Bunny Pom Pom Wreath DIY

I thought I had my stash of Easter decorations all set for the year until I was browsing around a craft store and saw a little pom pom bunny ear wreath and thought, “Uh oh … that’s pretty cute!” The one I saw at the store was rather small and I like to do bigger wreaths on my front door, so I decided to DIY my own version to add a little more Easter flair to the front porch. Here’s what I did! 
wire wreath frame (in whatever size you want!)
thicker white or cream yarn (I used 3 packs to make mine)
large pom pom maker
-white scrap fabric
hot glue gun
pink and white felt
floral wire (or other thin wire)

First, I cut several long 3″ wide strips of white scrap fabric and wrapped my wreath frame with the fabric to give me a base to glue my pom poms onto (just use the hot glue to attach strips of fabric together).
Then, I cut two long white ears out of felt and two smaller pink centers. It’s basically a daisy-petal shape with the bottom cut off—no need to be perfect! I glued some wire to the pink centers so the ears would stand up and then glued the centers to the white ears, sandwiching the wire between them.Next, I glued the ears to the top of the frame.
I made a punch of pom poms with my pom pom maker (totally worth having those makers if you like to make pom poms for things) in two shades of white for a little visual variety.

Once I had a pile of poms, I glued them onto my frame until the wreath and the base of my bunny ears were covered. For hanging (if you don’t already have a wreath hanger on your door), you can simply tie a string or wire around the wreath between the two ears and make a loop to hang—the pom poms will hide the yarn/wire beneath them.

Just the cutest! I love things that are fun and whimsical that grownups and little ones can enjoy without it feeling too childish, and this project totally fits the bill for me. Now, I just have to finish Lola’s Easter basket haul and I guess we’ll be all set! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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