Casual Friday Vol. 17

11Hi, friends! This week has been extra crazy, and extra awesome. After nearly a year of behind-the-scenes stuff, we’re nearly ready to launch our new shop site. So for today’s Casual Friday, we wanted to share some of the stuff we’re doing to prepare. Some is pretty; some is messy. There have been tears… but, as always, far more hilarious moments and probably one too many inside jokes made. 

3We’re doing the product photography for our new site in-house. This has been surprisingly REALLY fun. I often have to take a step back and admit to myself how hilarious and silly it is that we care SO deeply about how perfectly our ink colors are portrayed. #passion 

3Wolverine, anyone? 

33Our week has been filled with photos, website details, sample-making, video shoots and of course, blogging, because this blog’s not gonna write itself—right? 

The teamwork vibe is strong. I’m proud of our team for taking on whatever challenges come our way one day at a time. We are all so excited to bring you these products. We’re all high as kites (on work, not drugs) because it’s totally normal to feel high off your job when you really, really love it. 

3A photo of the dudes. Just because. 

Pantone matchingOur partners in Kentucky are working round-the-clock as well! Catherine sent me this photo to show me how well our Peaches ink matched its Pantone color. Seriously made my heart swell. It’s the little things, right? 

Pattern makingHere’s my pattern journal that I carried around all summer long to collect hand-drawn and hand painted pattern ideas. 

8Just a ridic behind-the-scenes look at our stationery club promo photo. We for sure felt cool lying on a bed of stationery. Totally natural. 🙂

9OMG. You guys. Our products will be launching soon. Another ABM baby is being born (figurative babies, this one is WAY overdue). We’re full of excitement and nerves. SO many nerves. It’s gonna be fun. From now until Christmas, we get to watch all the things we’ve spent this past year designing come to life, come to our doorstep, and then come to YOUR doorsteps. Goosebumps, big time. xx- Elsie 

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