Casual Friday Vol. 16

Casual Friday at A Beautiful MessHey, guys! Good morning! It's Casual Friday! The above photo is one of my favorites ever of our dear Gummergal (Laura) being funny during a shoot. She keeps us laughing all day!

Behind the scenes of A Beautiful Mess videosBehind the scenes of photographing bottlesBehind the Scenes of photographing AlbumsJust a little behind the scenes visual trickery. Photo albums are really hard to stack. A little patience and a few spools of thread, and, baby, you got a stew goin'.

Casual Friday with Trey and JeremyDon't eat that!Cool guy TreyBehind the scenes of playing with smoke bombsThis week we had a really fun shoot that you'll see pretty soon – it left quite an interesting taste in our mouths. Who knew smoke bombs were so smelly!?

Smoke bombs can be intenseSmoke bombs can be really smellyJust a quick little romantic photo that Emma took of Josh and me. It's basically just like The Notebook. It tells a love story for the ages if you look closely. 🙂

Cutest baby ever!And then since I (Sarah) am writing this, naturally I have to throw in a photo of my favorite baby ever! Say hi to IQ. We brought her up to the office to inspect Elsie's new office loveseat from Joybird. She loves it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a restful and happy weekend. 🙂 xo! -Sarah

Credits// Author: Sarah Rhodes. Photos: Emma Chapman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Petal from The Fresh Collection.

  • That last picture is too cute for words! I also love seeing your behind the scenes trickery photos!

  • Love this series so much! And seriously laughed out loud at the “and baby, you got a stew join'” quote! Love me some AD!!! <3

  • Can I just say how much I really appreciate the gem of an Arrested Development quote thrown in this post? So.Great.

  • Caitlin, thank you! What can I say, who doesn’t love a good inspirational Carl Weathers wisdom drop. 🙂 xo- Sarah

  • It seems that Elsie has bought multiple sofas since she bought her home. Where do they all go?!

  • I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff like this – proves that’s it’s not all as easy as it looks, and all the work that goes on that we don’t see. Love the colour of that sofa in the last shot too. the rug and pillows are perfect!

  • These are great photos, but my fave part was definitely that smooth Arrested Development reference. My kind of blogger! 😉

  • Any chance that you would share the paint color on the front door??? Happy Friday!

  • love this installment! casual fridays are my favorite.

    xo, rn

  • I love the colorful dust photos, it looks like you have fun!


  • This series is soo much fun…smokes, FUN, looking forward to the video.. and Sarah, how have you not eaten her up yet, Imogen is the CUTEST!


  • My keyboard is very angry at this post, but I can’t help but laugh! I thought the same thing about the smoke bombs…Josh made these lol

  • The trick with the rolls of thread in between albums in really smart. Behind the scenes photos are my favourite! Have a lovely weekend 🙂


  • Casual Fridays are my favorite ABM posts! It’s SO COOL to see the behind the scenes of the photo shoots. You guys are so goofy 🙂


  • You guys are so cute! I love all the color in these photos! Happy weekend to you, too!

  • Megan you are too kind! 🙂 I think my basic rule is that if it’s not working, figure out how to make it work! If it wasn’t spools of thread it would be alphabet blocks or tea lights or something else. You know? Hope that helps! xo – Sarah

  • We found the smoke bombs online! I don’t know if any of us are brave enough to mess with pyrotechnics. Maybe Josh. 😉 -Sarah

  • I wondered how you got those albums to stack! I was there is no way they filled them that full lol
    IQ is QT!!!!

  • Cannot wait to see that awesome smoke bomb shoot! Also, IQ is one of the cutest & prettiest babies, ever. For real. You guys cooked a good one.


  • The caption on the photo of you and Josh! Hilarious! Great post! Thanks for the behind the scenes action. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  • I love this!! So many awesome shots! Ha those smoke bomb pics are hilarious! 🙂

  • I absolutely LOVE the spools in the photo albums. You guys are truly innovators in the best of ways. As for the smoke bombs…I’ve been there. A friend and I took photos with them, not realizing how hot or smelly they would be. They did look cool, though!

  • the pictures with the colored background are so cool! love the pink!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  • LOL those smoke bomb pictures are hilarious… but that picture of your baby takes the cake. so beautiful!

  • This is so cute guys and might I add super colorful. All those hues are popping here and there like crazy! It’s such a visual delight. These behind the scenes are so much fun!

  • What a little dumpling of a child! This is so so sweet.

    Warm Regards,

  • Can’t wait to see those photos with the smoke bombs! Were they handmade?
    And Laura! So Cute!! Love the Casual Friday series. 🙂

    xx Kristina

  • Best casual Friday post ever! Love the behind the scenes photos, and the Notebook shot 🙂

  • I love these little behind-the-scenes looks! And you guys look like you have so much fun working – that’s awesome. 🙂


  • Those smoke bombs pictures are perfection ahah
    And it does have the exact same feel as The Notebook!

  • i love this series!! all these photos are amazing!! that is such a clever idea of putting spools of thread in the photo albums to make them easier to stack!! you should do a post about clever ideas like this to make items easier/prettier to photograph!! i’m sure you have lots of brilliant ideas like this!! 🙂 xoxo

  • haha emma’s face is the best!
    and what a cute bub at the end – thanks for sharing sarah!

  • Oh, this is probably my favorite Casual Friday ever! Yay, Sarah!

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pics! I loved them.

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