Candy Vanilla Milkshakes

Candy garnish milkshakes Candy vanilla milkshakes are more of a fun idea than they are a recipe. Recently we hosted a little get together with a few friends, and we wanted to serve something truly decadent. These candy milkshakes really fit the bill, without being much of a hassle. The hardest part is buying all the candy (and not eating it all before the party). 🙂Candy garnish milkshakes Candy garnish milkshakesYou can use any milkshake recipe you prefer. We made ours with two parts vanilla ice cream, one part whole milk and just a dash of vanilla extract. Blend it all up and pour into cups or mason jars.

On wooden skewers add enough gummy candies to fit across the tops of glasses. Cut off any remaining skewer if necessary. Garnish milkshakes with sprinkles, then the candy skewer and maybe a couple of Twizzlers for good measure. That’s it!Candy garnish milkshakes We miss kinseyTwo very special guests: Kinsey and Dolly! Don’t worry: no dogs where given milkshakes during the party. We think, anyway. xo. Emma

Credits// Author: Emma Chapman, Photos by: Janae Hardy, thanks to Kinsey and Josh Mhire for stopping by!

  • OMG they look so cute, totally adorable 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  • These look so easy and simple yet delicious, and something I REALLY WANT RIGHT NOW!!!

    Jack 🙂 –

  • This milkshake looks adoreable! The sweets have so cool colors, just beautiful and sweet 😉
    Were did you get the glass for the shake from?

  • Mmmmm sugar overload haha! These look so good though!!

    Lulu xx

  • This looks like the most sickening, wonderful, thing ever!!!!!!!!

  • Oh my gosh these milkshakes look absolutely DREAMY! My jaw dropped when I scrolled down and saw all that amazing colorful candy and sprinkles. I love love love this – what a treat! Pinning this!


  • such a fun and cute idea!!


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  • I love milkshakes anything, with or without candy. But it is a pretty way to add some color!

  • Oh my goodness. I need to do this. My husband would LOVE it.

  • Sugar lever high! 🙂 Love these colors.. Like the sugar!

    aha 🙂


  • Wow, super colorful! Glad you gals got a chance to visit with Kinsey again. As that one country singer says, “You can’t make old friends”. 🙂

  • Those look sooooo YUMMY!They are sooo COLORFUL!

    Here is a link to my blog:

  • twizzlers as straws!

  • YUM! Holy moly! Those look amazing! Such a fun post. I’m a sucker for all things vanilla. Thanks for sharing!

  • This looks like heaven in a jar! Oh wow, these look so delicious 😀

    Charlotte |

  • Omg these are so sweet (literally!) I love sweets and these would be fun to serve to any age group =)

  • Sugar, sugar, oh you’re no good for me.
    I got a sweet tooth — it gets the best of me.

    This looks so fun!

  • I just found this website, and I am in love. As a blogger in college, I’m constantly looking for recipes and other activities that I can do at home! Thank you so much for writing this post! These look delicious!

  • These look delicious and so colorful! Now I’m craving candy and I haven’t even had breakfast. A milkshake sounds so good right now.
    Kinsey’s hair is gorgeous!


  • These are too gorgeous to eat…well, OK, not TOO gorgeous, but still! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  • Only by looking at them am already sugar high. Wow am sure it’s calling my name.

  • It’s my birthday soon I think I may have to invite friends over for a gurlie one and do this 🙂
    Clare Elise

  • That looks amazing! And it looks like summer which is desperatley needed over here.

    We have a summerly post as well today:

    Love from Germany,

  • Oh my flipping gosh! These look incredible, so so so yummy! x

  • These look amazing, I would be so happy drinking one of these 🙂

  • I got a major sugar rush just looking at those! Wowzers! You had me at the Twizzlers stuck in the milkshake. I used to use my Twizzlers as straws. Everyone thought I was so weird for doing that…until they tried it for themselves!

  • oh gosh, this looks delicious!
    now i’m in the mood for a milkshake.
    xo, cheyenne

  • These look amazing! I love the decor on them, perfect for a birthday! xo

  • This blog is inspirational in so many ways. (I think my favorite is always the house tours). My constant take-away from your posts and projects, is to make live fun- fill it with parties and pretty things and whimsy. So I sound like a total fan girl, but I just love the little reminder I get everytime I check-out what you’re up to.

  • I might be going into a sugar coma just looking at these. I’m a sucker for gummy candies though – looks delicious 🙂


  • Mmm they look so lovely! You could make them Halloweeny with gummy fangs and eye balls 🙂

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