. The pics look great and I can’t wait to see the video of your place.

  • yippee fun peter pan paintings and give-a-ways!!!!!nothing could be sweeter!!! LOL

    really it doesn’t take much for me to get excited!!!

  • yippee fun peter pan paintings and give-a-ways!!!!!nothing could be sweeter!!! LOL

    really it doesn’t take much for me to get excited!!!

  • I’m always so inspired by your paintings!!!! Your photography is just amazing too!!!! I love that fun rollerskating shot!!! Can’t wait to see the video!!

  • LOL … I went skating days before I got pregnant 🙂 It was for a friends kids party. It was HILARIOUS! I had not been skating in 12 years … not since high school. I just remember skating to the “Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am Jam” HOW FUNNY IS THAT!?!?!?

  • I love the Zoe line – can’t wait to make something to showcase my daughters art work! I love roller skating but not so much as an adult (bad knees) 🙂

  • hi sweetie,

    looks like you’re having a blast! Hope that 25 will be a better year than 24, for you! Looking forward to your”home-video”!


  • Can’t wait to see the video! Looks like you had a blast skating. Loving the new projects, keep them coming.

    Shannon S, from Mill Creek WA

  • You razzle dazzle me. Can’t wait to see more of your new paintings and maybe some new felt work? The Mr. and Mrs. Owls would make great felt animals. Hint hint!!! Take care.

  • You razzle dazzle me. Can’t wait to see more of your new paintings and maybe some new felt work? The Mr. and Mrs. Owls would make great felt animals. Hint hint!!! Take care.

  • Oh I so hope we’ll get to see your paintings when they’re done! My four-year old is so enchanted by Peter Pan (Wendy is her favorite) that I know she’d love to see what you’ve created!

  • Looking forward to the new video of the loft! The holidays have been keeping me hopping I’ve officially started my holiday baking I’ve made 5 different types of cookies (5 dozen each kind) over the last 2 days! WHEW!

  • lovin your new paintings & your photos…as always! and soooo excited oss got signed! i got their ep a few months ago when you mentioned them & i love their sound…vanessa is amazing!

  • hey i cant wait to see your loft, seem like every1 else does to! me n my friend love the peter pan paintings we love peter pan and tiger lilly hehe : ] lol hope ur well and enjoying the holidays : ]

    love charlie xhugsx

  • Wow…heimafilm is incredible! I love the music of Sigur Ros!

    I thought I would share a film with you that you may or may not have seen. It is sort of similar in content although it is not showcasing one’s music at all. There is absolutely no speaking in the film but it is a magical journey through the cultures of the earth and through nature. If you haven’t seen it and take the time to see it, I hope you enjoy it! I love it, it is SOOOOOO Beautiful.

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