Candy Vanilla Milkshakes

Candy garnish milkshakes Candy vanilla milkshakes are more of a fun idea than they are a recipe. Recently we hosted a little get together with a few friends, and we wanted to serve something truly decadent. These candy milkshakes really fit the bill, without being much of a hassle. The hardest part is buying all the candy (and not eating it all before the party). 🙂Candy garnish milkshakes Candy garnish milkshakesYou can use any milkshake recipe you prefer. We made ours with two parts vanilla ice cream, one part whole milk and just a dash of vanilla extract. Blend it all up and pour into cups or mason jars.

On wooden skewers add enough gummy candies to fit across the tops of glasses. Cut off any remaining skewer if necessary. Garnish milkshakes with sprinkles, then the candy skewer and maybe a couple of Twizzlers for good measure. That’s it!Candy garnish milkshakes We miss kinseyTwo very special guests: Kinsey and Dolly! Don’t worry: no dogs where given milkshakes during the party. We think, anyway. xo. Emma

Credits// Author: Emma Chapman, Photos by: Janae Hardy, thanks to Kinsey and Josh Mhire for stopping by!

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