Burgers + The Brooklyn Flea Market

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketThe more kids we have, the more I realize that, even though I do love alone time with Peter, days where we adventure around the city as a family of four are in fact some of my favorite. Very favorite to be exact. No matter how many times you've done the same thing in New York City, it really doesn't get old. Everyone is a little bit older, wiser, in a better mood, and there are new strangers to meet and familiar people to catch up with. Each outing is like a mini family reunion for us. Most of our friends are always moving and shaking, and with two kids, we hardly get to fully catch up via phone or text message. So our weekend dates as a family are for those too. 

The other weekend we decided to take advantage of the weather and soak in one of the last days at the Brooklyn Flea. But the Flea can't truly be enjoyed without a full belly for all first. Burgers, the Flea, and a bit of music and visiting friends too. It was fantastic!

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketFun date idea! Burgers + brooklyn flea marketFun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketPart One: Burgers

Peter and I have a long relationship with Pop's, located in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It's one of the many places in Williamsburg where we come back and reminisce each and every visit. A few years back during one hot summer, Peter and I sat on the front bench of Pop's and decided that our daughter River would be named River. I remember that day so clearly, and when River gets older, I want to take her back to Pop's and explain it all to her once again. 

Even though I haven't had a beef burger in 10 years, Peter and I agree that Pop's does the beef and turkey burger just right. Our combination is always topped off with the largest order of soft fried fries to share, and plenty of ketchup for dipping. 

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketFun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketWhat I love about this burger place the most is that it's owned by a local family. The owner's wife and I were pregnant around the same time (she was pregnant with twins) when I was pregnant with River. We try our best to support local family-owned places. We also make it a point to only eat at child-friendly restaurants, like this one. The music is great and loud enough, and it doesn't get too crowded. Both are great if your kids end up crying and if you have a stroller in tow. 

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketPart Two: Flea Market

We are big fans of the Brooklyn Flea market, and make it a habit to roam around, visit friends, and shop a little a few weekends in a month. We have one closer to our home in Fort Greene, but I tend to be a sucker for the Willamsburg one because of the crazy Manhattan skyline you see while shopping. Also, the grassy area with a little train park for our tired toddler isn't too shabby. 

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketFun date idea! Burgers + brooklyn flea marketUsually before we go, I try and purge a thing or two from my closet that I no longer wear or I don't intend on wearing. This helps with the shopping guilt. 😉  Between the inexpensive baby clothes, vintage home accents, and costume jewelry, you've got so much eye candy. The flea market has over 150 vendors (including food), so it's hard to leave empty-handed! 

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketSome people have weird feelings when it comes to purchasing used shoes, not me! I'll take all the vintage oxfords, please and thank you. 

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketFun date idea! burgers + flea market dateSince it's getting colder here in the city, the Flea has moved to a beautiful parent-friendly location in Crown Heights Brooklyn. The new space is a beautiful loft, with over 30,000 sq ft! 

Fun date idea! burgers + brooklyn flea marketThank you for letting me share our typical date as a family here in New York City! 

Credits// Author and Photography: LaTonya Staubs. Photos edited with Bella from the Folk Collection

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