Buy Local on Black Friday



just a special reminder that Holiday shopping season is a great way to support local and independent businesses! come into the Red Velvet local shop on Friday because we're having some fun one-day sales (follow Red Velvet on twitter if you want full details). If you're not local, feel free to use the 'Buy Local on Black Friday' banner on your blog! I can't wait to do some local, handmade and independent Christmas shopping. XO. 

PS. because people have been asking, we are open every regular day except Thanksgiving this week. Regular hours, 12-7. XO. 

  • hi darling! i only wish i could buy from the RV shop and make a visit!!! But I do go to the local holiday craft expo, it always has some amazing stuff. good luck this holiday season. xoxo

  • As a Brit, I don’t really understand the significance of Black Friday but I think buying local is important all year round x

  • I have worked for the same company for over 12 years, a multi-department store (groceries, apparel, home, and electronic departments). This is the first Black Friday I haven’t worked in YEARS. I made a pledge to myself not to make any non-grocery purchases on Friday. I’m just going to avoid shopping completely, for the sake of my sanity. 🙂 *hee hee*

  • i want to buy as many local and handmade gifts i possibly can this holiday season! unfortunately the people i’m buying for are extremely picking and lack good taste lol just kidding. i’ll figure something out!

    best wishes on black friday!

  • I will be one of the crazies at 5am on Friday morning! Frightening and exciting!
    What kinds of sales will RV be having? Can you give us a sneak peek? Come on, leak the details for us locals! 😛

  • I really really hope people do actually make an effort to buy local this year. I’m from Louisville, KY and a lot of locally owned businesses are closing down. It’s really scary and sad and the city is losing it’s character.

  • Living in a big city means that there aren´t too many locals or you don´t know where they are (that´s my case)… I wish I had your amazing shop closer!♥

  • I’ve never done the whole Black Friday thing, but I feel like shopping locally will be waaaay less crazy. And with a better selection to choose from 🙂

  • hi! glad to hear that this is an important issue to others too! The Louisville comment from Shelby really affected me. I’ll share all my local buys as I go before and after Christmas (depends on if my family members read my blog… haha!)

    ps. Yolanda, we won’t have any special sales online, but we have free shipping for domestic orders over $100… it’s a big money saver for some orders!

  • Agreed: it’s so important to support our communities. If I lived nearby, I would support Red Velvet! 😀 I’ll be out supporting my favorite local businesses (and thift stores!) on Black Friday.

  • Hi Elsie, I am a huge fan of your blog and shop and everything you represent! You are such a huge inspriation through your words, photos and products!

    Have an s’awesome (super + awesome)thanksgiving! Hopefully I can come visit your store one day!


    Vancouver, BC

  • thanks for the banner! i’m going to use it for the little shop i work for! local local local yayyyyy.

    i hope you make a million dollars on friday : )

    oh and check out if you have time! that’s the boutique i work at

  • Hi Elsie! I wish I could come shop at Red Velvet and eat a cupcake! I hope you get a lot of shoppers on friday!

    p.s. I was looking at your picture and I realized that I have the same hatbox that you have on the far left hand side. The one that says Steven’s. It was my grandpa’s and my grandma told me it was from a shop in Chicago during the 50’s. funny coincidence. maybe or maybe not idk how common those are lol.

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