Casual Friday Vol. 10

Casual Friday         Happy Friday, everybody! As half of our team is in Costa Rica, the rest of us are business as usual, only it's much quieter around here. (Not like we're jealous or anything. I mean, we live in Springfield, which they say is like the Costa Rica of Missouri. Or something like that.) We're still working hard and making plenty of messes though!

Casual Friday        Casual Friday       Casual Friday  Casual Friday    Casual Friday   Hanging the go pro2Remember just a few short Casual Fridays ago we posted some photos of Philip and his wife Christina when they were expecting? Here is little Leona! We love her so much already!

Casual Friday     Casual Friday      Casual Friday
This week, I posted this Instagram photo that caused a frenzy of people to believe Emma + Elsie were going to be on SNL. It was kind of mean/funny. It wasn't really about Photoshop tricks, though—it had more to do with light that I was using. We just got it, and we shot a really fun Sister Style with it that you'll see next week!

Well, by next week we will have our beloved team back. For now, here are our thoughts on being left behind:

Casual FridayJK. We are all excited to see a lot of photos from Costa Rica begin to show up in our Instagram feeds! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!!

Love, Sarah (+ Josh, Jacki, + Philip)

Credits // Author: Sarah Rhodes. Photography: Laura Gummerman, Emma Chapman, Sarah Rhodes, Jacki Moseley, and Philip Bowles. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection.

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