Built-In Breakfast Nook

Built In Breakfast NookWhen we purchased this East Nashville project house earlier this spring, one of the things that first drew us to the property was this little room off the kitchen that was just BEGGING to become a built-in breakfast nook!

Here’s the before photo …

Before and After! Learn to build this breakfast nook on ABeautifulMess.com Isn’t the upgrade amazing?!

For this post, we partnered with Walls Need Love. They have beautiful options for removable wallpaper, murals and wall decals. We chose the Ida Removable Wallpaper for our nook.

I don’t normally wallpaper ceilings, but in this tight space it creates a high impact, pulled together look. I am BEYOND pleased with how this turned out. And the best part is you can install this wallpaper yourself in a weekend.

Built In Breakfast Nook The first step for this project was to build three benches, customized for the space. Collin removed the trim in the space, framed out the base of the benches and then added the seat back last.

The next step was to build the table. We’re not going to full DIY instructions (although let us know if you’d like to hear them all in a separate post), but Collin built a farmhouse-style table, perfectly fitted for the benches. The table top is about two inches smaller than the floor space between the benches.

If there are any vents or outlets on the wall, they should be extended to outside of the bench, not covered up.

For paint, Collin used two coats of stain blocking primer and then two coats of glossy untinted acrylic paint.

Built In Breakfast Nook
Built In Breakfast Nook Built In Breakfast Nook The next step was to install the wallpaper.

Our best tip is to be patient. Collin started by installing one strip from the front of the ceiling all the way down the back of the wall, and then worked out from there. For a continuous pattern, you can’t make it match from every angle, so we prioritized the front facing angle. The sides of the wall to ceiling don’t match, but the pattern hides it very well.

Built In Breakfast Nook
Built In Breakfast Nook
Built In Breakfast Nook

Built In Breakfast Nook
Built In Breakfast Nook Last, Collin installed a fresh new light fixture.

When shopping for wallpaper, always order samples. I always order way too many samples, but it’s helpful because some of the time they look different in person. Samples can also help you get an idea of scale.

Wallpaper – Ida Removable Wallpaper by Walls Need Love, Light – Luna Pendant in Black by Schoolhouse Electric.

Built In Breakfast Nook
Built In Breakfast Nook I’m happy we went neutral in this space because I can style it with pillows, flowers and baskets to reflect each season. I am SO EXCITED to have guests stay in our new home and I hope they love it as much as we do!

Built In Breakfast Nook
Built In Breakfast Nook
Built In Breakfast Nook My partner in crime was in town and got to see our new property for the first time. I bribed her with some cinnamon rolls to snap a few photos … always works!

Built In Breakfast Nook I hope this post has inspired you and shown what a HUGE transformation a little wallpaper can make! It made this space so much more thoughtful looking. It would have been nice without it, but with it it’s really special!

If you’re one of those people who has been terrified of wallpaper, this next paragraph is for you. 🙂

Wallpaper in 2017 is a whole new animal. It’s nothing like vintage paper that takes forever to remove (I am still somewhat traumatized from the painted-over wallpaper in our last home). These days it’s easier than ever to install AND remove. So easy that some of the time you can do it yourself (or at least remove it yourself if you don’t want to do the install). And there are countless new options that look super modern. So give wallpaper a chance.

Built In Breakfast Nook Thank you so much for reading! I am beyond grateful to have you here. xx – Elsie (and Collin, too!)

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson and Collin DuPree. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Ulmer.
  • I saw that you are on the Walls Need Love website. We love our entry way with The Palms in White. We covered 2 of our walls, because of cost, and decided to wait until we could afford more wall paper for the 3rd wall. This past black friday, we ordered enough for the third wall and were shocked when the print came back bigger than the original. We’ve been dealing with terrible customer service since then, and after they finally agreed to reprint at the smaller size, will not send it to us until after we send back the mistake. That’s fine, but they are also expecting us to pay for shipping. I’m slightly appalled at the quality that a print would be a different size without indicating on their website, but also making us pay for shipping. I looked up Walls Need Love on BBB and they have several negative reviews. I’m questioning why you would want to be partnered with a company that doesn’t consider the customer first.

    • Hi! I’m sorry you had a frustrating experience. I hope you can still work it out. 🙂

      We honestly had a great experience working with them.

  • I love this breakfast nook — we have a space that is 6’8″ w X 7′ 8″ long — would it work for the kind of banquette you built? Can you share the floor dimensions? thanks,

  • OMG this takes me back to the days when my battered old body could do this sort of work! We owned a cabinet shop on the side for 20 years – Connor did a great job! So much fun and love (and good food) in this little nook!

  • I too would love to see the table DIY! We are in desperate need of a new kitchen table and this one is gorgeous!

  • Hi! I’d love to know how the benches were done! They would look so awesome on my kitchen nook.

  • This book is so gorgeous, I see so many great dinners there! Love the wallpaper!

  • Love this! Great job on transforming the space =o) And I’m happy to hear that wallpaper is much better than it used to me. I’ve thought about experimenting with it at home but I am never sure how it will turn out and how it will be to remove it once I want to redesign the space.


  • Please please please share a diy for the benches and table!!! I was thinking about building benches in the breakfast nook of my 1930s bungalow, and this would be absolutely perfect!

  • OK first, this is so beautiful! Great job! I actually love how neutral it is, while not boring at all. But more seriously…you two are like hair goddesses in these pics. So pretty.

  • I can’t get over how much larger the space looks in the side by side (after). Amazing!

  • I love this! The brightness, the simplicity! I would love to see the plans for the farmhouse table. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I have a tiny east nashville dining room I’ve been wanting to turn into a nook for 10 years! I’d love some more details about the built in benches.

  • Wow! What an incredible transformation – such a cozy space. The sunflowers and cinnamon buns are calling my name 🙂

  • Hi Girls! Okay, 2 things. I am obsessed with painting my kitchen table. Any idea on the color? off white? white?

    And what’s the bottle of wine? Always looking for new wine finds!

    oh and love the wallpaper. Not quite there yet, but I know it’s coming! Visiting from Colorado. laura

  • I would love to see a table DIY – that would be perfect in so many spaces! This is a beautiful transformation, and after also suffering from painted over wallpaper, has made me think maybe I should give wallpaper another shot!

  • If I had such a cute place to eat breakfast, it would take me 2 hours to get through one bowl of granola… 🙂

  • This is so bright and happy! I love a good nook, and this wallpaper is the perfect mix of modern and classic. Great choice 🙂

  • Such a magical little space! Thanks for the bit about “Wallpaper in 2017 being a whole new animal” 🙂 I am trying to convince my husband to put Marble wallpaper in the bedrooms in our new apartment….. Wish me luck 😉

  • Love this, especially the wallpaper! Do the benches have hidden storage? That would be awesome if they did!

  • This is so cute. I’m one of those terrified of wallpaper people, but this is the best wallpaper I’ve ever seen

  • I’d love to know how the benches were done! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now!!

  • I’m working on a similar project in my new kitchen/ breakfast nook remodel! I have started the bench, but haven’t been able to find a design for the table! This one is exactly what I was thinking (but a little thinner and longer). I would love a DIY post on the table : ) thanks!!

  • I love nooks and crannies! I don’t know about you but often when dining I like to nestle me and my friends into a corner spot where it feels extra cozy. I can see birthday celebrations, game nights, and lots of brunches taking place here. What a great addition to your home.

  • This came out AWESOME! From a distant the walls look a bit like marble, verrry fancy #poshaccent

  • It looks like a café! So cute!

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