Cactus Marquee Sign DIY

Kacey Musgraves x A Beautiful Mess Hi, friends!! I am so excited to share the cactus marquee sign that we made for Kacey’s living room.

You know we love a good marquee sign around here. They’re so much fun to make. This one has LED lights that can be still or blink in different fun patterns! It was really fun making something custom for Kacey’s space. And don’t forget—you can EASILY change up this tutorial to make a different shape if you want something specially tailored to your personal style!

OK—ready, set, GO! Let’s make some light up signs! I’m passing it over to Collin now to share the steps with you!

Cactus Marquee Sign DIY (click through for tutorial!)Supplies:
– 4′ x 2′ x 1/2′ plywood
– jigsaw
-drill with various drill bits
-battery-operated globe string lights 
picture hangers and wire for mounting
-dowel rods (optional)
-wood glue
-medium and fine sandpaper
mini wire nuts
-double sided tape

Cactus Marquee Sign DIY (click through for tutorial!) Use a pencil to trace out your designs on your piece of plywood. Since I can barely draw a straight line I had Elsie trace out a cactus on paper for me first. Next, cut out all of your designs with a jigsaw and take your sandpaper and smooth out the rough edges. It’s optional but if you’re hanging the cactus off a wall, take a dowel rod once you have your designs cut out and cut small 2″ pieces and glue them to the back of your sign as shown on the tall cactus above (the dowel rods give more space for your battery pack to be attached to the back).

Cactus Marquee Sign DIY (click through for tutorial!) Take your drill and drill holes every 1″ or 2″ for your lights.

Cactus Marquee Sign DIY (click through for tutorial!) Fasten your wire and picture hangers to the back of your sign and then paint your signs (you’ll probably need two coats of paint).

Cactus Marquee Sign DIY (click through for tutorial!) Gently pull off the plastic tops of the lights and insert the lights themselves into the holes through the back of your sign and reattach the tops on the front side. Since these lights are L.E.D, low voltage, and battery powered, you can cut the wire and splice them back together with your wire nuts to get your lights to make these left and right turns on the cactus and not have any awkward extra lights on the back of your sign. Just make sure all of your positive and negative wire are spliced together properly for it to work (don’t worry it won’t shock you!). Splicing these wires is completely harmless with how these lights are set up but do not attempt this with any other kinds of lights without consulting a professional electrician first. Next, take some double sided tape and tape your battery pack to the back of your sign.

Adding painted detailsLastly, add in some fun black details with paint like Elsie did, and that’s it!

And here’s the finished project…

Cactus Marquee Sign DIY Cactus Marquee Sign DIY Kacey Musgraves x A Beautiful Mess Thanks so much for reading, you guys!! xx- Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson and Collin DuPree. Photos edited with New A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Ah I love this & would definitely make this if I had the woodwork skills!

    isoscella |

  • I love it, it’s so cute !

    Carolina 😉

  • This is awesome; I think I’m going to try with green Christmas lights. Thanks for sharing!

  • This an awesome idea! I think I will try it with green Christmas lights. Thanks for sharing

  • This cactus is giving me life! I need to make one of these for our house!


  • Genious, so simple and SO cute!! Also great for color-cluttred rooms 😀

  • This is so cool, I love the black and white design!

  • You guys always make the most beautiful things!
    – Belen
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  • This is adorable! I’d totally make this!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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