Carrot Bloody Maria

Carrot Bloody MariaIt's bloody mary time again! This time it's actually a bloody maria, which means you use tequila instead of vodka. I LOVE carrot juice, so I was so excited to give this recipe a try!Numi savory teas are amazing!For this cocktail, we teamed up with the fine folks at Numi Organic Tea. We used one of their savory teas to infuse our tequila. I know what you're thinking… "tea infused liquor? And wait, SAVORY tea?" Trust me. We used their Carrot Curry tea, and it was SO good and really easy to do. Here's how:How to infuse liquor with teaTo infuse liquor with tea, just fill a glass container with liquor in the amount that you need for your recipe. One tea bag is enough for up to 8 ounces of liquor. Seal your container with an airtight lid and store it in a dark area.Infusing tequila with carrot flavored tea Allow it to infuse for 48-72 hours before removing the tea bag.How to make a bloody maria (so yummy!)Carrot Bloody Maria, serves one 

fresh carrot juice 
bloody mary mix
2 ounces Carrot Curry Savory Tea-infused tequila
Worcestershire sauce 
Tabasco sauce
fresh veggies for garnish
black pepperFresh veggies!In a tall glass with ice, add tequila then fill the rest of the glass with half bloody mary mix and half carrot juice. Add a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and the juice of half a lime. Mix with a spoon, sprinkle a little black pepper on the top and garnish with celery and fresh veggies. Enjoy!Carrot Juice Bloody MariaThis bloody maria was delicious! The carrot juice adds a lot of sweetness, so I added a little extra Tabasco for the perfect sweet and spicy combination. Yum!Mmm… bloody marys are my favorite!I hope you enjoy this fun twist on the classic cocktail! xo. Elsie

P.S. You can get a 10% off a Numi Tea purchase on their site with the code 'ABMTEA' (one per customer)!

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