Camera Bag Round-Up

1 kelly mooreRecently we've had quite a few reader requests for a post about our camera bags. Over the past few years we've had a chance to try out quite a few amazing bags sent to us from different companies and here's a little run-down about what we like about each one…6a00d8358081ff69e2016763154320970b-800wiThis Kelly Moore Libby Bag is super practical. It's the largest camera bag I've owned and has a separate space for your laptop. If you need a bag that can fit a camera, multiple lenses and a laptop comfortably, this is a great one! Emma has this bag in navy and I chose bright orange. I'm actually traveling with it right now! 2 jo totes3 jo totesJo Totes bags are really cute and great quality. We have a Betsy and a Rose. They come in lots of pretty colors (teal and pea green… I love those!) and they're one of the most budget friendly bags on the market! I carried one of mine every day for a whole year and it held up great. 4 epiphanie bags5 epiphanie bagsEpiphanie Bags have the cutest braided straps. We have one in the Lyric style and it's really pretty. I love this plum color! 6 kelly mooreDid you know Kelly Moore makes a bag for men? It's really cute (for men or women, really). Jeremy has one. In this photo it's stuffed with power cords as we were heading to a show. It's really hard to find great bags for men and this one is amazing quality. Plus Jeremy loves it, which is really the ultimate test! ;) 

I hope this little round-up has been helpful. Each site will share photos of the insides of the bags if you want to check them out! I carry these bags to work every single day since I am always going from my home to my shop to my studio and then back again everything has to be super portable. Which bag is your favorite? Have you tried others that you love? Please share… xo. elsie 

  • This is so helpful! I own one of the Jo Totes bags and I’m thinking about getting their crossbody style soon. I also love the Libby bag since you said it can hold a laptop! Just wondering, is there a size limit to the laptop? I know most of them come in standard 15″ screens, mine happens to be 17″ and I always have a problem finding a bag to fit it in so this would be perfect if it would fit!

    Thanks girls! 🙂

  • These are all great, but I wish I could find a nice, fashionable, camera back-pack. I only need the camera for a short time in the day, but I need to carry it around all day, to and from work, so it would be nice to take the weight off one shoulder.


  • I love the orange camera bag! Just beatiful 🙂 What a great post.

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  • The Epiphanie bag is probably my favorite– such lovely details. Thanks for the roundup, I’ve been looking at upgrading to a DSLR and I’m sure will need a bag at some point. 😉

  • I have the orange Libby from Kelly Moore, too! I use it everyday as a camera, laptop, and diaper bag and get a ton of compliments on it!
    I love it!

  • I have the teal Jo Totes Rose: I’m super happy with it, I can carry so many things around (and boy, do I carry a lot!).

  • I usually try to cram my Macbook and my compact SLR into a satchel, but it’s a tight squeeze and I should really look into padding them out. I’m not a backpack fan, but Natasha Fatah makes a fair point – if your gear’s heavy, carrying all of that stuff on one shoulder is really bad for you, so it’s important to think about that when you buy your bag.

  • I have the Jo Totes bag with the flower in pea green and I absolutely love it! It’s sturdy and I always use it as a camera bag and purse since it’s so roomy. The first Kelly Moore bag in navy is really cute and the laptop space is really appealing to me! Thanks!

  • Ooh, the orange takes my cake. I have been looking for something exactly like this!

    Fashion Blog – Lela London

  • Very nice round up. Iv always wondered whether it was worth getting one of just having a large handbag and a protective shell for my camera, as I never really carry multiple lenses. I only have two after all.

  • I love them. I’m always looking for a new way to travel and photo walk. Thanks for sharing.


  • I actually love the one for men the most…I would rather name it unisex than straight for men, since it is sooooo amazing!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I own two camera bags. Both from etsy: the largest is from sizzlestrapz, its costume made, I choose for brown leather and a flap in pink fabric. I love it!! And the strap for the camera in the pink fabric feels great too! Its just amazingly soft around your neck. The camera bag is xxl and it has 4 lens pockets and an extra small pocket for your memory card or some other small things, in the flap there is an extra small pocket where i put in my filters and my car papers and driver license 😉
    It also has two side pockets and a pocket on the front. So enough space!!

    The second is a Stash bag from mariforssell (on etsy). Its way smaller than I thought! But combined with my larger bag its a great extra camera bag. I like the fabric of it and the compactness now. It can only carry my instax camera or my dslr with a small lens. I still like it but probably would not have bought it if I knew it was this small. It has LOTS of pockets but I’ve no idea what i should put in it because of the small sizes.

  • I have the Jo Totes Rose in Raspberry and I LOVE IT!!! I am so tempted to buy another in a different color (eyeing the teal!). I am also pleased with the price… I couldn’t believe it — it is such a steal for such an awesome, cute and high-quality bag!!!

  • I love Kelly Moore, but it’s outside my budget 🙁 I need a good one to lug to sets when I’m shooting and to take on location with me. It’s struggle, but I’m sure I’ll find something eventually 🙂

  • Wow, these are the cutest bags ever… I need to shift my sh*t into a better bag. You’d never know camera gear was in there!

  • i know i’m supposed to be focusing on the bags, but i want to see more of the chocolate brown outfit with the brown tights, & mustard colored bag. is that wrong? 😉

  • Thanks for the comparison. It’s nice to see the different sizes and styles near each other. I have the Jo Totes Rose in teal and I’m so happy with it! I also love that it is vegan friendly.

  • Oh thankyou for posting this! I’m looking for a cool camera bag right now…definitely going to look at the Jo Totes!

  • I’ve been waiting to get a bag and have been drooling over Jo Totes. This has really cleared things up and I want one more than ever! Thank you.

  • Love that first one! I had an Epiphanie and didn’t love it, esp for the price. The layout wasn’t really practical, but that was just the style I owned, I know they make several styles. I really want to try a Kelly Moore.

  • I have the Jo Totes Rose bag in yellow too + I LOVE it!!! I used it on my honeymoon + it was perfect. I always carry it when I want to carry my DSLR with me. I have my eye on that Kelly Moore bag though. They are all cute 🙂 ♥

  • personally, I love my Billingham camera bag. it’s super practical, it looks good, goes with everything, and you can bring it everywhere. super smart and good-looking, super combo!

  • Jessica Tingle-Check their site for exact measurements. But I own the Libby in navy and it’s quite large, so I don’t think it would have any problem fitting a 17 inch laptop. xo. Emma

  • Woah, kind of wholly in love with your orange camera bag. I’m a sucker for oversized bags and am convinced if I can bring my entire life in one bag, it would be that one!

  • I have the Jo Totes Rose (in Teal) and its awesome. Although I’m really liking Kelly Moore’s Libby bag since it can also hold a laptop. That would be super convenient for me.

  • seriously guys, your shoes are very pretty! Where did you buy it? :0 #want #want #want

  • These are such gorgeous camera bags! I especially love the Kelly Moore bags. So much room for your camera gear.

  • Those are nice … thanks for the round-up. I’m in the market for a nice camera bag so this was perfect timing!


  • Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been looking for a bag like these for a long while. I find I rarely take my camera out with me unless I know I’ll be taking pictures because I hate carrying a purse and a camera bag, and then I miss out on so much. I just ordered the Lyric bag in plum and cannot wait to get it! Perfect timing too since I’m going on a trip.

  • I have been seeking out a pretty camera bag and currently drooling over both Epiphanie and Jo Totes…thanks for posting this and for the all the helpful responses too everyone!

  • I love those! They look more convenient (and definitely cute) than the backpacks and camera bags that are typical. So many zippers, and turn it this way and that… These look easier because you could just reach in and grab what you need quickly!

  • My sister is a photographer and she has the Lola Epiphane in red and Libby Kelly Moore in caramel. Both are gorgeous! I wish I had an excuse to get one, but my small point and shoot is probably less expensive than those beautiful bags. 😉

  • Thank you so much for sharing, i’m intrigued about camera bags. love the idea, but does it mean you have to take the lens off your camera every time you want to put it away?

  • I’m getting my first DSLR in two weeks for my birthday and I was just looking at camera bags today! Awesome timing.

  • I love these* However I’m surprised you did not mention the Cheeky Lime line* They have some very adorable bags* I cannot wait to get my hands on a Cheeky Lime Classic Bag Pink*~ def check it out*~

  • Ketti Handbag! I bought one on a whim one day and it is by far my favorite. They have so many cute prints and always come out with new ones for the season. I’d love to see you and Emma carrying them, you could style a whole outfit around it, I’m sure!

  • I’ve had my eye on that Betsy bag for months, and if I do get the bonus I’ve been told I’m getting with the next paycheck, I think it’s going to come live with me. Though it might be the Millie. But the Betsy is a bit bigger…

  • My hubby gave me the Betsy from Jo Totes from Christmas and I absolutely love it ! It holds my camera, 2 lenses, my wallet and a couple of other things too !

  • Thank you SO much for posting a link specifically to a gender-neutral camera tote! My husband and I have been searching for one since the one we have now is fairly girly… And I get tired of toting the camera all the time! 🙂

  • wonderful post,ihave been eyeing off jo totes camera bags for awhile and this post helped. think ill buy one when im back in the cash.

  • I was wanting a Jo Totes forever, but they discontinued the color I loved for a certain style, so I’m now eyeing Kelly Moore. It’s more money, but I think I’m already smitten.

  • Great post!

    I have the Kelly Moore Libby in the navy color. It is quite a large bag. While I wouldn’t use it for everyday, it is awesome for travel. I travel with an SLR, a point and shoot, an 11 inch MacBook, an iPad and various camera accessories. In addition to all of the above, I can also fit two pair of sunglasses, a small toiletry case, a scarf, a magazine and a kindle in the bag and still have some room to spare!

    I also have and recommend the Theit Bossi bag. It is a great everyday camera bag. It is reminiscent of a Chanel quilted bag, but it has a cool edgy look to it. It is quite a bit smaller than the KM Libby.

  • I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for my Kelly Moore bag to arrive. It’s shipped! It’s shipped! It’s shipped! I cannot wait for it to get here. Great post!

  • I just bought a new lens for my camera so I desperately need a new camera bag. However, I cannot afford to spend more than $50-70 on a bag. Any suggestions?

  • I LOVE my Jo Totes Betsy bag in mustard. I even use it as my regular purse when there’s no camera in it (I just ditch the insert/cushions to the side). It’s the perfect size to hold what I need, comfortable, cute, and much more affordable than some other bags!

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