Casual Friday Vol. 1

Casual FridayA couple weeks ago in our reader survey we got a lot of requests from you guys about the types of posts you'd like to see more of here on ABM. There were a few of things that you didn't agree on (ha!), but one BIG thing that we heard over and over was the request for more personal/candid/behind-the-scenes posts. 

So we're starting a new friday tradition here for all of you who requested it, and we're calling it "Casual Friday". Most Fridays you'll get your dose of random outtakes and behind-the-scenes photos that we wouldn't normally have a reason to share here on the blog. Hope you enjoy it! Casual Friday Casual Friday  Casual Friday  Casual Friday  This is what a normal day in our workspace looks like. You've seen it styled and now you've seen it unstyled too. 🙂 We like it both ways. 

Casual Friday       Casual Friday       We tried making a coconut water vanilla latte after our pal Sarah mentioned it. It was weirdly awesome. I guess it's more of an Americano than a latte, but whatever. We called it our "quirky coffee".Casual Friday         Casual Friday         The secret life of food bloggers… dishes. so. many. dishes. 

Casual Friday           Somebody's making photo backdrops upstairs. This is the kind of stuff we spend lots of time on that nobody ever sees. Cool right? (ha… yea—real cool)

And here are a few photos from our 24-hour biz trip to Nashville last month. We were in and out SO fast. We didn't even get to see our friends. But we did get brunch at our favorite new spot.Nashville 1Nashville 1Nashville 1Nashville 1I can't believe we actually got a posed group photo. I think Todd gets credit for this one. Good job, Todd! Until next time… Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes and Elsie Larson. Edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

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